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The Lancaster Family Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Lancaster Family Books

Seeking Persephone (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Courting Miss Lancaster (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Romancing Daphne (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Loving Lieutenant Lancaster (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Charming Artemis (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Christmas at Falstone Castle (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Sarah M. Eden is a published author known for writing historical romances. She is a best-selling author that has reached the tops of lists of best selling novels in publications like USA Today.

The story goes that the author read her first novel by Jane Austen when she was a young child, all the way back in elementary school. She loved the book and ever since that day has had a passion for historical romance, reading it and writing it alike. She went to college to study research and graduated with a degree in it, something that has helped her in her history research as the author has always had an interest in history. She loves to get some research books and dive deep, finding more about history and the people that defined those times. Sarah can spend hours at a time at the library in their reference section and incorporates what she finds to make her books more realistic and authentic to the times they take place in.

In addition to writing full length novels and romances, Sarah is also known for writing short stories. She has also been nominated for the Whitney Award in addition to others for her works. Her romances are usually set somewhere in the past and she is known for being witty and writing charming stories. Sarah likes to write characters that are deep and romances that the reader can feel, all set in historical times. She has been the Gold Winner in 2019 for Foreword Reviews’ INDIE Awards in the category of romance for her novel The Lady and the Highwaymen. She also won the Gold Medal for “Best of State” fiction twice and has won the Whitney Award three times for her work.

Sarah M. Eden is the creator and author of the Lancaster Family series of fictional novels. This historical romance series first started in 2011 with the publication of the debut novel, Seeking Persephone. Fans of Regency romance stories or the Netflix hit series Bridgerton and the books that inspired it will be happy to find this unique series that is full of passion and a touch of drama!

Seeking Persephone is the first novel in the Lancaster Family series by author Sarah M. Eden. If you love historical romances or any type of love story with passion, check this debut out for yourself and see what happens!

Main character Persephone Lancaster is at the age where she is ready to be married. She even gets a proposal, but it is from the Duke of Kielder, a man known for his bad temper. Not wanting to marry such a man, she initially turns the offer down before wondering if she should reconsider. Her family could use the money that comes from his proposal, and it could potentially be the saving grace that keeps the family from total ruin.

Persephone decides that the risk is worth it and decides to approach the situation with an optimistic attitude. So she goes to Northumberland to be married to someone that is essentially a stranger for the sake of her family. The castle the Duke lives in is deep in the forest, a place that is overrun with wild dogs. The building is cold, just like the Duke is, a man that has been through much and has the scars to show for it both physically and internally.

The Duke is committed to keeping his walls up and protecting himself. But even he cannot resist growing fond of his bride, who is beautiful and gentle. Persephone starts to see that perhaps she judged her groom too harshly. She persistently tries to get through to the man he truly is and get him to lower his shields. But is this a mission that is doomed to fail?

The Duke has been alone for so long that he doesn’t truly know how to love. He’s fearful of being exposed and being vulnerable, and keeps his guard up even as Persephone works so hard to get him to let it down. In time, the Duke sees that she cannot be rejected forever. He must choose whether he lets her know how she really feels or accept that he might lose his bride’s affection for good. What will he do? Read this romance to find out!

Courting Miss Lancaster is the second novel in the Lancaster Family series by Sarah M. Eden. If you love regency romance stories, be sure to get your hands on a copy of this book!

The main characters in this book are Harry Windover and Athena Lancaster. Athena is a gorgeous young woman with striking blonde hair and stunning green eyes. She would be a lovely bride to any man that is lucky to have her, and Harry desperately wishes that he were that man in question.

He’s always held a torch for the beauty, but has always known that a man of his financial means could never wed a noblewoman such as Athena. Still, he cannot help the way that he feels. When the Duke of Kielder, her guardian and brother in law, requests that Harry help Athena find a suitable gentleman to wed, it’s almost more than he can bear.

However, Harry has a plan that might just work. He agrees to help Athena, but manages to only recruit suitors that are horribly flawed. They are either incredibly dull, rude and arrogant, self-involved, ridiculous, or have an unusual devotion to their mothers that no bride could ever hope to usurp. Athena has no idea why her admirers are all so unacceptable. They’re eligible, to be sure, but aren’t there more appropriate suitors out there for her to wed?

As Athena sorts through the duds, she can’t help but grow closer to Harry. But will it all fall apart when she finds out what Harry’s done? Can she overcome his deception and see him for who he is– the man who would do anything to be by her side? Read this romance novel to find out!

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