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Publication Order of MacDonald Sisters Books

Sweet Georgia Girl (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Sea Spirit (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Mockingbird's Call (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Mountain Magic (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sweet Homecoming (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon

The MacDonald Sisters series is a popular series of successful romance books. It has been written by a famous American writer named Emilie Richards. The series is comprised of a total of 5 books, which were released between the years 1985 and 1987. In several parts of its publishing, the series is also known by the title ‘Sweet series’. This is so because of every book of this series has the word ‘Sweet’ at the beginning of its title. Author Emilie started writing this series in the year 1985 and also came up the release of its debut novel called Sweet Georgia Gal in the same year. She concluded the series in 1987 with its 5th and final novel titled Sweet Homecoming. All the books of this series are quite successful and popular among author Emilie’s fans. This helped her to get through the struggling days during the initial days of her career with ease. The success not only provided the much required motivation to Emilie, but also allowed her to develop a fan base. Her supporters kept on growing in number with each of her releases. As of now, author Emilie Richards has successfully established herself as a renowned author of the romance genre. The critics praise her for her hardworking attitude and dedication. This series’s success was also the result of such dedication and determination of author Emilie that she followed from the very beginning of her writing career.

Emilie Richards is listed among the prominent authors of the mystery and romance genres. She has some of the very popular book series’ to her name, including the Shenandoah Album series, the Ministry is Murder series, the Felice Cristy series, the Iron Lace series, the Men of Midnight series, the Happiness Key series, the Goddesses Anonymous series, etc. Emilie has even written several standalone novels and short stories. Prior to becoming a writer, Emilie used to work as a counselor. This can be seen evidently in her books as she often explores the complex characterizations and social issues. Very often, Emilie has given unique quirks to her characters so as to make them look interesting to the readers. As of today, author Emilie lives happily along with her family, comprising of her loving husband named Michael and 3 sons. She also has a daughter whom she adopted from India. Emilie Richards debuted as a writer with her 1985 novel called The Unmasking. After this, she went on to write and publish many more novels and short stories throughout her literary career. So far, author Emilie has penned more than 70 novels altogether. Other than romance & mystery, she has also penned some thriller and literature & fiction works. The most recent novel that she has published is named We Were Sisters. This new book came out in mid 2016. Emilie says that she enjoyed a lot while writing this book. And when she saw the cover page that her publisher chose for it, she became even more joyous. The recent novel series of Emilie Richards is Goddesses Anonymous. With its last book published in 2014, the series is believed to be still going as author Emilie hopes that she will be able to add a few more titles to this series. Emilie has also edited a romance backlist recently that keeps updating and re-reading every now and then. She believes that she received the inspiration to take up writing as a profession from successful works of renowned authors like L. Frank Baum, Louisa May Alcott, etc. Emilie Richards was born in Bethesda, Maryland, United States. She used to live in Virginia, but recently she moved along with her husband to Osprey in Florida. They took this decision of moving out from Virginia because both of them wanted to reside in the state where they were brought up, received their education, met each other, and eventually married. During the summer days, Emilie and her family live in Chautauqua, New York. Besides writing novels, Emilie enjoys a number of other hobbies such as quilting, knitting, kayaking. She loves her 4 children and enjoys watching them grow old. She regards all of them as the best creative endeavors of her life. Her children have now married and settled down in their own lives separately. They have given grandchildren to Emilie, giving her many more reasons to be thankful to the Almighty.

The debut book of the MacDonald Sisters series written by author Emilie Richards is entitled ‘Sweet Georgia Girl’. It was released by the Silhouette Books publishing in the year 1985. The book features the chief characters in the roles of Ryan Cunningham, Stacey McDonald, etc. Author Emilie has set this book’s storyline in Georgia, United States. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Stacey McDonald is the first runner in the Miss Georgia beauty contest. She is very beautiful with wildflower honey-colored hair, sweet watermelon like lips, cream and peaches like skin, etc. Ryan Cunningham considers her to be a wholesome beauty and is unable to resist her. Even Ryan’s 4 nephews and nieces like Stacey McDoanld and appreciated her beauty. Stacey always loved the presence of children around her and she used to see Ryan Cunningham as Tom Sawyer. So, she could not refuse Ryan and his children when they invited her to a camp trip. Stacey felt that the kids needed her as looking after them is not something that Ryan could handle alone. The two come very close with the passage of time and eventually get married. The marriage allowed Ryan Cunningham to have the custody of his nieces & nephews forever. Ryan used to always think that Stacey McDonald did all this favor to him in order to help him keep the kids. But, she knew in her heart that kids were not the only reason for her getting closer to him. She had developed feelings for him that he becomes aware of later. But, instead of cherishing his love, Ryan fears that he might end up spoiling the love of his lifetime if he made physical relation with Stacey.

Another very popular novel of this series is entitled ‘Sweet Mockingbird’s Call’. It was also published by Silhouette publication in 1986 and featured Wendy MacDonald and Shane in the lead roles. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Wendy and Shane’s love was born and blossomed in the hearty farm fields of the MacDonald family in Georgia. The two had come so close that Wendy had started dreaming of marrying Shane after growing up. And when Shane had to move out of town on the occasion of her 16th birthday, she promised him that she would wait for his return. After seven years, Shane returns to his homeland. He is completely changed into a grown up and ready to carry out the agriculture work on his father’s fields all alone. He seems even more eager to have the beautiful Wendy to his side. However, she appears to have turned too modern for him. Wendy’s modern lifestyle and glamor seem to make her feel that she will not be able to fit in as the wife of a farmer like Shane, and he too will not be able to fulfill her rich demands. So, she decides to part ways with Shane. But, he doesn’t give up so easily. He tries to make Wendy remember her promise and attempts everything in his capacity to enable Wendy to start loving him again.

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