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Publication Order of Magnificent 12 Books

The Magnificent 12 series is a popular novel series of the young adult, fantasy, adventure, and fiction genres. It is written by a highly famous American novelist named Michael Grant. This series is comprised of a total of 4 books, which were released between the years 2010 and 2013. All the books of this series revolve around the lives of several 12 year olds, who possess special powers and use them in preventing the destruction of the human race at the hands of a mean and crazy woman named Pale Queen. This dangerous woman was banned from the real world and was forced to move to the underworld around 3 thousand years back. After being in exile for such a long time, this dangerous woman returns to Earth with the sole objective of finishing the entire human population. However, a team of 12 twelve year old kids stands between the Pale Queen and her mission. This team is led by Mack MacAvoy, who is made to realize about his unexpected powers by a man called Grimluk. This strange man informs Mack MacAvoy that he is 3,000 years old and knows everything about Pale Queen. As per the look of it, it seems pretty much clear that the kids cannot provide any resistance against the evil woman. And so, humanity appears to have hardly any hopes to make it through without getting destroyed. But, Grimluk makes sure that Mack MacAvoy understands the strength of his immense powers and assemble the other 12-year olds like him to put up a fight against Pale Queen. As the series proceeds further, the readers learn that Mack and his team do not have much time left and so they must act quickly or else they will end up losing their world forever. None of them wishes to let this happen. Subsequently, when all the Magnificent Twelve are found, they join together as a team and developed their powerful skills to use against the greatest evil force the world has ever known. In doing so, they do not even care about their lives and look ready to do whatever they can in their capacity to help the cause and defeat Pale Queen in the fight. Every book of this series received great responses from the critics as well as the reviewers and readers. They praised the excellent writing skills of author Grant and motivated him to produce many more such novels.

Author Michael Grant is known to have written over 150 novels in his writing career. He has co-authored many of his novels with author K. A. Applegate, who is also his wife. Author Grant was born on July 26, 1954. During the initial few years of his life, Grant used to travel a lot, and subsequently changed numerous places of residence. He belonged to a family of military personnels in California. His parents used to take him along with them wherever they were transferred in their profession. This gave Grant a chance to live in different cities in the United States and Europe. Also, he had to change as many as ten schools across 5 different states of the U.S. While he was staying in Europe, Grant studied at 3 French schools and one each in the Azores and Italy. Over the course of his upbringing, Grant had experienced living in 50 places across 14 states. However, he currently lives in Tiburon, California. He is happily married and has 2 children. Grant’s fondness for pet animals enabled him to keep many animals in his house. Author Grant likes to mention that it was his wife who motivated him to take up writing as a career. Grant could not find any success in any other job field, in spite of trying his hand at many of them. And when his wife told him that it was high time for him to think seriously about a real job, Grant thought that he must choose a job that would provide him the freedom of moving about any time he wants and it would not force him to stay in a single place throughout. The only thing that came to his mind with such freedom was writing. Even though Grant had to struggle for some time initially, he did not lose hope and worked hard without stopping or thinking of doing something else. And eventually, he was able to produce some amazing books and stories. His books’ successes kept him going and also made him much more dedicated and determined towards his work. Grant is particularly famous for his Animorphs series and the Gone series. His wife helped him to get along with the Animorphs novels, after which he picked up pace and started working independently on his future books. Michael Grant has had several chances to develop his books into movies, but nothing positive has come out on this front so far. However, he is hopeful that the Magnificent 12 books will attract the producers and will be adapted into a film soon.

The debut book of the Magnificent 12 series written by author Michael Grant is entitled ‘The Call’. It was released by the Katherine Tegen Books publishers in the year 2010. The lead characters of this book as described by author Grant include Mack MavAvoy, Grimluk, Pale Queen, Ereskigal, etc. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Mack MacAvoy is twelve years old and suffers from mediumness. He possesses medium looks and gets medium grades in studies. Mack’s family and friends do not notice anything special in him. He seems to be phobic to many things that sometimes make him look crazy. He doesn’t think that anything good can happen to him. Then, something strange and unexpected happens that changes Mack’s life forever. A very old man, who claims to be around 3000 years old and introduces himself as Grimluk, arrives in the boys’ toilet of Mack’s school and informs him that he is a part of the Magnificent Twelve. This means that he is Magnifica, according to the ancient beliefs. Grimluk also tells him that he has to track down 11 other Magnifica like himself and build a team for battling against an evil force. Ereskigal, who is the daughter of Pale Queen, is expected to travel to Earth for causing mass destruction and it is the duty of Mack to stop her. Mack thinks that it would be too difficult for him to face Ereskigal, let alone fight her. But, Grimluk keeps him reminded of his special powers and duties, thereby motivating him to turn in a leader for the purpose of saving the mankind.

The next book in the line-up is called ‘The Trap’. It was also published by Katherine Tegen publication in 2011. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is depicted that Mack MacAvoy’s spectral mentor and guide, Grimluk, challenges him understand his responsibilities and duties, and act accordingly. He tells him to find the forgotten forces, the old ones, learn the Vargran ways, reach to the 9 Daidu dragons, and assemble the 12. Mack must carry out all these tasks quickly and successfully because the banishment of Pale Queen is about to end in 35 says. If he has not formed the team of magnificent before her freedom, nothing else would be able to stop her from destroying the entire world. And while forming his team, Mack is required to be careful of the trap that Pale Queen has already set up for him.

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