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Publication Order of The Lion and the Mouse Books

“The Lion and the Mouse” series of novels are a set of bestselling interracial romance and general romance fiction by Kenya Wright.

The latter is an author of repute with more than forty titles to her name. Over the years, she has made a name for herself by penning works with diverse characters.

Prior to becoming a fiction author, she held a day job as a foreign linguist translating and transcribing Persian Farsi for the American military in the Middle East.

After working for the US government for more than a dozen years, she got her bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology from the New Colege of Florida.

Thereafter, she went to the University of Miami, where she fell in love with persuasive writing. Ultimately, she got her creative writing MFA from Seton Hill University.

In addition to her romance, she has also been writing mystery fiction that focuses on societal issues in the modern age. Kenya’s novels have been very popular across the globe with many being published in print, audio, and eBook formats.
When she is not writing her bestselling fiction, she loves to spend time homeschooling her kids. She also loves to travel and her family has been all over the United States and across the world living the nomadic lifestyle.

Wright first got into writing as a very little girl, even though she has said that she fell in love with storytelling from her love for music. Sitting down with a pen and writing pad, she always felt that this was the best way to let out her emotions.

Several years later and now a mother, it seemed like she would never achieve her dream of becoming a fiction author. But things took a turn after her kids were older and she had all the time in the world, which sent her back to reading.
The more reading that Kenya Wright did, the more she got interested in writing, and soon enough, she had a manuscript. But she still had her doubts about ever becoming a professional writer.

During this time, she believed she was too old and had too many responsibilities and that the task was too monumental for someone such as her.

However, she always heard a still little voice in her head telling her that she could do it and only needed to believe in herself more than she did.

In 2017, she took her manuscript and started shopping for a publisher. She was lucky enough to sign with S. Yvonne Present, who published her debut novel “I’ll Always be Loving You” in the same year.

“The Lion and the Mouse” series of novels by Kenya Wright tells the story of Emily and Kazimir. The latter is a dangerous enforcer for the Russian mob who is drawn to Emily who soon enough becomes his money launderer.
Even though he is a very dangerous man and her brother was suspected of killing his previous launderer, the two have mutual respect and chemistry.

Not long after they meet, they have a strong attraction that would make it seem that Emily and Kazimir had known each other for so long.

Even though Emily was somewhat arm-twisted into becoming the Russian mob’s launderer, she comes to take her role seriously and enjoys working with Kazimir.

It is fascinating to watch as Kazamir starts giving Emily the respect she deserves. No matter what difficult circumstances they are put in Emily always has the skills to get them out of it.

Her exceptional brilliance only makes Kazmir more intensely attracted to her. She is a confident and strong black woman who knows how to handle her business.

However, given the nature of their work, danger is never that far behind but Kazimir is determined to keep Emily safe.

“Dirty Kisses,” the first novel of the “Lion and the Mouse” series of novels is set in New York, where Kazimir the head of the Russian Bratva is looking into the murder of the top launderer of his organization in the Big Apple.
He is a very dangerous man whose organization has nicknamed him “The Russian Lion,” given that he has kraken out more than 200 targets. The twenty-year-old had almost made the most wanted list by the FBI alongside heavyweights such as Osama bin Laden.

The killing of his money launderer results in a dark and dangerous war that gets Kazimir’s beady eye to focus on Emily. Her brother happens to be the prime suspect in the killing of his launderer and she is forced to work for him as his newest washer.

Many of her friends have been calling her a washer, even though some know her as a con even though no one in Harlem is a better washer that can do what most people would never dream of.

At the start, Kazimir and Emily have a complicated arrangement full of fear and danger. It is always dangerous working for such a dangerous man who has shown that he can be a monster despite being one of the most gorgeous men in town.
Still, he is a sensual man, and most of the time Emily does forget that he can be very terrifying.

Soon enough the tension between them reaches boiling point but things come to a head when Russians, Jamaicans among other gangsters are pitted against each other.

“Dirty Love,” the second novel of “The Lion and the Mouse” series of novels by Kenya Wright is a beautiful story that starts from where “Dirty Kisses” left off. Once they decided to go public with their relationship, they had been fire and ice together.
After the death of two loved ones who were critical to both protagonists, the novel starts off with Kazimir and Emily determined to exact vengeance and grow their love.

Similar to the debut novel, it is an enthralling work that comes with twists and turns, deception, and mystery. However, the best thing about the novel has to be Emily and Kazimir’s devotion to each other.

The author pens a story with one of the most brilliant endings. From different capitals of Eastern Europe such as Moscow, St Petersburg, and Prague to Harlem in the US, Kazimir works hard to crush any that would threaten them.
However, nothing is ever that easy as they have many enemies who know about hiding in the shadows. Moreover, not everyone that seems to be on their side is necessarily their friend.

The third novel of “The Lion and the Mouse” series of novels is “Dirty Hearts,” a beautiful novel that sees the author ramp up what he did in previous novels.

For much of this work, Kazimir and Emily spend their time vacationing in Paris, having a lot of fun, even though a lot of people want to draw them into their many battles.

They are annoyed by all the attention from people they could care less about. As they romp across the City of Lights, we learn all manner of things about Russia, Paris, and Kazimir.

Wright shows herself as an expert as she paints real-life images of beautiful tourist sites. Throughout this novel, we experience the different sides of the city thanks to Emily’s obsession with old buildings and sites.

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