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The Nightshade Guild Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Nightshade Guild Books

Cassidy K. O’Connor is a published author and a contributor to the Nightshade Guild series. She was born in Florida, where she grew up. She loves traveling but always knows that her roots are in the Sunshine State. She got married to her sweetheart from high school. Today she and her husband share three children and a rescue dog.

Cassidy is a fan of anything related to Ireland and has visited there not once but twice. She would love to go through the country traveling and seeing a game of baseball in every single MLB stadium there is. She likes writing stories that have strong female characters that are independent and have men after them that are equally as strong.

Gracen Miller is a published author and contributed to the Nightshade Guild series by writing its second novel, Mage You Blink. She’s Southern and grew up in a small town in Alabama that was located half an hour from the state line of Florida. She jokes that she is a Southern princess. She admits that she does often say ‘y’all’ and ‘dawg’. She describes herself as a wallflower when meeting people for the first time and awkward when in public.

Abigail Kade is a published author that wrote the third book in the Nightshade Guild series, titled Mage You Look. She is married to her husband and they have two children together, as well as pet cats and a dog. He was her sweetheart from high school and is the reason why she believes in true love! He supports her when it comes to her writing, even if it is all about romance, love and men. She always wanted to be a writer and now she is, spending time writing about wonderful fictional characters and dreaming.

The Nightshade Guild is a fictional series of novels composed by various authors. The series first began with the release of the first novel of the series, Mated to a Mage, in 2021. The series continued with Mage You Blink, Mage You Look, and so on. There are a total of twelve books in this fantasy inspired series so get started with the first one and see what you think if you are a fan of fantasy or creative stories!

Mated to a Mage is the first novel in the Nightshade Guild series and was written by Cassidy K. O’Connor. If you love fantasy or are looking for something new, check this book out!

The Elven Court is disrupted when an assassination occurs. Princess Ameria is a princess as well as an orphan. The Nightshade Guild has been given the responsibility of looking after the Princess by the Elven Court. They must look for assassins and tend to the Kingdom, which needs stabilizing after all of this chaos.

Twelve mages have taken an oath that they will protect Ameria. Meanwhile, Isla Ryan doesn’t want her first shift since she’s not all too familiar or fond of babies. But when the rest of the people hear that the Elven Kingdom is not as strong as of late, they will surely come out of the woodwork in an attempt to try and take the orphan for themselves.

Meanwhile, character Killian Stewart came to Ireland to try and get a new start. He wants nothing more than to get over the intense PTSD he has suffered after going through his three different tours of duty. Now he needs to get over the nerves and the side effects and the flashbacks and sit in peace, that’s what he believes.

But instead of peace on the Cliffs he is running from new creatures along with a new friend that thinks supernatural things are actually real and a baby that’s able to change the weather and have water come down from the sky. Can they keep the Princess safe and stay ahead of those gruesome creatures that are after them? Read this book to find out!

Mage You Blink is the second novel in the Nightshade Guild series and was written by Gracen Miller. If you liked the first book, check this one out too!

The news of an assassination was surprising to Nicoletta Dean. Her life was normally boring, but preparing to protect this baby princess as one of the dozen mages assigned to it is her job. She was used to boredom and now this fight is upon her. She specializes in illusions but she also knows runes. She doesn’t trust anyone as they could belong to the rebellion. She’ll take care of a baby if she has to and will be the best at it.

Then there’s Marik. He knows the mages have been assigned for the baby’s protection, which was a good choice, but may not end up being enough in the end with assassins after them. The royally-born elf wants nothing more than to provide a defense and safety to his infant cousin. Nicoletta, however, doesn’t trust the elf farther than she can throw him. But she needs him to help her and he won’t back down, so they team up.

Ameria is now known to be an orphan. Vampire Stetson wants to prove to Nic that he’s loyal and win her over once more. Can these characters save the world and a princess too? Read this book to find out!

Mage You Look is the third novel in the Nightshade Guild series and was written by Abigail Kade. What do a delivery guy, Mage, and infant queen have in common? They’re hiding out in the mountains in a cabin together from the paranormal and the rest of the things in the world.

Finnegan Padrick is a mage and a grumpy one, but has to protect the Elvin Princess and now Queen after she’s orphaned and her parents are assassinated. He’s lost, though, and doesn’t know much about babies. The half-fae mage needs to get on board pronto, and tune out the chattering delivery guy Henry while he’s at it.

But how well does he know Henry? And will other foes like shifters be a threat to the Queen? Read this action-packed book to find out!

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