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Publication Order of The Miles High Club Books

T.L. Swan is a published Australian author.

She is a best-selling author whose books have taken her to the tops of charts in publications and hubs such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Amazon. Swan has sold millions of books and are so popular that they have been translated into twenty languages. They have also reached number one on Amazon in not just the United States but Australia, Germany, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Swan is busy writing screenplays for a few of her book titles that will hopefully be adapted.

The author is married and shares three children with her husband. The family lives in Sydney, Australia. Swan says that she is living out her own version of happily ever after with someone that she calls ‘her first true love’.

She is also a psychology student and works for the Australian Schizophrenia Fellowship. She had wanted to write for a long time but was always allowing life to stand in her way. She was either too tired or busy or uncertain of her own ability and talent. One year, she at last decided it was time to start and she got busy writing. She says that she is grateful that she did and is now addicted to writing. She enjoys pulling the sexy stories that she thinks of from her head and bringing them to life with intriguing, beautiful characters.

Swan states that her goal is to write love stories that are not only romantic but steamy and tender that stay with the reader for long after they finish reading the book.

The Stopover is the first book in The Miles High Club series by T.L. Swan. One night of intense love will not stay as just a memory in this steamy romance from a top-selling romance author.

Main character Emily Foster is on a routine flight going from London back to New York when she gets the pleasant surprise of being upgraded to first class. Everything there is just as people have heard about it being in the movies or from friends. Champagne is provided, and the food and the service is wonderful.

Emily notices a man sitting next to her in first class and they introduce themselves. He has the most stunning and piercing blue eyes and as it turns out, he’s very smart and suave too. His name is Jim, and as they chat, they talk about a number of things and laugh along the way. Their chemistry is so natural, and it’s clear that something between the two of them was clicking.

The plane gets grounded out of nowhere, and it seems like fate that they have an unplanned stopover that lasts the night. With nothing to do and no plans, Emily and Jimi decide to make their own. The two spend their time together in Boston, dancing and laughing and just having a good time. Of course, that ends up leading to the two of them having a night of intense passion together that no one would forget anytime soon.

That was a year ago, and Emily never heard from Jim again. Until she suddenly does, and it’s not for the reasons that she expects, like him reaching out to her out of the blue to chat more. She begins a new job and meets the CEO in the process. Much to her surprise, that person is the same Jim that she hooked up with in Boston.

She was shocked to see those same blue eyes light up with happiness when he finally saw that it was her from across his desk. However, she’s not the same girl that she was twelve months ago, able to drop things on a whim. Things in her life have shifted, and she’s not the same carefree young woman that she was. She has responsibilities to deal with.

Then she receives an email where the boss asks her to see him in his office at eight in the morning sharp for a private meeting just the two of them. Emily’s mind starts racing with the possibilities of what he could want. Does the blue-eyed CEO want to have a real meeting about work, or is this about something more?

They never really talked after that one whirlwind night, and Emily is curious to see what he’s after. Just what type of private meeting is he imagining? And is she ready for something to start up again, or will she turn the handsome CEO down? Get a copy of The Stopover to find out!

The Takeover is the second novel in The Miles High Club series by T.L. Swan. The best-selling author has done it again with another romantic and steamy novel in the romance series. In this one, main character Claire Anderson meets Tristan Miles, a man that is rich, sexy, and becomes her enemy. But there’s a fine line between love and hate, and in this case, hate feels so good for Claire.

She first meets Tristan at a meeting and has every reason to detest him. As it turns out, he was in the middle of attempting to take over the company of Claire’s late husband. Her first impression of him is that he’s arrogant, knows he is powerful, and is upsettingly attractive. Still, she hates him with nearly every fiber of her being.

So she’s especially surprised when he gets in touch with her three days later, calling her to ask her out on a date. She thinks about it, knowing that she would rather do any number of things than go out with him. Though her ego is stoked, she makes the choice to turn him down, which makes her day.

Claire thinks that is the last of it. Then she’s in France six months later at a conference when who should be the guest speaker but Tristan? She still finds him arrogant but has to admit that he is fairly charming and witty. Then the surprise of her life happens when he looks at her directly– and she gets butterflies in her stomach.

But regardless of how she suddenly feels, she knows that she can’t ever pursue something. She knows that he’s just a player in a suit at the end of the day, and she is a single mother, a widow, and raising three sons. The only thing that she wants is for the conference to end. She’s fairly certain that Tristan gets what he desires, and in this case, it’s her. Will they get together at last? Read this book to find out!

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