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Publication Order of The Last Jihad Books

The Last Jihad (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Days (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ezekiel Option (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Copper Scroll (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Heat (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

The moment you begin reading this series, you realize the kind of immense knowledge that the writer has in plot twisting as well as characterization that is just in a class of its own. Joel C. Rosenberg brings out the best of both worlds in the Middle East as well as the US. The way the plot manages to stay on point and maintain it’s relevant, as well as a steady course, is just brilliant in its own right. The
writer builds the story from a simple one into the most exhilarating experience as a reader that you will ever have.

The first book in this amazing series goes by the delicately chosen title of The Last Jihad. With no pun intended at all, we come across two Wall Street strategists who have very close ties to the President of the United States. The two, Erin McCoy, and Jon Bennett are on the verge of starting a billion dollar project involving oil deals in the coast of Tel Aviv as well as Gaza. This project could benefit the residents of both Palestine as well as Israel. What happens next does not just shock the two characters but will also shock you to the core. The way the plot twists and the title of the book now begin to self-reveal itself is what is just absolutely amazing about this book. The events that occur next are what is absolutely mind blowing.

A plane is hijacked by terrorists who are planning to fly it straight into an American city. It does remind one of 911, but this is actually the fiction that is just in a class of its own. Commandos from the Israeli Special Forces foil a nuclear attack plan, but they regrettably find out that the next cities to be attacked could be Washington and New York, simultaneously. In the midst of all this, he US plunges into a war in the Middle East that could ultimately plunge the whole world into chaos. The way these events play out is just mind baffling, and nothing comes close to it. You will be on the edge of your seat all throughout the process of reading this book. The fact that Joel C. Rosenberg brings out a simple plot and turns it on what could potentially be one of the best series of all time is what is actually mind blowing. The genius in him brings out the best intentions of human beings as well as the worst and makes this book a masterpiece.

This series just packs adrenaline as well as the best in the military as well as terrorist activities. How a simple plan to make the lives of people in the Middle East so much peaceful and prosperous turns out to be a war and destruction in the wake. The play of events is just mind blowing, and you will have to read the entire book to know what I am talking about in more vivid detail. The second book in this installment is titled The Last days, and it actually does not disappoint and lives up to the expectations as far as the first book is concerned. The play of events also just begins with simplicity and builds into a complex web of lies, deceit, betrayal, terrorism, war and the apparent thoughts about the return of Christ and the subsequent end of days as the book’s title.

The death of Osama has been orchestrated. Saddam’s dictatorial regime has been extinguished. The city of Baghdad lies in shambles. The world now shifts its attention on two senior advisers from the white house by the names of Erin McCoy and Jon Bennett is in the Middle East to broker a peace deal between the Arabs and the Israeli. They also come with a vision as regards democracy and peace in the Middle East from the US president. But the two didn’t actually think it was going to be that easy. There are powerful, evil men behind the curtains that see peace and stability in the Middle East as an end to their existence, so they have to thwart every move that the two make. Now, there is a scheme that is as terrifying as the last one, and the two have to find a way to escape the plans.

They fight for control of Jerusalem as well as the Holy Land and there seems to be a plan in Iraq to rebuild the ancient city of Babylon. All these events are clear indications of them that they could actually be living in the end times. The way the plot just plays out is, what is more, intriguing about the whole thing and you will fall in love more with the plot with each page you open to read. The book is just amazing, and it offers a lot of insight into how the terrorists function and their plans. The two main characters in the series are on point, and they always are on top of their game.

This series by Joel C. Rosenberg is absolutely amazing, and you will be deeply into all the happenings that go on in the series. From the first book to the second all the way to the last, the story is just amazing, and it never falters really. It never stalls, so you are always entertained as you go through the pages. There is no single part in the series that you will find worthy of skipping. The whole plot is just right, and it offers a lot to make sure that you are deep in the book as you should be. You will love the turn of events on each page and the way the story just remains relevant and doesn’t have to struggle to remain afloat. The characters too are very much on point, and there is no character that you will find useless or inconsequential. All the books are really great in this series, and you will just have to get it to see the kind of amazing books that am talking about.

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