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The Inappropriate Bachelors Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Inappropriate Bachelors Books

To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
To My Arrogant Boss (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
To My First And Last One Night Stand (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
To My Brother's Cocky Best Friend (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
To My Immature Ex Boyfriend (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
To The Single Dad in the Store (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
To My Dad's Hot Best Friend (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Inappropriate Bachelors novel series is a wonderful series of contemporary romance, chick-lit, adult fiction, humor, and women’s fiction stories. It is written by a well known English-born bestselling American writer of romances, J.S. Cooper. The series started in 2020 and the first three of its books were published in the same year. Cooper is still working on the series and is expected to come up with a few more titles in the series in the near future. In each novel, she has mentioned different primary characters, who are depicted as indulging in a passionate romance. The characters usually show instant attraction in their first encounter and then go on to fall in love with each other. However, they do not accept the opposite gender just like that. There is a lot that takes place before the lead pair accept one another’s love and live their lives happily after that.

Some of the mind-blowing characters that J.S. Cooper created for this interesting series include Magnolia Allen, Jagger, Doug, Tate, Jane, Millie, Christian Black, Laurie West, Marco, and a few others. The male leads are typically shown as handsome men, who are either the boss in their company or a landlord or just some guy in a high position. These men usually like to foo around with women and try to get in bed with them. The female leads know the intention of such men and try to fend them off. Though they find them attractive and tempting, they just behave like they don’t care about their good looks and handsome physique because they don’t want to indulge in one-night stands. However, the women tend to fall for the men and accept their love in the end when they realize that they are good at heart and have a soft nature, which they often keep hidden behind their tough exterior.

The books went on to attract readers in large numbers. They entertained the fans of romance stories and achieved great success in all the places of their publishing. Many readers have given excellent reviews to the books on various literary sites. Even certain critics have spoken words of praise about this series and the excellent writing skills of J.S. Cooper in numerous literary journals and magazines. The worldwide success and appreciation have motivated J.S. Cooper to write many more stories like this in the years to come. Until then, she is hopeful that her fans will continue to read her released novels and help them to become more successful.

The debut book of the Inappropriate Bachelors series written bu author J.S. Cooper is entitled ‘To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five’. It was released in 2020 as a Kindle ebook. This novel features the primary characters in the roles of Magnolia Allen and Jagger. The narration of this book is given in the form of a letter that Magnolia writes to Jagger, who lives in apartment five. She finds him rude and when she learns that he has relocated into a new apartment, it makes her happy. Magnolia writes in the letter that she does not want to have a beer with him or indulge in a nude sleepover. She goes on to add that she doesn’t want to make breakfast for him, nor lunch and dinner. Even the promises of lap dances cannot convince her to do these things for him. Magnolia doesn’t want Jagger to serenade her through his walls at night. Also, she says she doesn’t have an interest in going on a date with him.

At the end of the letter, Magnolia writes two notes for Jagger. In the first note, she says she doesn’t want to know about how many different accents he can growl in while indulging in intimate moments. She wonders if it is even a thing. The second note warns him from sending lingerie packages to her address because she is not going to let him see her naked in his living room again. Apparently, Magnolia is in love with Jagger and is made at him because of moving to a different apartment. She loved their passionate moments at night and cherished every bit of it. But now that he had shifted to a new apartment, she is going to miss all those things. So, Magnolia writes the letter as a means to remember all the things she enjoyed with Jagger and also complain to him what all he is going to miss because of his decision to move on.

Overall, this novel is quite romantic and hilarious. Magnolia appears to be a sweet, lovable, and quirky character. Jagger is seen as a possessive, extremely hot, and romantic man. He loves Magnolia and cares for her very much. Jagger likes to send gifts and notes to Magnolia that she appreciates a lot. Along with the romantic story of Jagger and Magnolia, there are many interesting twists and turns that help to keep the story exciting enough for the readers to keep turning pages.

The second installment of this romance series is called ‘To My Arrogant Boss’. It was also published in the Kindle format in 2020. This book is also narrated in the form of a letter that the female lead character, Jane, writes to the male lead character, Tate. Jane works in Tate’s company as an employee. She finds him quite annoying, grumpy, and infuriating as a boss. Jane tells him that she has never seen a more grumpy man in her life. She lets him know that his thought of being God’s special gift to ladies is just a misunderstanding on his part because she has been around with better men than him. Jane adds by telling him to grow up and get over his wanna-be-cool surfer. She thought it was high time someone said things to him on his face and addressed his big head to let him understand that he was not as cool as he thinks himself to be. And just because he had a high-class education does not mean that he is the smartest person in the whole world.

Jane taunts him further by mentioning that he would not have gotten into the best school and college if it had not been for his rich parents. Finally, Jane wants him to know that not every woman wants to sleep in bed with him and she is not even sure if he is any good in his bed. In the end, Jane closes the letter by claiming to be someone he would know and signs it off by describing herself as not a secret admirer, which she apparently is. This novel is also quite lovely to read. It has everything in it to make the readers laugh, sigh, and swoon. Both the main characters seem loving and believable. The writing skills of J.S. Cooper were appreciated worldwide after this book came out and it made her a more popular writer.

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