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The Leopard People Books In Order

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Publication Order of Leopard People Books

Deep within the rainforests of Borneo resides a species of half-human, half-leopard creatures known only as the Leopard People. In this particular set of novels we see how they begin to come into contact with western civilization for the first time and all the drama that then ensues. Chronicling their lives and loves, these stories revolve around the romances of these key characters featuring eroticism set around their more primal instincts. Taking a look at how they come terms with who they are, it also examines their integration into society dealing with themes such as crime, love and business. Testing loyalties and creating bonds it charts not just who they are, but what they are. With many possessing the ability to shape-shift into leopards as well, there’s much insight into how they come to terms with all this. Classified as paranormal romance, they establish a recurring set of story-lines which don’t follow any one single strand, but all revolve around this particular group of people as a whole.

Leopard People: The Awakening

This is where we are first introduced to the Leopard People themselves as our protagonist Maggie finds herself returning to where she was born in the jungle. It is only when she gets there though that she realizes a man with an animal quality about him is waiting for her. Once she arrives she finds that she’s drawn into this seductive world as she begins to let her more feral side rise up. Then there’s the hidden danger that’s followed her there. Will she realize before it’s too late? Written as more of a short story being included in part of a larger anthology, it’s aim is to bring us into this world and give us a taste of what’s to come.

Wild Rain

The second story and first full novel of the series is set in the aftermath of the original short as it charts our protagonist now coming to terms with her new life out in the wilds. It is here that she feels she’s finally found her home within the lush rainforests, but her tranquility is soon disturbed by a mysterious stranger who comes into her life. The man named Rio holds a secret that could tear them both apart ultimately descending them into hell if it comes to pass. This book deals with issues such as desire and passion examining how they come to terms with these traits. What’s their connection and how deep does their bond go? Who exactly are the Leopard People and what is their legacy? How and where does our protagonist and her mysterious stranger come into all of this?

Leopard People: Burning Wild

This is technically the second full novel in the series, set as a standalone story featuring that of the Leopard People. In this book we see the chief protagonist and leopard shape-shifter Jake Bannaconni, an industrious businessman and wealthy venture capitalist who’s acquired vast sums of money by the age of 33. He’s gotten to where he is using his animal prowess and savage instinct to get ahead and make his way in the cut-throat world of business. The head of a large company, he appears to have everything including a wife and son. There still seems to be something missing within his life though, as he’s never truly shared a connection with another human-being. This is all set to change when there’s a road accident claiming the life of his wife, but leaving his son saved. In the car that hits his wife is another man who is also killed, leaving a widow named Emma in his wake.

Over the course of the story Jake proceeds to fall for Emma as he attempts to sway her into feeling the same way. Attracted to her innate sense of goodness, he feels drawn towards her as she appears to be everything missing in his life. In the past he’s grown used to not trusting people having never formed a bond in the truest sense. He wants her to show him how to love and care for others as he looks to entwine her life with his. After some time she does start to fall for him and sees him for the man he truly is. In time she teaches him about who he is and how to love again. She also proves to be more of a match for his somewhat dominant characteristics, as she tames the wild beast, or leopard so to speak, inside of him. This theme of redemption is what then takes us onto the subsequent books.

The Leopard People Series

With this particular series consisting of over six books in total, there’s plenty of mythology to get yourself involved in here. Looking at each of the shape-shifters within their tribe, they are all given their own individual stories. This means that there is no particular order you have to read them in as such, as you can follow it in any manner you choose. In Wild Fire, the fourth installment, there’s Connor Vega, a fighter who does what it takes to survive as he’s sent on a mission to seduce the daughter of a corrupt doctor. Problems arise though when he finds that he loves her. Savage Nature is the fifth and features land-owner Drake Donovan who meets Saria Boudreaux, a woman that discovers a dead body in the Louisiana bayou, thus finding her thrust into his life. The sixth book, Leopard’s Prey, is set around Remy Boudreaux, a homicide detective and leopard shape-shifter working in New Orleans. This also ties into the last in that he is the brother of Saria, as he’s got to deal with a serial killer who’s been set loose.

There haven’t been any plans to branch out with the series yet, but it will be continued as it’s author, Christine Feehan, has stated she will be carrying on with them in the years to come. You will find that there are trailers of it online with scenes shot from the book as they’re set to impart the overall tone of the series. For the time being though, this is what there is of the Leopard People series so far.

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