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Publication Order of The Mavericks Books

“The Maverick”s series is a set of mystery novels by mystery, urban fantasy, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, young adult fantasy and cozy mystery author Dale Meyer. The bestselling author currently lives in British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley. While she had published multiple works in nonfiction, it is fiction that she says is her true love. For more than a decade, she has been writing about single motherhood but still finds the time to write several fiction manuscripts every year. As a fiction author, she is known for stories with paranormal suspense mysteries, and romance elements. Mayer has recently gotten into urban fantasy and mystery novels for young adults and occasionally throws in the odd vampire novel. Her romantic comedies keeps her readers giggling, the thrillers keep them guessing, while the romances are full of emotion and raw passion. She also writes genre bending fiction if she can get the story right. She has also written nonfiction on diverse topics such as the US mortgage system, companion gardening and resume writing. “Kerrick,” the debut novel of “The Mavericks” series was first published in 2020.

“The Mavericks” series by Dale Mayer follows the times of men trained to make tough decisions. These men then come up against the regulations and rules that make it impossible for them to do their job. They will have to either walk away or work within the constraints given to them. They have always used their skills to put away the bad guys, save lives and fight their demons while working to heal broken spirits and bodies. They now find themselves going against the rigid ways the military used to solve problems and find it difficult to accept those methods. The men who give the orders do not go into the field yet make decisions without understanding the conditions on the ground. For the Mavericks, it is all about short term assignments that usually involve boots on the ground. Two SEALS in the field supported by a contact working via chat offers the Intel and supplies including the security videos, food, vehicles, and weapons. A Maverick is usually charged with getting in, completing the assignment and getting out leaving behind no evidence that anyone had ever been at the location.

In “Kerrick,” the debut novel of the series, the lead is approached by a friend a few weeks before he is set to leave the SEALS. He informs him of a onetime mission that has to be conducted by a two man team on the ground. They need to find and rescue Amanda Berg, a kidnapped scientist who has made some ground breaking discoveries in her research on cancer. It is not going to be an easy task given that the persons charged with watching over her had lost her trail. The kidnapped scientist had woken up in a cell and since she had no watch, there was no way of knowing what day or time it was. She thought it would be about a day since she was taken and knew there had to be people searching for her and hoped they would find her fast enough. She had heard someone weeping and knew she was not the only one that was taken prisoner. Kerick systematically follows the trail from the ferry where she was last seen and hopes for the best. In the meantime, Amanda has been listening and had picked up Morse code from a prisoner in the floor above her cell. She is now determined to break both of them out of their captivity. Meanwhile, Kerrick has found the location where they are getting held but it seems the rescue part is the easy one. Getting away is what is going to be very difficult.

In “Griffin,” the second novel of “The Mavericks” series of novels the lead is Griffin Thomas. He is a highly rated SEAL but wants out to find a new direction. He has been chosen as the man to help ex Navy SEAL Kerrick in a black ops operation. They had managed to rescue a cancer research scientist but now have to conduct another risky rescue. This time he was to work with a SEAL named Jax while Kerrick was to be the liaison and supplies coordinator that would get them anything they needed on the field. The kidnapped party was eleven year old Amelia Rose the daughter of wealthy newspaper mogul Gerard Whitaker. She had been taken while on vacation in Thailand with her nurse and tutor Lorelei James that happens to be an old family employee. The three had been kidnapped and the nurse was murdered right in front of them as a warning of what would happen to them if they failed to cooperate. Gerard is a well connected man and got someone in the MI6 to help him. It was this contact that got the Mavericks involved trying to rescue the kidnapped child. But it is two men against a huge and determined army of kidnappers.

“Jax” the third novel of the series is the story of former SEAL Jax Darium. He had proven himself in the previous outing and is now on his own mission with Beau an ex SEAL with Griffin working communications. He needs to rescue Dr. Abigail Dalton who is on a ship that has been commandeered by pirates. The pirates intend to take her to Dubai where she is to treat the son of a rich Saudi businessman that is suffering from stomach cancer. The kidnapped doctor is a stem cell treatment and research specialist and they hope she can help treat the boy. It is a dangerous mission that will involve scuba diving and boarding a ship full of pirates. The search for the taken scientist will also not be easy. There is also another twist when the American doctor that had diagnosed the Saudi’s patient is found on the ship. Abby also throws another curve ball at them by insisting on treating the sick boy. Jax, Beau and the agency now get to work together to ensure her safety while she works on the very delicate condition even as she is stalked.

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