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The Great and Terrible Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Great and Terrible Books

The Brothers (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where Angels Fall (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Second Sun (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fury & Light (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
From the End of Heaven (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clear as the Moon (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chris Stewart is an Air force pilot, and a bestselling writer specialized in military thrillers and fantasy novels. He is a renowned author with enviable editions turned into movies as well as an editorial author for the Detroit News, providing his expert knowledge of military and air force operations. He wrote the critically acclaimed thriller series The Great and Terrible, as well as other celebrated books and editions in the print media and the film Industry. Chris occasionally writes editorial commentaries as a guest author, touching on military issues and national security. He is also a professional trainer with The Shipley Group, training and consulting organization and a founding member of the Utah Renaissance and Leadership Centre.

The Great and Terrible Best Books

The Brothers #1 The Great and Terrible
Chaos ruled the world long before the reckoning. It was hell on earth, selfish, mindless killings and deceit ruled the world. Families betrayed one another, people became extraordinarily territorial, and no one cared about their neighbors. The erratic wrangling affected the women and children too, tearing apart families and destruction of all that was once dear to the entire community mercilessly abolished. People lived in fear, in limbo, and without any conscience to do good. However, the day of reckoning arrived. Folks had to decide on whose side they belonged, to God, or to the Lord of chaos, Lucifer. It was time to pledge an allegiance to a deity, a chance to pay the ultimate price and what fundamental laws to follow.
In the Great War, we learn valuable lessons, which heroes die and the evil forces embrace love and peace.

We also see how the weak and the intellectually challenged can save the day and emerge the toughest of all. After the war, the children of God emerged the winners after a long, bravely borne and tormenting war, having fought the enemy before, it was bound to happen.This book reveals some critical points about the war between God and Lucifer, the evil one. Our daily struggles revolve around good and evil, and we subconsciously take sides depending on the way we relate to religious beliefs. The human race continually fights to stay relevant or to win wars, real or imagined. We pledge allegiance to the one who fulfills our needs. Christians and Buddhists feel drawn to do good, while other religions are bound by their laws and beliefs. What a powerful book. Its an accurate reflection of everyday life and depending on where you place your allegiance, or faith in the case of Christianity, it affirms one’s beliefs.

Where Angels Fall #2 The Great and Terrible
We see an entirely different setting in this edition. The writing was well executed, and we read new plot developments into the story that perfectly blend into the original tale. It presents new scenes with a similar conflict. The war between good and evil lingers on. All the heroes Elizabeth, Samuel and the others descend on earth, sent here by their Father. These are strong warriors and the bravest servants in the final chapter of war against Lucifer. They fight with the daily temptations that ordinary people experience as they struggle to uphold the values and virtues taught since childhood.

With the framework of the middle-east conflicts, this narrative opens up a new plot. General Neil Brighton, his sons Luke, Ammon (twins) and his adopted son Sam fight evil. Neil tries to prod what’s troubling his longtime friend, the Prince of Saudi Arabia. He’s shocked to discover that the Prince wants to murder his father, the king, and his younger brother to succeed them in power. He has vowed to see them all dead so that he can inherit the kingdom.

Elizabeth is an Iranian descendant by birth, and her name is changed to Azadeh. She is pure at heart and quite virtuous, uncorrupted by the ways of the world, and she tries to live by God’s holy commandments under her father’s guidance. On the contrary, her brothers Ammon and Luke tread on a different path of disobedience and insolence. They later learn to rely on God’s Grace as they go through tough challenges and some of the most complicated time of their lives.

The Second Sun #3 The Great and Terrible
The king survived all through the second edition of the Great and Terrible. He is too old to so much as lift a finger while giving instructions to his counsel men. The evil Prince still thinks of eliminating his father from the throne. He now openly spites the old king’s leadership and coyly moves closer to his father. He whispers into the Kings ear, making him shudder at his son’s threats and hissing into his ear, terribly harsh words. “It has started, my father, there’s no turning back.” He mocks his father to lift up his weak hand to put an end to what lies ahead. He tells the king to delay sunrise because death shall come before daybreak.

The prince meticulously planned for a hostile takeover of the throne, never mind that a frail king is powerless, and the war was unnecessary. He majestically recites the joy of the outcome of what’s coming, reciting a touching poem, slowly tormenting his father with the vision of the impending overthrow. “The sun shall rise with a new, far more significant kingdom”, boasts the prince. In his ignorance, he failed to monitor his father’s loyal servants who lie low, planning a counter attack. Men and women ready to die for their king, against an evil son who forsakes honor for his greed of power. The war is inevitable. The soldiers prepare on both sides for what we may compare to as the “Clash of the Titans.”

This is by far the most riveting book in the series. It’s awesome! There’s a huge difference between watching war preparations in the offing and reading the activities from a creative writer. You’ll hardly find a moment to breathe, seating on the edge of a cliffhanger! That’s the feeling while reading this explorative yet informative book. There’s a lot to pick from with regards to Christianity or let’s say if you want to lead a virtuous life, great guide right there. I 100% recommend it to all. Genuinely thoughtful book whether you’re religious or not.

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