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The Magic series is a popular book series of science fiction books and children’s genre novels. It consists of 7 books in total, which were released between the years 1965 and 2008. The series is written by a renowned American writer, Andre Norton. In certain places of its publishing, the series is also called as The Magic Books series or the Magic Sequence series. Author Andre started writing this series in the year 1965 and also came up with its debut novel, Steel Magic, in the same year. Steel Magic is also known by the title Fur Magic. Author Andre has penned only six titles in this series, while the last book was a contribution from author Jean Rabe. This was a humble gesture by Jean Rabe for the immense contribution of author Andre to the literary world. Each and every novel of this novel series features a different set of central characters. Author Andre has set the books’ plots largely at the time of the Vietnam era. The main characters are generally featured as young outsiders who struggle to fit in their worlds. They try to get sense out of their lives and make their lives worth living by taking fantastic journeys to the past times. All the books of this series are quite successful and popular. They were able to sell numerous copies in print throughout the world. The success of the books also helped author Andre to get through the initial struggles of her writing career. She went on to make a great name for herself by riding on the success of this particular series.

Andre Norton was one of the noteworthy authors in the world of writing. She was particularly fond of writing science fiction, fantasy, high fantasy, as well as other fiction novels. Andre used to write her novels by keeping the tastes of the adults & young adults in the back of her mind. This proved to be a great trick for her as she was able to attract readers among all age groups. Her stories equally appreciated by a vast number of audience, who kept motivating her in return to keep developing mind blowing novels. Andre even inspired the young and upcoming authors of her period. Many of the famous ones in today’s world have been her fans at the point of time during the beginning of the respective careers. The stories of author Andre always contained certain magical elements, which the readers used to become intrigued after reading. This proved to an important factor in the overall success of Andre Norton. Andre was born in the year 1912, and her sad demise happened in 2005. In her entire career, author Andre received many awards for her excellent novels. A few of the popular awards the she received include the Gandalf and Damon Knight Grand-Master prizes in 1977 and 1983 respectively. By winning the Gandalf prize, author Andre had become the first lady writer to win it. When Andre had started writing initially, her focus used to be mainly on adventure & historical fiction descriptions. However, it did not prove fruitful for her. Subsequently, she took the decision of switching to the genres of science fiction & fantasy. This decision worked wonders for Andre as she helped herself become extremely popular through her science fiction stories. The most common things to feature in Andre’s novels include different kinds of pets such as cats. The pets are typically shown by Andre as possessing telepathic skills and being highly intelligent. Andre’s Witch World novel series is the most famous one penned by her. In addition to this, she produced numerous other book series’ as well. Andre had written a story when she was studying in high school. She modified this story after several years and published it as Ralestone Luck. Early on in her literary career, Andre was finding it very tough to become a full-time writer. However, she successfully became one with her hard work, passion, determination, and dedication.

The debut book of the Magic series written by author Andre Norton is known as ‘Steel Magic’. It was released by the Starscape publishers in the year 2005, after it was originally published in 1965. This book is set in Hudson Valley and features the chief characters in the roles of Sara Lowry, Eric Lowry, Huon, and Greg Lowry. The story is in the form of a wonderful journey of time travel. It looks even more wonderful with the detailed white & black, ink & pen illustrations done by Robin Jacques. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Greg, Eric, and Sara Lowry go out to explore the woods near the estate of their uncle in Hudson Valley. During their exploration, they suddenly get transported to the Avalon land by some magic. There, they come across the West’s Warden named Huon. He informs the Lowry siblings that some dark forces have robbed the 3 talismans protecting the Avalon, the Excalibur sword of King Arthur, the ring of Merlin, and his own horn. Immediately after learning about the stealing at the hands of the dark forces, the Lowrys set themselves on the quest of finding the talismans and protecting Avalon. They learn that the talismans possess immense power and without them, Avalon would be destroyed. And if Avalon is destroyed, the evil forces will bring about the destruction of Earth. The Lowrys do not want this to happen for the sake of the human race, so they try everything in their capacity to get back the powerful talismans.

Another exciting book of the series is called ‘Octagon Magic’. This novel was also released in 2005 by the Starscape publication, after it was first published in 1967. The primary characters of this story include Jimmy Purvis, Lorrie Mallard, Stan Wormiski, Miss Ashemeade, Hallie, etc. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Lorrie Mallard is an 11 year old girl, who is moved to stay with an aunt in America after her grandmother falls ill. For Lorrie, things felt very much different in the US than in Canada, and very soon, she begins to feel homesick. She starts hating to live at her aunt’s house even more when her neighbors, Stan Wormiski and Jimmy Purvis, start teasing her. One fine day, Lorrie visits the Octagon House and is given a warm welcome by Miss Ashemeade and Hallie, her servant. Lorrie Mallard had heard from others that Miss Ashemeade was a witch and she wanted to find out the truth herself. So, she comes to her house to discover some proof. Later, Lorrie gets her hands on a dollhouse and a rocking horse, and begins unlocking some shocking secrets about the Octagon House.

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