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The Language of Spells Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Language of Spells Books

The Language of Spells (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Garden of Magic (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secrets of Ghosts (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Language of Spells Series

The Language of Spells is a fantasy series by Sarah Painter. This series is set in Pendleford, a small village with a few magical women and many interesting characters. The Pendleford people had witnessed the Harper’s family’s magical powers for generations. Some did not like the magic, while others were happy to use it to their advantage. When Gwen Harper is shunned for being a witch, she runs off from her home. However, fate brings her back home, where she is forced to face the past. Life in Pendleford turns out to be better than she expected, but she will still have to overcome many challenges throughout the story.

The Language of Spells

The Language of Spells comes first in the Language of Spells series. This book introduces Gwen Harper, a young lady with unique gifts and a dark past. It has been thirteen years since Gwen left Pendleford. Now, thanks to an unexpected inheritance, Gwen is being forced back to the place she once called home.
Pendeleford holds memories that are dear to Gwen. However, there is a reason why she left and vowed never to go back. Going back means that she will have to confront the past and try to rebuild relationships with her close family. How will this turn out for Gwen?

Growing up, Gwen’s life was somehow difficult. The family moved a lot because many people referred to women in her family as witches. Sure, these women had magical gifts, but it did not mean that they were all bad. It did not help that Gwen’s mum, Gloria, chose to use her magic for all the wrong reasons. When Gloria notices that her daughter can magically find things, she decides to cash in on her daughter’s abilities. This doesn’t end well for these two as their relationship is strained. Gwen doesn’t have a good relationship with her sister either. Ruby hates to talk about magic and is often mean to Gwen. Will going back to Pendleford help rebuild these relationships.

Pendleford is also where Gwen’s first love Cam Ling lives. This handsome young man had decided to work in the village as a lawyer following his father’s death. Being a small village, it was inevitable that Gwen and Cam’s paths would cross again. Can is still mad at Gwen. He wants to know why she left without saying a word many years ago. Dealing with an angry ex, people who considered her a witch, and a dysfunctional family is not going to be easy for Gwen. However, in a book where magic is the driving force, there is a lot that our young protagonist will be able to accomplish. Katie, Gwen’s niece, plays a key role in these accomplishments.

The Language of Spells is a story on family, friends, and relationships. Gwen’s relationship with her family is complicated, and she has a few things to iron out with her love interest. There is an element of suspense, especially when it is clear someone is scaring Gwen to leave. However, it is admirable how graciously she deals with all these. Gwen remains a lovable character you will keep on rooting for. You will laugh with her and keep hoping that things between her and Cam will go back to what they used to be. The magic element gives this story a unique twist making it even more captivating.

The Secrets of Ghosts

The Secrets of Ghosts comes second in The Language of Spells series. This story starts seven years after the first book ended. Gwen has settled in Pendleford and is now the respectable woman everyone goes to seek advice from. She is also Cam’s wife, and even though they have a great marriage, these two have not been able to bear children. No portion seems to be working, and Gwen is getting desperate. Aside from her fertility troubles, Gwen has her hands full. Many people now depend on her mystical powers, and she is also training her niece, Katie, on magic and what it takes to get it right.

Katie is growing into a gorgeous young woman. When she turns twenty-one, the only thing she wishes is that she can use her magical powers, like all Harper women. While mystical powers are passed down generations in the family, something seems to be going wrong where hers are concerned. Every time Katie tries to cast a spell, something goes wrong. However, when her magic finally appears, it is nothing like she anticipated.

Katie is thrown into the world of the deceased, where ghosts abound among other shadowy figures. Since the dead get buried with all their secrets, it seems like Katie’s role is to help them finally rest in peace. Gwen is troubled by Katie’s abilities, and she tries to find a way to stop these powers that seem to be more of a curse than a blessing.

As this story will show, Katie is still young and naïve. She makes a few wrong choices which include hooking up with a bad boy. A few people try to warn her about the dangers that come with her magical powers, but Katie doesn’t listen. She is so determined to prove that she is an adult until she does something regrettable. For most of the story, you will be interacting with Katie as she tries to figure her life out. You will also get a glimpse of Gwen and Cam’s life and see what is happening to them post marriage. The secondary cast is well developed, just like the primary characters, and you will love knowing these witch families better.

The Secrets of Ghosts is another enjoyable read in this series. We get to see Katie struggle with her magical powers and how she finally discovers her calling. Just like in the first book, this story mainly focuses on family, relationships, life, and magic. Pendleford grows more enchanting as the author introduces more parts of this small village and its people. The book is easy to read, and the flawless narration and rising tension will keep you reading in order to see what happens next.

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