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Jennifer Fallon is a published author.

She attended QUT’s Creative Arts faculty, where she proudly graduated with her Masters Degree. She is not only a writer but works as a computer trainer in addition to being an application specialist. She also works currently in the IT field and she also spends a month or more every year working in Antarctica at Scott Base.

Jennifer was born in Australia and today is known in the literary world for penning a variety of novels, including her Hythrun Chronicles series of fictional novels. She has written well over a dozen best selling novels and is the proud writer of a variety of short stories that have been published that range in genres from science fiction to horror and more.

She is also known to her fans for writing fantasy series that simply cannot be put down! Fallon is also the author of short fiction and a novel for the television show Stargate SG-1.

Jennifer Fallon created and wrote the Hythrun Chronicles, a series of fictional novels that began with the publication of Medalon in 2005 through Tor Fantasy. The book was followed by a sequel titled Treason Keep. If you have been searching for something new that you would like to add to your list of completed books and you love fantasy, give the first book in this series a try and see what you think!

Medalon is the first novel to be released from Jennifer Fallon’s Hythrun Chronicles series. In this series, readers are introduced to the location of Medalon for the first time.

Medalon is a small country that is located between Karien, a large nation to the north, and the southern nations of Fardohnya and Hythria. The Medalonian people were able to keep the peace for a long time. Centuries went by and they were able to live alongside in peace along with the magical race known as the Harshini.

The Harshini were totally against killing and did not like violence of any kind. But a new day has come and the magical race has since vanished, with the Sisters of the Blade taking their place. This new group is far more aggressive and they have taken over the country, ruling from the Citadel with an iron first and backed up by their Defenders, an army of lackeys that keep their oppression of the people alive.

Everyone thinks that the demons and the Harshini went extinct together, but could they return? Meanwhile, Medalon is having a tough time keeping the peace between its neighbors tot he north and the south. They’re doing what they can to hold the peace intact, but how long can it realistically hold for?

Then there is the First Sister’s daughter R’shiel Tengragan, who has a half brother named Taria. The two quickly find that they are caught up in all of the fighting going on internally with the Sisters of the Blade and they don’t want to be there at all. Then their mother is scheming as part of it all as well and for the siblings it is all finally too much.

They want to do their own thing and not be pulled in to all of this drama with the adults. The two decide that they’re going to take their own road and get out of the Citadel. As they flee, their choice will lead to something that they could have never seen coming– being declared as traitors. The two are hunted as such by Medalon’s Defenders.

Can they flee far enough to keep out of harm’s way? Or will the two be captured and made to pay the ultimate price? Read this compelling story to find out!

Treason Keep is the second novel in the Hythrun Chronicles by Jennifer Fallon. If you liked the first novel and thought that it was a cool story, then check out the second installment and see what you think!

Two siblings were forced to do what they could to escape from a hungry rule and find their own way in the world. Unfortunately, it led to the two of them being hunted down by the people that used to protect them. Their mother was defeated, but now the country that they lived in is risking being invaded because of how weak it is.

R’shiel is also wounded and facing death. Things do not look good at all. She is about to die if something cannot be done to save her and turn the tide around. The only thing that could possibly help to save her would be the magical Harshini and the healing skills that they possess. Their powers alone could be the difference between whether she lives or dies.

The only problem is that everyone believes that the Harshini went out of existence long ago. The want to help her to live, but can it even be done? Meanwhile, Tarja is on the northern border of the country with the Defenders. Even though they are in the right place, there are not enough of them to try and stand up to Karien and all of their invaders. Their numbers are simply too many.

The Treason Keep may have had fortifications added onto it, but it still will not be a match for the Karien. They must find an alliance in the Hythria. The Medalon have been fighting with the people for a long time, but perhaps now is the moment to turn things around if they are to save their own people.

Tarja wants to try and trust the heir to Hytrhia’s throne, Damin Wolfblade, but it is difficult when they have fought each other in battle before. Politics are at an all time high of tension and the people of all nations are tense. As Princess Adrina is married to to the heir of Karien by King Hablet of Fardohnya, her father, the king also wants to put his grandchild onto the throne of Karien.

However, when the princess has her own schemes to carry out, can the nations survive her choices? Or will all be decided by the actions of one? Read this fantasy adventure to find out.

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