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The Kingdom Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of Kingdom Chronicles Books

“The Kingdom Chronicles” is a set of young adult romance novels by fantasy and young adult novelist Camille Peters. The author was born and raised in Salt Lake City, where she spent a childhood reading all manner of books.

It was also then that she got into reading and then penning her own stories on scraps of paper she could find in the house. She has said that unlike many authors who dream of one day becoming an author, she was certain of becoming one as an adult. Her love for writing only grew as she grew older.

In her teens, Camille took writing classes and spent a year at the English University of Northampton where she studied Creative Writing. She would then go to the University of Utah, from where she graduated with a History and English degree.

She published “Pathways,” the first of “The Kingdom Chronicles” series of novels in 2019. She has said that she loves writing so much that when she is not thinking about writing, she is writing and when she is not writing she is thinking about writing.

Nonetheless, she also does other things that include taking walks outside while completely barefoot, playing board games with friends and family, playing the piano and reading.

“The Kingdom Chronicles” series of novels are some compelling romance novels that can be read as standalones as they have different stories. Camille Peters writes modern retellings of some of the most popular fairy tales such as The Princess and the Pea, Rumpelstiltskin, The Frog Prince, and The Goose Girl among several others.

“Pathways” the first novel of the series tells the story of a woman named Eileen. Her heart was shattered when her father embarked on a long journey, promising to come back but never did. She has since been reluctant to let anyone in, as she did not want them to break her heart when they eventually left.
“Spelled,” the second novel of the series tells of the big dreams of a woman named Rosie. Once upon a time, she thought it was only a matter of time before she met prince charming. But as time went on, she resorts to magic and makes a powerful spell to get him.

The third novel of “The Kingdom Chronicles” series of novels is the story of Anwen. She is a woman that has served the diva princess for several years. When the princess is forced to marry Prince Liam, she casts a spell on her so that she can take her place.

“Pathways,” which is Camille Peters’ first novel of the “Kingdom Chronicles” series of novels, is an interesting story of a woman who does not have any interest in love. Ever since her father walked out the door promising to return but failing to fulfill his promise, she had made a vow that she would protect herself from such pain.

But since she lives in an enchanted forest, things are not so easy as she stumbles into a mysterious stranger following the continuously shifting pathways of the forest. She increasingly finds it hard to protect her heart or keep the promise she had made for herself.

While lost out in a storm one night, she stumbles into the castle of the Dark Prince which also happens to his home. For many in her position, this would be a great opportunity even though Eileen thinks it a curse.

She has to compete for the Prince’s hand by being tested for royal worth, even though she has no interest in becoming a princess nor is she a royal. But the mysterious man she met in the woods wants to help her but at the cost of her heart, which she had vowed to protect from any man who tried to take it.

“The Kingdom Chronicles” series second novel is “Spelled.” The lead protagonist in the novel is a woman known as Rose. She is convinced that putting a love spell on a prince is a very normal thing.

She has always dreamed of one day ensuring a prince to complete her fairy tale romance and would not hesitate to use magic if that is what was necessary. Rosie refuses to be deterred by hungry dragons, royal betrothals, well meaning friends and the intriguing guard determined to stop her.

Fortunately for her, she has over the years accumulated a huge library of books for spells, and enchanted pastries. She has managed to find just the perfect recipe that she believes will ensnare the prince charming from her dreams. But nothing is ever so easy even with magic involved.

For Rosie, the biggest obstacle standing in the way of achieving her dreams is a stoic guard who proves a formidable foe. She is not so sure if she is or is not developing feelings for the man.

He remains steadfast at his post and thwarts her efforts at every turn. But she is determined to get past him and to her Prince charming.

“Identity” the third novel of the “Kingdom Chronicles” series of novels is the story of a woman named Anwen. She has served Princess Lavena for so many years that they have developed quite a resemblance to each other.

But this resemblance would become something of a curse as the princess takes advantage of it and forces her to switch places with her, whenever she is required to do some unpalatable duty. The princess’s latest plot is the most dangerous one yet.

She compels her servant to take her place in a forced marriage to Prince Liam, one of the most loathed men in the realm. She forced Anwen to sign an enchanted contract of silence, even as she endures a marriage to a man that hates the woman she is supposed to be.

Over time, Anwen finds herself struggling to fight her feelings for her husband and to maintain her identity. But the Prince has no idea that she is not Princess Lavena. Will she manage to make him love her as much as she loves him?

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