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The Huntress/FBI Thrillers Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Huntress/FBI Thrillers Books

The Huntress/FBI Thrillers book series is a riveting series of thriller, detective fiction, mystery, crime fiction, and suspense stories. It is written by a bestselling American novelist named Alexandra Sokoloff. The series started in 2012 and consisted of six titles up to 2018. In each of the books of this series, Alexandra Sokoloff has depicted the central character in the role of an FBI Special Agent named Matthew Roarke. Throughout the series, Mattew Roarke is seen trailing serial killers and criminals. He is quite a workaholic and is unable to rest until he has caught the culprit in a crime. Another central character shown in the books by Alexandra Sokoloff is Cara Lindstrom. She is described as a victim turned criminal, who preys on other criminals and commits brutal murders in the name of justice.

As the series progresses further, Matthew and Cara are seen indulging in a race of cat and mouse that continues right till the end. Other essential characters created by Alexandra Sokoloff for this series include Matthew’s partner named Damian Epps, Jason Sebastian, Leila French, Aileen Wuornos, Mark Sebastian, Chuck Snyder, Ryan Jones, and a few others. Alexandra Sokoloff has set most of the plots in San Francisco, California. This is where both Cara Lindstrom and Matthew Roarke are based. This series and its books stand out because of the fact that author Sokoloff chose to not follow the cliche and depict a female serial killer instead. His depiction of Cara Lindstrom as a former victim, who now kills men with having a criminal background, is quite interesting. Her targets mainly include rapists, pedophiles, and murderers. This character along with that of FBI agent Matthew Roarke has been highly appreciated by readers across the globe.

The success of the books and the overall series is because of these two main characters. Many noteworthy critics have given their honest reviews about this series’ books and have praised the efforts of Alexandra Sokoloff in creating such intriguing stories. Several fellow writers have also come forward in support of Alexandra Sokoloff’s work and appreciated her dedication towards writing such marvelous stories. Alexandra Sokoloff’s fans are now eagerly waiting for her to come up with a new Huntress story soon and hope that she gives them something exciting to read in the coming months. The author hopes to make this series more successful by adding some more titles in the times to come. Until then, she hopes her fans will continue to read the already released Huntress books and help them become more popular and successful.

The debut book written in the Huntress/FBI Thrillers series by author Alexandra Sokoloff is entitled ‘Huntress Moon’. It was released in 2012 by Thomas & Mercer’s publication. This book opens with the introduction of Matthew Roarke as a driven special agent who sets himself on the trail of a rare type of killer, that is, a female serial killer. Initially, it is depicted that Matthew Roarke is about to close a big bust on a notorious criminal organization having its base in San Francisco when he sees the killing of an undercover team member. The murder takes place on a busy junction right in front of his eyes. Matthew Roarke is unable to let go of this accident as a mere coincidence. After some investigation, he becomes suspicious about a mysterious woman and begins following her activities to know what she is up to.

By investigating further, Matthew Roarke succeeds in establishing the fact the young woman was present at every scene of a series of accidental killings and murders over the past few years. And when it becomes clear that she is the rarest kind of killer, that is, a lady serial killer, Matthew decides to hunt her down and solve the biggest case of his career. The hunt takes Matthew Roarke to three different states where she has left behind traces of her criminal activities. In the meantime, a young dad and his 5-year-old son come across a compelling and lost woman on a beach in a small town. As they are trying to heal their owns wounds from a recent divorce, they end up forming an unlikely friendship with that woman without realizing that she can be bad news for them.

On the other hand, Roarke succeeds in uncovering the shocking truth of the woman’s background. He realizes that she has decided to commit more killings and is not going to stop before completing her personal mission. So, he makes up his mind to race against time and catch her before she sheds more blood. Another exciting volume of the series is known as ‘Cold Moon’. It was also published by Thomas & Mercer in 2015. This book opens by mentioning that Matthew Roarke’s hunt for the serial killer Cara Lindstrom is finally over. He has been working on it with full dedication and wanted to witness this moment desperately. Matthew thinks catching a mass murderer who savagely targets humanity’s worst is going to make his career climb the ladders of success very fast. But, he remains traumatized by a near-death experience of his own in which a serial killer slaughtered the whole family of Cara Lindstrom and almost killed him too. Luckily, he was saved by an enigmatic woman, whose face still haunts him.

With all this going on in his mind, Matthew learns about the mysterious disappearance of a 16-year-old prostitute, who was a witness to a recent murder committed by Cara Lindstrom. Shortly after, several pimps end up dead one after the other on San Francisco’s streets. What shocks Mattew Roarke about their murders is that all of them have been killed with the same MO as that of Cara Lindstrom. He wonders if a new serial killer has arrived with deadlier intentions. Matthew Roarke undertakes the mission of hunting down another serial killer. This time, he is going to be more cautious about meeting beautiful women and being suspicious about each one of them because of his past experience with Cara Lindstrom. This book also succeeded in reaching out to readers in huge numbers all over the world. Most of them loved and appreciated the mind-blowing characters, intriguing storyline, amazing plots, and excellent narration of this book. The reviews and comments of various critics helped this novel to become a worldwide success. After its immense success, Alexander Sokoloff went on to write more stories featuring Cara Lindstrom and Matthew Roarke and added them as subsequent installments to this series.

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