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The Lost Fleet series is a successful military science fiction book series. It is comprised of 6 books, which were released between the years 2006 and 2010. This series is written by a famous American novelist named John G. Hemry, under the pseudonym of Jack Campbell.

Author Hemry has set the series more than 100 years ahead of the current time and has described an interstellar war that takes place between 2 different cultures of human civilization, called the Syndics and the Alliance. The series begins by showing the protagonist floating in an escape pod 100 years after making a heroic last-stand against the fleet of an enemy.

This protagonist is introduced as Captain John Geary, who goes on to feature in all the other books. During the time that John Geary was absent, the Alliance people made him a renowned hero for his efforts.

His actions and legend are now being used for justifying poor decisions and tactics. When John Geary awakens after his discovery at the end of a secret search mission, he is effectively made the fleet commander with the hope and expectation that he will live up to his legend that has grown multiple folds in his absence. Later, it is learned that the secret mission was in fact a trap set up by the enemy. Author Hemry ended the series with its 6th book titled Victorious in 2010. Following this, he started a couple of spin off series, The Lost Stars and Beyond the Frontier.

The latter continues to focus on the original characters, while the former series focuses on the life and times of the Syndics. Recently, author Geary has begun another spin-off series, The Genesis Fleet, which is also based on similar plot lines. All the novels of this series received very good reviews and positive comments from the critics. The battle scenes and narratives also received positive mentions from many reviewers.

In 2016, a British company called Titan Comics declared that it is going to release a comic series adapted from the novel series, which will be written by author Hemry himself and Andre Siregar will be the in-charge of penciling. The tasks of illustrations and coloring were given to Bambang Irawan and Sebastian Cheng respectively. The first series of 5 issues was eventually launched in 2017.

Author John G. Hemry is well known for writing books of science fiction and military sci-fi. He is a retired officer of the U.S. Navy and uses his vast experience to describe the settings and battle scenes of his novels. Quite often, he uses the pen name of Jack Campbell for penning his novels. Author Hemry is particularly famous for his successful book series’ Paul Sinclair and Stark’s War. In addition to the full length novels, Hemry has also penned more than a dozen novellas and short stories. Many of his short stories have been published in the Analog magazine.

He has even written and published numerous nonfiction works. Hemry began his writing career in the year 1997 and has continued to publish multiple books every year since then. He is happily married and is blessed with a couple of sons and a daughter. Author Hemry likes to interact with his fans and keep them updated with all the recent happenings in his professional literary career. He has developed a website in his name for this purpose. Hemry uses his personal website to interact with his supporters and give out information regarding the release dates of his upcoming books. He even appreciates the reviews and suggestions from others that he uses to make necessary changes in his future stories with the intention of getting them liked by his fans and supporters all over the world. Author Hemry now looks forward to release a few more books in the days to come and increase his popularity in the literary world even more.

The debut book of the Lost Fleet series written by author Jack Campbell is entitled ‘Dauntless’. It was released by the Ace Books publishing in the year 2006. This book features the chief characters as John Geary, and describes two distant human cultures, Alliance and Syndicate. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Captain John Geary, who is also referred as Black Jack, gets rescued from his escape pod having a damaged beacon. It is later learned that Geary was the chief commander of a battle that the Alliance fought against the Syndics. Due to his valiant efforts in that battle, Geary was labeled as a lifetime hero of his fleet and the people of Alliance. As he was frozen for around 100 years, Geary feels weakness in his body. And just as he becomes of sound body and mind, Geary comes to know that the Alliance are gearing up for another battle against their tough opponents and this battle is going to be a decisive one. And as Geary enters the battle, he learns that it was a trap set up by the Syndicate Worlds. Seeing the situation going out of control, Geary is ordered to take the command by the Admiral. He shows reluctance at first, but then accepts the charge.

The only thing Geary fears that the rules of war have not been changed. The Admiral gets executed by the enemies, leaving Geary in command of a fleet of 200 ships. The fleet personnel do not seem to like Geary as their commander and feel that they should lead the fleet instead of him. A sense of democracy runs through the fleet and Geary finds it very difficult to manage them and have control over them. Somehow, he succeeds in bringing them under his command and teaching them how to approach the battle. He also inculcates the some important values of battle in them, like respect the authority, using the system of jump points, etc. As the story reaches the climax, Geary’ fleet appears to have come closer in unity and ready to face the enemy with all their strength.

The next exciting book of this series is called ‘Fearless’. This book was also published by Ace Books in 2007. In this novel, author Campbell has continued to show the adventures of John Geary. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that John Geary and his fleet arrives in Sutrah system. The fleet discovers that 2 enemy warships are approaching them, immediately after the detection system comes on line. Four ships from the fleet disobey the orders of Geary and break formation to attack the enemy ships. Geary attempts to call them back, but all his efforts go in vain. The ships fall in the minefield trap set up by the enemies. Because of this incident, Geary’s command is questioned by his fleet once again. Later, the Alliance comes across a colony of prisoners that has numerous Alliance POWs. They liberate the prisoners and discover that one among them is Captain Falco, an old hero. Falco believes that the command must come into his hands instead of John Geary’s and a few officers in the fleet become his allies, thereby supporting his claim. Geary thinks that winning the battle against the Syndics is more important that having the command. And so, he hands the command over to Captain Falco and starts preparing for the decisive battle.

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  1. Steve Taylor: 2 years ago

    I just reread The Lost Fleet: Fearless and have to correct Mike_LV. Geary does NOT accede command of the Alliance fleet to Captain Falco. Falco uses his charisma to convince some of his loyal followers in the fleet (about thirty ships) to follow him and abandon the main fleet and charge off to another Syndic star system to do battle and are nearly annihilated there by the Syndics.

    Before Captain Falco abandons the Alliance fleet Geary sends a frantic message to Falco’s ships telling them to rendezvous later at another star system to regroup, if possible.

    The delusional Falco gets nearly all of his renegade flotilla wiped out, but he himself escapes by sheer luck.

  2. MIKE_LV: 3 years ago

    There are also at least 4 short stories in the Gearyverse (not to mention comic books) but the bibliography is unknown.


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