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Publication Order of The Godmothers Books

The Godmothers series is a highly popular novel series based on women’s fiction genre and written by the famous American novelist named Fern Michaels. Fern has also added several elements suspense in the stories. In all, there are 6 books written in the series, which were released between the years 2009 and 2013. Each of the books received huge success all over the world which helped author Fern to become even more popular. The plots mainly revolve around the life of the central character named Teresa Amelia Loudenberry and her 3 best friends named Ida McGullicutty, Mavis Hanover, and Sophie Manchester. Teresa Loudenberry is often referred to as ‘Toots’ by her friends and family. The books are mainly set in Charleston, South Carolina; and Hollywood, California, The United States. Apart from Teresa Loudenberry and her friends, the other important characters that keep recurring throughout the series include Abby Simpson, Dr. Joseph Pauley, Rodwell Archibald Godfrey, Christopher Clay, etc. The Kensington publication has published all the books of this series.

At the beginning of the series, author Fern has shown that Toots Loudenberry has lived her life as per her wish and in a great way. She had a number of affairs in her hot and happening love life and entered into marriage for a total of 8 times. All her husbands loved her very much and Loudenberry too was committed to each of them wholeheartedly. But now, she has become single again and wants to get the taste of a rewarding life once again. It appears that fate has given her one more perfect opportunity to enjoy her varied life. Loudenberry comes to know that the gossip rag’s owner, under whom her daughter works, is on the verge of losing everything due to his gambling habits and the incurred debts. Loudenberry does not want her daughter to become unemployed so she takes the help of all three of her best friends, Mavis, Ida, and Sophie. All 4 decide to pull a few strings to help the owner keep his papers. The plan that they hatch to do so promises a great deal of laughter, thrills, and several hints of danger. Even though she is a widow, Loudenberry does not like to be in her weeds as she hates black color. In fact, she believes that you should keep enjoying your life in spite of all the difficulties and challenges that life throws. And being a Southern lady, Loudenberry always looks to have excitement and entertainment in her life. Also, Toots Loudenberry is of the opinion that every day of life comes as a gift, if you are willing to accept it that way.

One of the initial books published in this exciting series is called as ‘Deadline’. It was released by Kensignton publication in the year 2012. At the start of the story of this novel, author Fern has depicted that Toots Loudenberyy and her besties, Ida, Mavis, and Sophie, return from Sacramento after giving a much required psychic advice to California’ First Lady. But, as soon as they return home, another important situation attracts their attention. They come to know that one of the Hollywood starlets named Laura Leigh has gone missing. It seems that she always has the habit of landing in some trouble. What makes this situation even more important for Toots Loudenberry to consider is the fact that her daughter, Abby Simpson, has both a professional and a personal stake in the Laura Leigh’s missing story. Abby is the editor in chief of the gossip magazine known as The Informant and her soon to become husband named Christopher Clay, an entertainment attorney, is the last person who was seen with Laura Leigh. The situation becomes even more complicated when Christopher Clay goes missing too. To bring the situation under control and help find Laura Leigh and Christopher Clay, Toots Loudenberry employs the help of her friends once again. The Godmothers begin searching for the two missing persons in the high and low places of the shining inner circles of Hollywood. They also navigate through the seedy underbelly of Hollywood in order to find the truth related to the two disappearances. And while doing so, the Godmothers come across a number of unexpected secrets that they had never thought of in their lives ever. The women uncover all such unexpected and ugly secrets and move ahead. Finally, they are able to get their hands at the actual truth and become successful in finding the missing Christopher Clay and Laura Leigh.

One more highly interesting book written by Fern Michaels in this series is entitled ‘Breaking News’. The Kensington publishers released this book too in the year 2012. The start of the novel shows that Toots Loudenberry’s life if full of numerous surprises that she comes across every day. Also, she has her own quirks, but none of the people in her life, including her best friends Ida, Sophie, and Mavis, ever seem to have a doubt on her loyalty. Hence, it does not come as a surprise to them when Toots Loudenberry decides to stay back in Charleston for a longer period in order help and take care of her ill housekeeper. The air Charleston is believed to be drenched with honeysuckle and azalea and also there is always a sweet tea pitcher at a hand’s distance. In spite of these, the Godmothers do not time to relax. On one hand, Ida is busy with the launching of her new line of products of cosmetics, while on the other hand, Mavis, Sophia, and Toots are busy relishing their newly started modeling careers. Also, Abby Simpson, the daughter of Toots Loudenberry, has decided to get hitched. This makes Loudenberry’s life even more eventful as she gets involved in making preparations for her daughter’s wedding. As so many changes are taking place in Loudenberry’s life at once, she becomes too busy to get notice of the new and unexpected romance in her own life. After having 8 husbands in total in her past life, she had decided to get involved with anyone again. But, it appears that fate had planned something else for her. Even her friends encourage her to accept the new love that has knocked at her door and see how it turns out to be. Everyone tries to persuade Loudenberry to get settled in life once again and cherish the new romance. Loudenberry too wants her life to end as a happily ever after, but she reluctant to accept the new love because of the bad experiences in the past, and that too for a total of eight times. This book was highly appreciated by one and all, and this helped it to become popular and successful.

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  1. Nancy Gehrke: 3 years ago

    I have read all of the books in the Godmother’s Series and absolutely loved them. I really enjoyed the antics of the ladies and the little scariness of their dealings with the spirit world. I would love to read more!


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