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The Night World Books In Order

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Publication Order of Night World Books

L.J Smith, also known as Lisa Jane Smith is an award winning writer who has mastered her work and won over many people. She has published many novels touching on horror, fantasy and romance. Born on September 4, 1958, in Fort Lauderdale in Florida to Glenn Smith and Kathryn Check. She was raised in Anaheim in California but later relocated to England before settling into college. She has received numerous degrees from various universities. She has majored in psychology English and education.

Before taking a full time writing career, she worked as a special education and a kindergarten teacher.

Her first publication was Night of the Solstice, which she wrote and got published by Macmillan in 1987 while still in school. In 1990, she published Heart of Valor but the two books never performed well. The year 1990 was her breakthrough when she published the Vampire diaries which has been an ultimate success. Since then she has proceeded to write many series, including the Forbidden Game,
Secret Circle, The Night World and The Dark Visions.

Night World and the Main Characters

The Night World Series opens up a world possible with unseen creatures and people living amongst us. The10 novels in the series include Secret Vampire, Daughters of Darkness, Spellbinder, Dark Angel, The Chosen, Soulmate, Huntress, Jez and Morgead’s Night Out, Black Dawn, Ash and Mary-Lynnette, Those Who Favor Fire, and Witch light. The 10th novel of the series; Strange Night, is yet to be published.

The Night World series features vampires, werewolves and witches live among human beings undetected. Each volume for each series features a new protagonist, mostly a girl in her teens who should go through different challenges such as finding love. From the first to the 6th novel, the protagonist has to discover her soulmate, but the process is filled with dangers. The 7th book in the slightly differs from the above because it introduces the concept of untold event that would eventually destroy the world. She focuses much on people looking for super powers that have been placed in ancient prophecy that will save or assist in destroying the world.

Major Characters-Vampires.

Throughout the Night World series, her focus is on vampires. However, her type of vampires is different from the traditional concept of vampires. In these series, she introduces two types of vampires the lamia and the made vampires. According to her, lamia vampires grow just as normal humans, have children, eat and age but they can stop the process of aging whenever they feel like. The made vampires on the other end are the types of vampires who have developed into vampires by coming into contact with blood from the lamia vampires. The first vampire in existence is Maya who was previously a witch and through her powers she transformed herself into a vampire by drinking infant blood. Able to shapeshift, she also possesses many powers unlike those of her descendants because her blood is not diluted.

Ash Redfern is one of the leading characters in the series. He is the son of Redfern whose mother was Maya, a great witch and a vampire. He has blond air and has ever changing eyes, which he inherited from his father. Depending on his moods he can change his eyes to what he wants. He is, rude and arrogant and prefers to kill humans for the sheer fun. He is also lazy and selfish, although all that changes when he meets Mary- Lynette. It is from the shared love with her that transforms his life. At the end of the book, he leaves in order to make up for his previous mistakes, but intends to return to her later.

Two early books.

The secret vampire

This is the first of the series and features a girl named Poppy North, who has pancreatic cancer, which is in its later stages. To her rescue is James Rasmussen who happens to be her friend. He is a vampire and her life partner too but no one knows it and he sets to look for a solution to her problem. He understands that a small percent of those suffering from the disease make a full recovery. The best option to tackle the issue forces him to make her a vampire. Ash is James’ cousin, but he kidnaps Poppy with a mission to present her to the Night World leader. He takes her to Las Vegas, with a mission to proof that she is not a genuine vampire. However, James comes to her rescue and Poppy now demands to know everything about operations of Night World group. Despite not knowing their source of their magic powers, Poppy and James set to find her father who they believe would be of great help.

Daughters of the Darkness

In this novel there are three sisters named Kestrel Jade and Rowan. They succeed in escaping from their home to stay with an aunt who lives in a farm far away. However events have a nasty turn when they realize that the aunt has been murdered and their brother Ash is on their trail. His mission is to take them back home or else kill them. During that time the girls and their brother meet their next door neighbours, the Carters. Despite his hate for humans, Ash discovers that the Mary Lynnette Carter is his life partner and he falls in love with her. He however can’t hide his love to her and he later confesses to her.

At the end Jeremy, a friend to Mary-Lynette and who is also a werewolf, attempts to murder Kestrel, Ash, Rowan and Jade. He accuses them of hunting within his territories but intends to convert her to a werewolf. Using a dagger made of silver and fire, Mary-Lynette kills Jeremy. This forces Ash to leave so that the events leading to the murder may never be known.. Ash’s sisters remain in the farm while he goes away although Mary-Lynette lingers for his return. This gives her time to reflect on their affair and if she would give in to the prospect of being turned to a vampire.

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