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Publication Order of The Long Winter Books

A.G. Riddle is a published author of fiction.

Not always an author, Riddle spent a decade starting his own internet companies. It was then that he retired so that he could begin pursuing his passion of writing fiction.

His first book to come out was also the debut in The Origin Mystery trilogy. This trilogy did very well and in America alone sold a million copies and counting. It is being translated into nineteen languages. It was also taken on by CBS Films and the trilogy is in development to be a major motion picture.

Riddle released more novels after that. One, Departure, features a flight’s survivors that land in a world totally different from the one that they left. 20th Century Fox is also taking the novel into development to become a feature film.

The author grew up in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, a small town in the United States. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. When he was in his sophomore year of college, he began his first company along with a friend from childhood.

Today Riddle is married. He has a daughter with his wife. The family resides in Raleigh, North Carolina along with their eccentric dog. He appreciates his wife for putting up with his idiosyncrasies, partially in exchange for being the first person to read his novels.

Regardless of what’s happening in his life, he puts time aside each day to look at his emails and answer back to emails and various messages from readers. Those who wish to get in touch with him can go to his site and reach out to him.

A.G. Riddle is the creator and author of The Long Winter trilogy series of fictional novels. The series began in 2019 with the release of the debut novel in the series, Winter World. That was followed by the second book in the series, The Solar War. The third novel in the series is titled The Lost Colony.

Winter World is the first book in The Long Winter Trilogy series by A.G. Riddle. If you’re looking for something new to read, check this book out!

In the time of a new ice age, a shocking discovery may end up changing humanity forever. Sometime in the near future, the time of a new ice age has started on the Earth. Now the human race is facing the facts that they may be on the edge of extinction. They’re going to have to do something if they want to survive and make sure that humanity goes on.

The scientists are desperate to find out answers, so they come up with a plan. They send out probes out into the solar system and have them take readings. Close to Mars, one of their probes finds a mysterious object that is making its way on a drift toward the Sun. The scientists have no idea if this is the cause of the ice age or if it is their only chance of surviving. They have to find out more if they want to be sure.

NASA knows that time is running out and they have to act quickly. They launch an international mission so that they can reach out and make contact with this object. However, the object is not going to be what any of them thought it would be. Alone in the darkness of space, this team might make a discovery that could end up changing how the course of history for human runs and might even end it. Can they find a solution and end the ice age? Read this book to find out what happens!

The Solar War is the second book in The Long Winter Trilogy series by A.G. Riddle. If you liked the first book or just are interested in a good science fiction read, check this book out!

Humanity thought that the war might be over at last, but it turns out that they were wrong. During the Long Winter, their enemies decimated Earth. The gird has come back now, and they will not stop coming until they have achieved their goal of wiping out all humans and making the human race extinct.

In the midst of a world that’s been ruined, the last survivors of the human race fight as hard as they can against seemingly impossible odds. When all things are down, they find that they have yet a chance for survival. But when this new hope comes with a huge price, will they choose it if the consequences may end up changing everything? Read this sci-fi thriller to find out!

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