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Publication Order of Night Books

The Night Caller (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Watcher (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Night Spider / Night Victims (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fear the Night (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chill of Night (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Night series is a famous book series of thriller, fiction, horror, mystery, and suspense novels. It is written by a bestselling novelist from the United States named John Lutz. This series is comprised of 6 books in total, which were released between the years 2001 and 2006. Author Lutz has mentioned different lead characters in each of the books of this series. The settings of all the books are mostly done in New York. Also, the primary characters are generally shown as detectives working for the NYPD. As the stories begin, the detectives get involved in a suspenseful and mysterious case and then as the plots proceed further, they race against time to catch the culprit and unravel the mysteries. The fourth novel of the series, Darker Than Night, is also the debut novel of another popular novel series written by John Lutz, the Frank Quinn series. The books have successfully reached out to a vast number of readers all across the globe. Numerous readers and critics have liked the plot descriptions and character depictions done by author Lutz and have given rave reviews. This helped the books to become even more popular, and thereby, increased the popularity of author Lutz to a new height. Multiple novels of this series have been nominated for prestigious literary awards, including the Edgar Award. Author Lutz started writing the Night series in 2001 and concluded it with the 2006 book called Chill of Night.

John Lutz is an award winning writer from America, who is fond of writing mystery, horror, suspense, and thriller novels. He has written a number of mystery series over the course of his writing career. Author Lutz is particularly famous for writing the Frank Quinn, Fred Carver, Alo Nudger, and Night series. In addition to the novel series, Lutz has also penned several stand-alone books and some short stories. John Lutz has won the Shamus Award on two occasions and the Edgar Award once. His book titled Single White Female was adapted into a movie in 1992. The lead role in this movie was played by actress Bridget Fonda. The career of author Lutz also includes writing stories for the jigsaw puzzles. One of his books, Tropical Heat, was nominated for an Anthony Award in 1987 in the category of the Best Novel. Also, The Night Watcher was a finalist for the Edgar Award in 2003. Lutz’s 1996 novel, The Ex, was made into a Hollywood film of the same name in the following year. For writing some of his stand-alone novels, author Lutz had to collaborate with other writers, which include Steven Greene and David August. Author Lutz was born on September 11, 1939, in Dallas, Texas, United States. He says that he knew from a very young age that he wanted to become an author after growing up. Consequently, he started developing his interest in reading and writing. The stories that attracted his intention were the successful mysteries during his teenage days. As of now, author Lutz resides in St. Louis, Missouri. He is happily married and lives with his beloved wife Barbara. The two keeping moving between their homes in St. Louis and Sarasota. Besides spending his time in writing novels, author Lutz likes to read, follow baseball games on television, watch movies, spend time with friends, and play outdoor games. Since writing his first story in 1996, author Lutz has published novels at regular intervals. Overall, he has written some 40 novels and more than 200 short-stories. Apart from mystery, Lutz’s work also includes stories in the urban suspense, political suspense, humor, private eye, espionage, police procedural, historical fiction, thriller, occult, crime fiction, futuristic, and amateur detective genres. Most of his works are acknowledged and read far & wide, and have also been translated into multiple foreign languages. Author Lutz has held the presidentship post of the MWA and Private Eye Writers. With his hard work and dedication, Lutz has managed to establish himself as a prolific writer. Whenever a popular work of mystery come out in the market, they are often compared with the works of John Lutz. Lutz states that this itself is a big achievement for him.

The debut book of the Night series written by author John Lutz is entitled ‘The Night Caller’. It was released by the Pinnacle publishing in the year 2001. The chief characters introduced in the book include Ezekiel Cooper and Cara Callahan. At the start of this book’s story, it is shown that Ezekiel Cooper discovers the dead body of his daughter in a beachfront bungalow and becomes devasted. He vows to search and kill the murderer at any cost. Ezekiel, who is an ex- NYPD detective, comes to know that a few other women in the city have become the victims of the same serial murderer. When he collects information about the poor victims from Seattle, Queens, and Sarasota, Ezekiel Cooper discover that they do not have anything in common and might have been randomly picked by the killer. Determined to unmask the serial killer, Ezekiel crosses paths with another family member of a victim, Cara Callahan. Cara tries to work out a way to lure her sister’s murderer by stepping into the shoes of her sister. Ezekiel Cooper warns her that this step is dangerous for her own life and can land her in trouble. But, Cara doesn’t listen to him. Later, it turns out that the killer is watching each and every move of Cara and is looking to kill her too. Ezekiel does everything possible to prevent her from getting killed at the hands of the psycho killer. He hatches a plan to make him come out in the open and catch him red-handed.

Another interesting book written in the series is entitled ‘The Night Watcher’. This book was also published by Pinnacle publishers in 2003. The central characters depicted by Lutz in this story include Rica Lopez and Ben Stack. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that the wealthy people of Manhattan are getting killed one by one by a brutal murderer. Their dead bodies are found in luxurious apartments of high rise buildings all over the city. When NYPD detectives Rica Lopez & Ben Stack take over the case they realize that they are up against a very cunning killer. They begin their investigation from scratch and try to link the victims with whatever evidences they discover from the crime scenes. But, they don’t seem to have any idea that the killer is keeping a close watch on all their moves. The killer plays his game very smartly and always remains a step ahead of the detectives. Later, Rica and Ben succeed in finding a pattern in the killer’s acts. They find that the killer does not choose the victims randomly, and his acts appear to be that of retribution. When the killer feels that the detectives have come too close to catch him, he tries to kill them too. But, they manage to stay alive and end his deadly game.

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