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Publication Order of Pearl Saga Books

The Ring of Five Dragons (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Veil of a Thousand Tears (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mistress of the Pearl (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Pearl Saga” is series of novels by Eric Van Lustbader an American novelist of fantasy and thriller novels. The first novel of the series was the 2001 published “The Ring of Five Dragons” that went on to become massively popular. The author also publishes as Eric V. Lustbader and Eric Lustbader. Eric went to the Stuyvesant High School in New York, before he proceeded to Columbia College where he graduated with a sociology degree. Van Lustbader grew up in Greenwich Village, and very early in his childhood showed interest in writing and the arts. While he has a sociology degree, he has asserted that much of his real learning was at the Country School and in the City. Before becoming a full time author Lustbader worked in the New York public school system, teaching at the early childhood and elementary levels. He later worked for CBS Records and Elektra Records and is credited with being the first American to predict the rise of Elton John. He also predicted the success of other bands and artists including The Who, David Bowie, the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Roxy Music, and Santana.

Eric Van Lustbader has written several series and freestanding novels that include “The Sunset Warrior Cycle”, “The China Maroc Series”, “The Nicholas Linnear/Ninja Cycle”, “The Jack McClure / Alli Carson Series” and even the continuation of the popular “The Bourne” series. However, he has asserted that of all his works he loves the Pearl Saga series the best. He did a lot of research for the series eventually deciding go set it in ancient Cretan society, the last of the goddess based civilizations of the Mediterranean. Similar to ancient Crete, the Kundalan society of the Pearl Saga series was once a civilization in which females and males equally shared power, before it experienced spiritual and moral breakdown. As a Tolkienist, he did most of his research on language which is a critically important part of the series. From the phrases the characters use to the places and characters names, all of it is engineered to create a connection between the reader and the stories. Nonetheless, some names of places such as Joining the Valley and Heavenly Rushing evoke Arabic and Chinese tradition of healing and acupuncture.

“The Pearl Saga” series is set in Kundala, a planet that has been dominated by a race of militaristic and aristocratic humanoids known as the V’ornn. The V’ornn has conquered the planet several centuries ago but had later been subjugated by a league of enigmatic intersexual techno mages known as the Gyrgon. The lead in the series is a man referred to as Dar Sala-at meaning redeemer. His real name is Riane, and she had been prophesied as the savior of the planet hundreds of years ago. The planet Kundala was created by five sacred dragons under the guidance of Miia the goddess. After the creation of the elemental aspects of the world, the Daemaons had been charged with shaping it. The planet become so wonderful that the daemons did not feel like leaving after they were done, that they were banished to the sorcerous void known as the Abyss. The culture of the Kundalan People is centered on worship of Miina the creator of the world and the Great Goddess. The inhabitants of the planet practice Kyofu and Osoru, some very powerful forms of sorcery. The Kundalans are all of one language though sorcerers do speak two ancient languages called Venca and the Old Tongue. The V’ornn are of a different culture as they came to the planet seeking a new home. They are nomadic space farers who operate on a caste system though they lost their religion after the death of Enlil their War God. The V’ornns despise all other people though they often have children with the Kundalans. Other peoples include the Venca speaking Druuge of the desert, the Sarakkon, and the only race to have resisted the V’ornn invasion, the Centophenni. The major quest on the novels is to find a set of items that include the Nine Banestones, The Veil of a Thousand Tears, The Pearl, and the Ring of Five Dragons.

“The Ring of Five Dragons” is an epic fantasy thriller full of excellent description, color, and action to rival the likes of Terry Goodkind and George R.R. Martin. The beginning of the novel introduces the people of Kundala that have lived for about 100 years under the technically superior and viciously domineering V’ornn race. The Kundalan people are experience a faltering in their faith as they cannot understand how Miina their goddess could let them be conquered by the godless V’ornn. The V’ornn forbid the local religion even as their leaders are in the search for the key to sorcery and the storehouse, the long-lost Ring of Five Dragons. But the Ring is misused by the Gyrgon resulting in imminent annihilation of all inhabitants of Kundala. The Kundalans can only turn to the prophecy of a Dar Sala-at who is the only man with the power of sorcery that can change things around to save the planet. But by calling up on the powerful magic, they have set in motion an epic conflict between the technological and spiritual cultures. Who has the wherewithal to stand to the end and take possession of the beautiful planet, now under threat of ruin?

“The Veil of a Thousand Tears” is the second novel of the “Pearl Saga” series of novels full of excitement and wonder. Riane the redeemer of the planet Kundala that had been promised for centuries had finally saved his world from annihilation. Together with her friends, Riane had worked hard and obtained the Ring of Five Dragons, only to find that it was just eh beginning of their tribulations. They had used The Ring to avert doomsday but the Ring had failed to open the Storehouse Door like had been told in the myths. They do not have access to one of the most powerful treasure in the sorcery world that would have been very helpful at this time. With Riane weak and dying she had Giyan her sister move the spirit of a V’ornn into her body through a spell. Doing so fulfilled the prophecy asserting that the savior would be born of two races of the cosmos. But in casting the spell, they had opened the Abyss letting loose the daemons that now threaten to wreak havoc on the planet. The only way to vanquish the fiends is to secure the Veil of A Thousand Tears, which they can then use to banish Horolaggia the archdaemon that had possessed Giyan.

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