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Publication Order of The Lying Game Books

The Lying Game (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Have I Ever (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Two Truths and a Lie (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hide and Seek (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The First Lie (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Cross My Heart, Hope to Die (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
True Lies (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seven Minutes in Heaven (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Lying Game novel series is a well known series of the mystery, young adult, contemporary, and fiction genres. It is comprised of 6 novels and 2 novellas in total, which were released between the years 2010 and 2013. All the books of this series are written by a popular American novelist named Sara Shepard. Each and every novel features the lead characters in the roles of 2 girls named Emma Paxton and Sutton Mercer. They are twin sisters, but get separated during their childhood and grow up in different places. Various other secondary characters also play important parts in the series and help to carry it forward. Some of the important ones include Ted Mercer, Madeline, Ethan Whitehorse, Laurel Mercer, etc. After the successful run of the book series, it was adapted into a TV show of the same name. So far, two seasons of the TV series have been aired and all the episodes have also been liked very much by the viewers just like the book series. Actors Alexandra Chando and Andy Buckley are cast in the lead roles of Emma Paxton/Sutton Mercer and Ted Mercer respectively. The other actors chosen for playing other roles include Allie Gonino, Blair Redford, Alice Greczyn, etc. The series follows the life stories of the long lost twins Sutton and Emma. They get separated under some mysterious circumstances. While Sutton gets adopted by the rich Mercer family residing in Phoenix, Emma is handed over to a foster house where she lives with her foster parents. The twins go on to reunite when they become teenagers. But, instead of letting out the truth about their relation to the world, the sisters decide to keep it as a secret. Sutton Mercer decides to find out in what circumstances did they get separated and who all were responsible for it. She wishes to discover the truth for letting her mind achieve peace. On the other hand, Emma fits in Sutton’s shoes and adopts her lifestyle. She too comes across several lies and secrets that shocks her from within. Author Sara is very happy with the success of her book series. She hopes to come up with many more interesting books in the future to help make the series become even more successful and popular.

Sara Shepard is a NY Times bestselling author from the United States. She likes to write contemporary and mystery stories. Sara is a graduate from the New York University and holds and MFA degree from the Brooklyn College. She has resided in a number of places all over the country, including Brooklyn, Arizona, Tucson, New York City, Philadelphia, etc. As of today, she resides in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Author Sara is famous for her Pretty Little Liars books, which she was inspired to write based on her own upbringing in Main Line, Philadelphia.

The debut book of The Lying Game series written by author Sara Shepard is entitled ‘The Lying Game’. It was released by the Harperteen publication in the year 2010. Author Sara has set the book’s story in Arizona, United States, and has depicted the chief protagonist in the plot as Emma. The story’s narration is given by Sutton, who is dead and is now following Emma to assist her in unravelling her killer. At the start of this book’s story, it is shown that Sutton had a pretty happening life. Her life was such that people would go to the extent of killing to have a life like hers. But, things take a shocking turn when someone actually kills her. Sutton’s soul wanders around desperately as she can no more having the excitement and adventure that she had when she was alive. She knows she can not indulge in kisses, gossips, or secrets anymore. As she continues to wonder how can she find a solution to her situation, Sutton comes across her long-lost twin named Emma. They never got the chance to meet, but Sutton feels happy that Emma has come to know about her and is desperate to find out what happened to her. Emma realizes that if she has to get to the bottom of the mystery she will have to become Sutton. So, she slips into Sutton’s old life and do things like she used to do. However, Sutton feels that it is going to be a difficult job for her as Emma is not hers. She won’t be able to laugh at the inside jokes with her best friends or convince her boyfriend that she is the girl that he felt attracted to. Even Emma won’t find it easy to be like a care free daughter while hugging goodnight to her parents. And to add to the difficulty, the killer is watching each of her moves and won’t hesitate to kill again in order to keep his crime hidden. Emma is required to become a smart girl like Sutton if she wants to catch the killer and make him pay for his crime. Sutton wishes to help her in every way possible, but being dead does not give her any choice to do so.

The next installment of this series is entitled ‘Never Have I Ever’. This book was also published HarperCollins in 2011. The central characters mentioned in this particular novel include Laurel Mercer, Nisha Banerjee, Emma Paxton, Madeline Vega, Garrett Austin, Ethan Landry, Charlotte Chamberlain, Sutton Mercer, Gabriella Fiorello, Thayer Vega, Lilianna Fiorello, etc. Once again, the narrative is told through the words of Sutton Mercer. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Sutton feels her life was full of lies, and now is determined to uncover all the truths that she was unable to become aware of before. Sometime ago, Sutton had all the things that any girl wishes. She had amazing friends, a loving and caring family, an adorable boyfriend, etc. But, all of them have no idea that she is dead. This is due to the fact that Emma, her separated twin sister, has stepped in her shoes. Emma’s aim in doing so is to solve the murder mystery, and to achieve this objective she lives the life of Sutton Mercer. Emma wears Sutton’s clothes, lives in her room, calls her parents as her own, all the while making sure that no one around is able to find out that she is not Sutton. However, the killer knows that she is not the girl he killed and is keeping an eye on her moves. As Sutton cannot do anything in the investigation because of being a dead soul, she just follows Emma to the places she goes. The deeper Emma digs into the mystery, the more number of suspects she comes up with. It turns out that Sutton and her friends used to play lots of pranks on others and had ruined the lives of many people. So, anyone among them could have taken the path of revenge and killed Sutton. And now, Emma’s life too is in danger as the killer has set her as his next target.

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