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The “Henchmen MC” is a series of novels by Jessica Gadziala the American contemporary romance author from New Jersey. The first novel of the series was “Reign” that was first published in 2015 to much commercial success and popularity. Gadzialda, the author of the series Gadziala loves to describe herself as a New Jersey native, sad song aficionado, parrot enthusiast, bibliophile, and full time author. She is a strong believer in empowering women and hence most of the characters in the Henchmen MC series include strong and snark characters, and what may be best described as strong willed and determined women that bow down to no man. When she is not writing her novels she loves to take walks out in cold weather, sing sad songs, and buy and read books. She is very active on social media and Goodreads, where she loves to interact with her fans.

The “Henchmen MC” series of novels have some of the most intriguing romance narratives of women who come from terrible circumstances to stumble into unexpected love. They typically come from dangerous and heartbreaking situations to experience unbridled passion and love from the men of the Henchmen club. Jessica Gadziala writes contemporary novels that combine illegal activity, crime and romance to make for an explosive mix. Almost all of the novels in the series include a crime syndicate where the men of the Henchmen MC gang either try to save their women from captivity or try to protect them from persons that would want to harm them. For the most part, the novels do not have to be read in order as they each have their own story lines and star a different woman and a member of the Henchmen MC. However, even if the novels may be read out of order, the books progressively introduce new characters whose stories are told alongside those of the lead characters. Even as different characters take the lead in the different novels, Gadziala interlinks the stories of her characters across the numerous novels. This makes for a developing story arc that takes different directions over the course of the series.

The female leads of the “Henchmen MC” series of novels are tough cookies that will never take any abuse from a man lying down. They start out as normal girls living out a boring and normal life before they are embroiled in a dangerous if not terrifying situation that gets them to grow up fast. They find themselves front and center of biker gang wars or being kidnapped by criminals to totally erase their innocence. But things get even more interesting when they get close to the tall, handsome, and rugged men of the Henchmen who through their raggedness show them love. The men of the series are typically either the leader or second in command of the Henchmen MC biker gang. What makes these men so intriguing is their sarcastic humor and the fact they typically have not been ones to settle down with women. In stories full of knife-edge tension the men will usually not like the women very much but will often feel the strong chemistry whenever they come into close proximity with them. The couple’s stories are different in each of Jessica Gadziala’s novels making for a great series. Even though the couples may not have much in common, they are perfect for each other even if just for the electric tension they generate when they are together.

“Reign” the first novel is an excellent introduction to the great men and women of the series. The lead in the novel is Summer, a beautiful and sweet woman that was taken hostage after being abducted from her home. She had been taken by a local crime boss ,who had subjected her to untold brutality, abuse, pain and physical torture until she finally managed to escape from it all. Conversely, “Reign” is an aggressive all male president of the MC. He stumbles into the terrified Summer while she is running from her hostage situation and offers to provide safety, protection, and shelter. Right from the very start, the chemistry between the two is palpable as the sparks of passion fly in their surrender to passion and lust. He dominates her, and teaches her submission that leaves her drowning in the throes of passion. Summer completely surrenders herself to Reign’s expert hands becoming totally vulnerable and trusting in her own desires and believing that he will not hurt her. Enjoying themselves they let themselves enjoy the primal excitement of love. Reign is always there to provide comfort and support to Summer whenever she had terrible nightmares about her ordeal. Summer and Reign are exploring the dark side of love until they are awakened from their reveries by the dark shadows of their past that threaten not only their love but also their lives. The novel is a combination of illegal activity, all out action, and romance that makes for heart pounding moments interspersed with delicious erotic encounters.

“Cash” the second novel of the Henchmen MC series of novels is an electrifying contemporary romance about Cash and Willow. Cash has always been about women, good times, and brotherhood. So far he has led a very simple life only thinking about those three things until everything changed. He had come face to face with a bloodied Willow Swift who was banging on the doors of the MC house demanding that they pay back a favor owed. She had always been good with women but there was one type of woman he always avoided. Willow who had dark ghosts from the past, is hot as sin, and hard as stone was exactly the type of woman he swore off. But now that she was here, he found himself irresistibly drawn to her. Willow has led a life that has been full of complicated and hard. A man like Cash who used and discarded women was the last man she thought she would ever need to ask help from. But given her past, he was the only one who could offer his help without judging her past actions. But she starts to wonder if Cash could present a different kind of danger to her. Cash is the type that will tear down any defenses and make a woman fall for him even when she clearly does not like him. Slowly she is falling for the one man she had never imagined herself with.

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