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Publication Order of Lost Continent Books

By: Catherine Asaro, Mercedes Lackey, Rachel Lee
Charmed Destinies (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Charmed Sphere (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Misted Cliffs (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dawn Star (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fire Opal (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Bird (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Lost Continent book series is a renowned series of romance, fantasy, and paranormal romance novels. It consists of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 2004 and 2008. The series is penned by a well known novelist from America named Catherine Asaro. The stories of all the books in this series revolve around a different set of lead characters living in a fictional fantasy world. Author Catherine has depicted the female characters in strong roles in the novels, whereas the male characters only play the role of their partners to carry the story forward. As compared to the female leads, the male leads seem to have a little less significant roles. In some parts of the world, this series is also called as the Aronsdale series, which is the name of the setting. Author Asaro has described Aronsdale as a fantastical land that is richly filled with power and magic. Over the course of the series, it is seen that the main characters are required to go through various ups and downs in their lives and also overcome many obstacles to achieve their objectives. Among the exciting characters mentioned by author Asaro, there are the likes of Chime, Prince Muller, Cobalt, Mel, etc. Author Asaro started writing the series in the year 2004. She wrote and published the first book of the series, The Charmed Sphere, in the same year. Finally, she concluded the series in 2008 with the fifth and last novel called The Night Bird.

Author Catherine Asaro is an award winning author of more than 25 novels to her name. She is particularly famous for writing epic fantasy series and romance stories. Among her popular novel series, there is the acclaimed Ruby Dynasty series. This series is written by combining the elements of science, adventure, fast paced action, and romance. Asaro has won prestigious awards throughout her career span, and the most notable award won by her is the Nebula Award, which she won for her book called The Quantum Rose. Author Asaro won the same award for the second time for a novella of hers titled The Space-time Pool. In addition to these achievements, the other distinction of author Asaro’s writing career includes being a multiple winner of AnLab from the Analog magazine, as well as being a 3 time recipient of RT Bookclub prize in the category of the Best Science Fiction Book. Besides writing full length romance novels, author Asaro also likes to write short fiction stories. She has written an anthology of short fiction called Aurora in Four Voices. This anthology is available in the hardcover edition at the ISFiC Press. Other than this, Asaro has even penned the novella, The City of Cries. This story has helped her win multiple awards. The readers can find this novella in the form of an eBook for Nook and Kindle. Apart from writing novels, Catherine Asaro has a great interest in music. She has successfully produced a couple of music CD’s already and is working towards producing the third one very soon in the coming days. The music CD prepared by Asaro is called Diamond Star, which she used as a soundtrack for one of her novels with the same name. Asaro also performed it with a rock band named Point Valid. Author Asaro makes appearances as a vocalist at various clubs, cons, and other such venues all over the United States and abroad. Her recent appearance in this field was as a Guest-of-Honor at the Science Fictions Conventions of New Zealand and Denmark. Author Asaro likes to perform a few selected works of her own for a multimedia project, which mixes dance, music, and literature. Asaro has an accompanist for this work in the form of Greg Adams. As far as the academics of author Asaro is concerned, she is a graduate of the Harvard in theoretical physics along with a Ph.D in Chemical Physics. Ballet dancing and jazz are her hobbies and passion. Catherine Asaro considers herself lucky and blessed that she was able to excel in different forms of art. She has helped herself grow as a writer and a musician over the years. Now, Catherine Asaro looks forward to completing her new novel and bringing new music CD for her eagerly waiting fans.

The debut book of the Lost Continent series written by author Catherine Asaro is entitled ‘The Charmed Sphere’. It was released by the Luna Books publishers in the year 2005, following its first publishing in 2004. The chief characters of this book are mentioned as Prince Muller and Chime, and the plot’s setting is done in a fictional town called Aronsdale. At the start of the book’s story, author Asaro has shown that Chime lives her idyllic life along with the members of her family in a rural part of Aronsdale called Jabob’s Vale. She is not aware that she possesses some powerful abilities and is a shape-mage. However, her abilities are not developed yet, so she is not able to use them. Chime’s life turns upside down after learning that she has been identified as a promising shape-mage by a trusted advisor of Aronsdale’s King. Many other advisors had been looking for such shape-mages in the entire kingdom for a long time. And when Chime realizes that there is hardly any option left with her, she agrees to move to Castle Suncroft and receive training for developing her magecraft art. She is even expected to get groomed for the upcoming wedding with Prince Muller. Muller is the king’s nephew and the next in line to sit on Aronsdale’s throne. However, he does not wish to get married and claim the throne. In fact, he seems more interested in fashion than the state affairs. Later, the king dies suddenly and Muller learns that he has to accept his ascension to the royal throne very soon. But, he keeps finding excuses to postpone the ascension. The neighboring kingdom’s leader sees this as a good opportunity to attack Aronsdale and become its ruler. He takes help from a mad mage, who is hell bent on using his powers to destroy Aronsdale. When Muller becomes aware of this situation, he approaches Chime and ask for her help. She agrees to help him and save the kingdom from the foreign attack. In this testing situation, Chime and Muller come close to each other and indulge in a passionate relationship full of romance. Eventually, the accept one another as husband and wife.

Another excellent book of this series is entitled ‘The Misted Cliffs’. This book too was published by the Luna Books in 2005. The central characters of this novel are depicted as Cobalt and Mel. Author Asaro has set this book’s story in Misted Cliffs, a hilly region in Aronsdale. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Cobalt the Dark is the heir to cruel family that rules Misted Cliffs. Mel is a beautiful young woman living in Misted Cliffs, who possesses powers of a mage. Cobalt promises that he will not cause any cruelty in Misted Cliffs if Mel agrees to marry him. Seeing this as the only way to establish peace, Mel agrees. In the solitary home of Cobalt, she has nothing else but the uncontrolled spells for guiding her. Mel knew that the veins of her husband had poisoned blood in them. Mel continues to struggle in embracing her unexpected powers and a time comes when it becomes extremely important for her to use her mage powers for unveiling the light in the shadowy world. And as the enemies are gathering all their strength to attack and destroy Misted Cliffs, Mel knows it is high time to gain control of her powers and help her husband in defending their homeland.

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