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The Kent Family Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kent Family Books

The Kent Family Chronicles (series by John Jakes) are still the rated as the most popular best sellers with over 3.5 million copies being sold upon release.The books include The Bastard,The Rebels,The Seekers,The Furies,The Titans,The Warriors,The Lawless,and the Americans.Different members of the Kent family are featured in each series and the events take place during different times in the strife to build a new American.The books definitely have the full package in terms of thrill,drama,romance,intensity and betrayal.

The Bastard

It is 1770 in Auvergne,a little town in France.Phillipe Charboneau is the bastard son to a wealthy Duke of Kentland James Amberly.His bastard status however makes him illegitimate and hence not liable to inherit his father’s property.After a fierce fight with his step-brother,the legitimate son of the Duke,Phillippe decides to leave France.Destiny takes him to America where he finds the American Revolution at its peak.With hopes and promises of a new world,Phillippe finds himself constantly testing his allegience.In America,he is introduced to Benjamin Franklin by a friend.At the time Benjamin is a businessman and trade representative to England.Phillippe changes his name to Phillip Kent.After struggling in Boston, Phillip lands a job in a publishing firm and begins courting Anne,daughter of a senior writer Abraham Ware.While in Boston,Phillip becomes acquinted with a British soldier who has thoughts of deserting the army and is encouraged by Philip to do so.Their plot however is found out by the commander of the British unit,Roger Amberly,step brother to Phillip.

What happens next? Read the novel for it keeps readers glued to their seats.

The Rebels

The saga continues with Phillip Kent participating in the June 17 1775 Battle of Bunker-hill; one of the most violent battles in American history.Phillip is now dedicated to his new motherland,America.His life has changed alot since the last series. He becomes a continental soldier and now totally believes in a new America.He is married to Anne with whom he has first child Abraham.Other characters emerge one of them Judson Flecher a womaniser and drunk constantly pursuing Peggy Mclean wife to his best friend Seth Mclean.Judson is acting congressman and he begins an affair with Alicia(Alice) Parkhust, a former lover of Phillip Kent.Tobias (Alice’s uncle) finds out about the affair and challenges Judson to a duel.The duel happens after the Lee Resolution debate and Tobias being no match for Judson is killed.Alice drowns herself and dies.So many events unfold like Hudson raping Peggy and his gruesome death later on.Philip’s wife disappears mysteriously at sea and Phillip marries Peggy.Some historical figures Phillip interacts with include George Washington,Marquis Le Lafayette and Antony Wayne.

The Seekers

Abraham Kent son to Phillip Kent returns home after battling on the war frontier only to realise that he does not share his father’s dream of running the family publishing business.He marries Elizabeth Fletcher daughter to Peggy (second wife of Phillip).Not ready to live under his father’s shadow, Abraham moves to the west with his bride.The west was a dangerous place at the time due to constant Indian attacks.On one occassion the native Indians invade Abraham’s home killing his wife.Devastated he returns to Boston but finds out his father Phillip died recently.More characters such as Thomas Jefferson and William Clark.There is also Gilbert Kent son to Phillip and Peggy

The Furies

It is now 1835 and the expansion to the west is a brutal and bloody affair.Amanda Kent, daughter to Gilbert Kent survives the bloodshed and moves to Northern California in time of the gold rush.She tries to reclaim the family publishing firm using money from her father’s textile company that made millions.She has a son Louis who turns out to be very ambitious.The book is filled with passion,betrayal,love,hate,rivalry and ambition.

The Titans

Louis is now in control of the Kent dynasty.It is yet another riveting series that revolves around the civil war in America.Louis’ role in the book is a bad guy kind of character.He profits from the war by selling his goods to both the north and south.In this book families take different political sides which shows how politics during the civil war put people in precarious situations.

The Warriors

As the civil war gradually ends the Kent family fight to rub shoulders with the wealthy and influential families.There is alot of deceit,lust and even murder.The novel continues to mix real historical characters with fictional ones something that puts the series in a class of its own.

The Lawless

America is now at peace and this is a time where there are many opportunities after the war.Gideon Kent’s efforts to re-unite the family seem futile especially when he brings his father’s widow back.Reconciliation becomes very difficult because the scars of the past have not yet healed for most members of the Kent family.

The Americans

The last Kent Family Chronicles (series by John Jakes) is The Americans.The Kent family dynasty is now on the verge of collapse; effects of war and expansion.Gideon Kent is dying and it is up to Will Kent to bring the familly together and fulfill the dream once established by the family founding father Phillip Kent.


John Jakes not only brings life to American history,but he also makes the reader feel somewhat attached to the Kent family.Three of the author’s books were turned into movies and they are Bastards,The Rebels and The Seekers.His work has had positive reviews from a number of high end publishing and media companies. John Jakes has won several awards and upto date he is one of the most distinguished author of historical fiction.He currently resides in Florida with his wife of over fifty years Rachel and they have four children.His novels are truly a work of the arts.

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