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Publication Order of Mad Mick Books

The Mad Mick (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Masters of Mayhem (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Brutal Business (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Northern Sun (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Punching Tickets (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ultraviolent (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Death Dealer's Manual (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
American Oligarch (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shift Point (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dislocated (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hostile Takeover (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Mad Mick” series is a set of novels by Franklin Horton, a bestselling science fiction author from Virginia. He is best known as the author of “The Borrowed World” series. He made his debut when he published “The Borrowed World” the first novel of the series in 2015. The novel would go on to become an Amazon bestseller topping the Dystopian Science Fiction and the Post-Apocalyptic Fiction sections. He has never looked back since and has now written more than twenty novels across several series. Horton currently makes his home in the mountainous region of Southern Virginia. As a teenager, he went to the Virginia Commonwealth University and Intermonth College. When he is not writing his novels he can be found doing outdoor activities alongside his wife and two children. His favorite activities include shooting, camping, mountain biking, kayaking and backpacking.

Horton has made a name for himself combining prepper information with fiction though he is also excellent at psychology. He is an expert at getting into how hard it can be dealing with people who may not understand that their world has changed. He talks of the dangers of having to live with people who still cannot accept that things have changed. He asserts that these are the people who often die during apocalyptic situations. Franklin Horton also provides some invaluable lessons on prepping and says that some people don’t prep as their plan is to rob and steal from preppers. He also says that if you cannot protect what you gathered it will be all for nothing when everything goes haywire.

The “Mad Mick” series of novels by Franklin Horton are pretty quick and interesting post-apocalyptic fiction reads. The novels are set in the United States where Conor Maguire is trying to survive following a terrorist attack that had resulted into a meltdown of society. Maguire is living with his daughter and he will do anything to protect her from the thugs roaming the countryside and the cities looking to take advantage of the weak. But despite his best efforts, things sometimes go wrong and his daughter is kidnapped. This gets him into a confrontation with a bad group of guys that will not back down. It would seem that Frank may have to build an army if he is to go to toe and defeat the threat against him and his daughter. Franklin Horton writes a fascinating story with intriguing plots and interesting characters. The lead is a man who in the quest to survive is willing to work in the grey. The daughter Barb is also a great character that can handle herself and is very smart in challenging situations. There are also other standout heroes and villains that overall make for excellent stories.

The “Mad Mick” series by Franklin Horton introduces prepper Connor Maguire and Barb his only daughter. He had become a widower when a drunk driver hit his wife and left him to take care of his then three year old daughter alone. Connor was a descendant of IRA bombers and when he could not get justice from the system, he decided to retaliate in gruesome and dramatic fashion against the driver. He was the main suspect in the murder but since he had an ironclad alibi, it was impossible for the police to do anything. Years later, the talented young machinist and bomber was recruited by a covert American agency. For two dozen years, he had built and designed weapons of destruction and death in the Virginia Mountains. But then several terrorist attacks on the US and everything went to the dogs. Connor and his daughter Barb believed their compound would keep them safe since they did not need to go out for water and they had enough food for years. They are also highly trained and armed but one slip and Barb is taken by kidnappers known for slaving. The men who took his daughter did not know of his reputation in the dark world of espionage. They also did not know how far he would go to protect his family. When poked he is a bear without compassion, conscience or equal and he was coming for them.

The second novel of the Mad Mick series is “Master of Mayhem” a work which continues from where the first left off. Connor and Barb Maguire intended to keep to their secure compound following the apocalypse. Hidden deep in the Appalachian Mountains, they believed they were safe until some evil men kidnapped Connor’s daughter. Given his training, he soon rains on them a violent bloodbath and gets back Barb. Having seen how organized his opponents were, he knows that he has to work with others to improve their probability of survival. While he had gotten back his daughter, what he did not know was that the men he had killed had a deranged leader who did not take too kindly to his people getting killed. He is now marching against them with a lot of men intending to kill and hang the Mad Mick everyone has been talking about. But Connor is not called mad Mick for nothing as he can be ingenious and with his daughter by his side, they can be a tough nut to crack. Moreover, they managed to convince several other people to join their cause.

“Brutal Business” the third novel of the “Mad Mick” series is a fast paced and exiting post-apocalyptic adventure. There are new arrivals in Maguire’s territory and they tell him that a huge enemy army is coming against them. They drive military trucks, carry military grade weapons and wear military weapons. They sweep through the countryside and cities picking everything clean like a plague of locusts. It seems the formidable enemy is heading straight for them and Connor has to build his army fast if he is to stop them. But given Barb’s abrasive manner, the community is divided and getting them to work together let alone make an army will be an uphill task. The hastily thrown together alliance is going to be tested and relationships and roles will be challenged. Connor is going against a highly trained and very large force but he cannot help but rain down utter devastation, savagery and chaos on anyone threatening his community.

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