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Publication Order of The Olympus Pride Books

When He's Dark (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
When He's An Alpha (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
When He's Sinful (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
When He´s Ruthless (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
When He’s Torn (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
When He Dares (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Olympus Pride” series is a set of novels by Suzanne Wright, the bestselling author of general romance and paranormal romance novels. Wright makes her home in England where she lives with her husband and their children.

Writing is something that she always loved to do and for the longest time, she would always be found writing something whether it was scripts, stories, lyrics, or poems. Still, she is unlike other authors who feel called to write as it was simply what she loved to do.
For Wright, it has always felt like a compulsion as she often gets restless if she goes a full day without writing something into a notebook or typing into a word processor on her computer.

Suzanne published “When He’s Dark,” the debut novel of “The Olympus Pride” series of novels in 2020. She now has at least five titles in the series. Over the years, she has developed a reputation for penning novels featuring humor, alpha males, strong women, sarcasm dirty talk, and a happily-ever-after ending.

When she is not writing, she can usually be found reading, doing housework, or spending time with her family.

“The Olympus Pride” series is a spin-off of the “Mercury Pack” and “Phoenix Pack” series of novels. “The Olympus Pride” is made up of some extremely dangerous Pallas cat shifters despite the chubby little hose cat-like appearance.

They are known for their sudden attacks that usually target the head and face. They usually bite and scratch and will not let go until they shred cartilage, hair, and flesh.

Apart from the Pallas cats, there are also some wolverine shifters and some loners that are associate members of the Olympus Pride.

The wolverines tend to be a lot more dangerous than the Pallas cats and are known to be as tough and nails. They have some sharp and long claws they usually use to shred flesh and can chew through bone and cartilage using their strong teeth.

The romance stories in “The Olympus Pride” series are usually between the feisty shifter women and the alpha male shifters who get into some delicious romance moments.

Suzanne writes some compelling romance fiction with bossy, growly, and big males paired up with feisty wolverines or loner shifters that can give as good as they can get.

“When He’s Dark” the debut novel of “The Olympus Pride” is the story of Bree Dwyer, the cat shifter, and Aleksandr a wolverine shifter. Bree is a cat shifter who is not afraid of anything but the person that was created just for her.

Her supposed true mate was a twisted and cruel man and never looked like the type of man that would ever claim her or love her like she believes she deserves. Soon enough, she begins hearing rumors that her true mate could be dead and she could not have been more relieved.

She now intends to move on with her life and build a future with another person. However, the male she wants most is her boss Aleksandr Deveraux, a wolverine shifter who is as hot as sin and the cousin to the supposed dead mate.

There is nothing Alex hates more than being bullshitted but for years, he has been lying to himself and has always pretended that he thought of Bree as part of his extended family. He pretends he does not want her, but deep inside he is aching.

Day by day, he is weakening against her pull and once they spend one night together, everything changes. He can no longer fight himself but there is someone playing mind games with Bree who is also not happy about their new relationship. The culprit could just be the man she once thought was dead.

The second novel of the “Olympus Pride” series of novels by Suzanne Wright is “When He’s an Alpha.” Havana Ramos knew that the one rule of shallow flings is to avoid getting attached but she still broke it.

She does not know what it is but she has an intense attraction toward Tate Devereaux the self-assured, compelling, and assertive alpha cat shifter that is an expert at pushing her buttons.

She had recently overheard a conversation between Tate and her friend and now knows that the man is only interested in her for a fling. But this is not big news since he had once told her so himself.

If she wants to avoid heartache, she needs to put a stop to the fledgling relationship they have. She thinks Tate will not care or do anything only to find out that he cares a lot.

Tate Devereaux is a newly appointed alpha who has never cared when women walked away from him. He is often like a distrustful cat who is always withdrawing from relationships with no notice.

But when Havana tells him that their relationship is over, he cannot take it. As they work together to crush a looming threat over her, Havana tries her best to hold him at arm’s length.

“When He’s Sinful,” the third novel of “The Olympus Pride” series of novels is the story of Aspen Montgomery and Camden Priest.

She had been a nine-year-old girl when she became friends with a boy with dark urges and dead eyes named Camden. They had been inseparable since then but she never expected that she would have a huge crush on him that would never pass.

She also never thought that she would one day crave the thought of claiming him as her mate. Camden sees her as a friend and so she knows she will never be his mate. She decides that it is time to make some much-needed changes including establishing boundaries which would have been easy if only the man did not fight against it.

Aspen is the only person Priest cares about as she is his conscience, his anchor, his best friend, and the only reason he is sane. But there is one thing he has kept from her for years, he wants more than friendship from her.

He had believed that she did not feel the same and had then put a chokehold on his emotions for her. However, when someone claims to be her true mate and begins to close in on her he knows he has to do something.

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