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Publication Order of The Other Realm Books

Glimmer of the Other (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Glimmer of Hope (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Glimmer of Death (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Glimmer of Deception (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Other Realm - (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Glimmer of Dragons (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Glimmer of Christmas (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Challenge of the Court (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Betrayal of the Court (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Revival of the Court (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Other Realm” series is a set of novels by Heather G. Harris who is best known as a bestselling urban fantasy fiction author and mother.

She was born and brought up near Windsor and for a long time she had the misguided impression that she had something to do with royalty.

However, she has no relation with the royal family and the closest she ever got was when she received a letter from the lady in waiting for the Queen.
When she was in her teenage years, she went to Liverpool for college, which is where she met her future husband and developed a passion for skydiving.
Harris published “Glimmer of the Other” her debut work of fiction and the first of the “Other Realm” series of novels in 2021.

When she is not running around the house with her children, she can usually be found plotting her next novel and dreaming about kickass heroines, dragons, and vampires.
She also loves to travel and at some point spent a month in Thailand where she developed a love for Thai food.

Outside of the official channels, she for the longest time referred to herself as a young mother who was given a second chance at life.

After graduating from college, Heather G. Harris became a lawyer and helped a lot of people even though she found the job too stressful.

Moreover, her bosses refused to let her work flexible hours so that she could spend some time with her kids and she did not like that one bit. During the COVID Pandemic, writing became her escape, and a year later she became a published author.
She was incredibly fortunate that her very first novels became bestsellers which allowed her to quit her job and become a full-time author.

She was inspired to pen her novels from the quick succession of deaths of her mother, her grandmother her aunt, and her uncle who all died in just a few years and resulted in the development of Jinx the lead in her Other Realm series.
In the writing world, she is inspired by Anne McCaffrey who she used to read as a child, and Helen Harper who she thinks is the best urban fantasy author ever.

The “Other Realm” series of novels by Heather G. Harris is an intriguing urban fantasy fiction series featuring mystery and magic and budding love with each subsequent installment.
The lead in the series is a woman named Jinx who is a superdetective that has deductive powers close to that of a lie detector.

In each installment, she tries to figure out mysterious cases, even as she works on trying to find the man that killed her parents. She also needs to find out if she is ready to be in love with Stone.
At some point during her first investigation, she met Stone and he is the man that introduces her to the magical world.

As such, we get insights into her world of investigation, even as she learns and acquires magical powers which prove very difficult to harness.
Over the course of the series, we are introduced to many more characters and see the lead character develop in interesting ways.
We also get many clues that may just lead us to the person responsible for killing Jinx’s parents.

Jinx is a private investigator who can tell when someone is lying every single time. Being a talking and walking lie detector has its perks but it does not make her job any easier as she has yet to track down the people that murdered her parents.
When she is hired on the case of a university student that had gone missing, she hopes that she will find her drinking at the bar, but something tells her that there is more to it that a wild girl.
The first thing about the girl is that she is known as a bookish person that would be highly unlike to go off the rails. Another thing is that she is also being tracked by Stone, a very sexy and implacable inspector.
Jinx teams up with Stone and he introduces her to a magical realm full of trolls, dragons, werewolves, and vampires.

She learns that she has skills far above just detecting lies and her dog is a hellhound who has the capacity to manipulate the magical realms.

But she still needs to resolve the mystery of the missing girl and her parent’s death and find out more about Zachary Stone, the mysterious inspector.

“Glimmer of Hope” is the second novel of the “Other Realm” series of novels that continues to follow the life and times of private investigator Jinx.

Murder has never been her gig until she is hired to work on the case of Reggie a dryad that was killed a few weeks earlier. She takes the case because she is empathetic with his grieving widow.
Jinx thinks it should be an easy enough case to solve as it seems like a mugging gone wrong. However, the murder scene photographs indicate there could have been something else.

The murder has a lot of similarities to the murder of her parents and this gets her even more interested in resolving the mystery. She learns that Reggie has been involved with a drug nicknamed Boost which could either kill you or give you an orgasmic high.

As another person dies from the drug, she finds a new sidekick who will do anything to destroy the people selling the drug. Her sidekick happens to be a king who comes from the dragon community.
Jinx now needs to find the people who killed her parents, Reggie’s killer while trying to ward off Emory the charismatic dragon who will not take no for an answer.

The third novel of the “Other Realm” series of novels is “Glimmer of Death,” which follows Jinx an empath, truth seeker, and private investigator.

But even with all those powers she is not sure that she can save her best friend. Her friend is not the only one that is ill as many magical creatures from the new realm even those she believed immortal are also falling ill.
The illness has been striking in twos much like Noah’s ark were it to be infected with the plague. The first to ask for help are the mermen but it seems they are just the vanguard.
Jinx needs to work with Gato to determine where the sickness is coming from so that they can slow down its spread and if possible find an antidote.

Emory’s adoptive parents have fallen ill and she is determined to save them so that he will not feel the pain she felt when she lost hers.

It is clear the illness is not natural and she may have to make some tough choices including working with the person who killed her parents.
She has her hands full trying to find the source of the illness, the antidote while trying to understand her feelings for Emory.

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