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Publication Order of The Potentate of Atlanta Books

Shadow of Doubt (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pack of Lies (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Change of Heart (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Proof of Life (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Moment of Truth (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Badge of Honor (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Potentate of Atlanta” is a series of paranormal fiction novels by Hailey Edwards, a paranormal romance and urban fantasy author. Edwards was born in the Deep South though she has made her home in Alabama for many years. She is married to a man that works in the sheriff’s department and together they have one daughter and a black Ilex that snoozes in his recliner while she writes in her home office. Her curiosity and the need for things outside her home is what drove her love for writing and reading. She published “Shadow of Doubt,” the debut novel of the “Potentate of Atlanta” series, in 2019.

Edwards has always been a huge fan of movies such as “The Last Unicorn,” “Nausicaa,” “Flight of Dragons,” “The Hobbit” and “The Dark Crystal” which she watched as a child. These were cartoons and movies that shaped her childhood as she watched them all the time. As a child, she never for once realized that the fantasy worlds were not real and she dreamed of petting and riding a unicorn one day. She also had a crush on “Labyrinth’s Goblin King Jareth, even though her parents did as much as they could to discourage her from the obsession with the fantasy. Still, she credits those movies with triggering her imagination and love for all things fantasy. Over the years, she also started reading mystery and crime and only got into urban fantasy when she stumbled upon Karen Moning’s “Darkfever.” Her love for fantasy was rekindled as she went on a rampage reading anything fantasy she could find. The novel also made her feel that she could write a fiction novel. After glutting on paranormal and fantasy romance, she began developing ideas for her own characters and worlds and started writing. “Daughters of Askara,” her debut novel was first published in 2011.

“The Potentate of Atlanta” is a series of paranormal novels by Hailey Edwards. In the first novel of the series the lead is introduced as Hadley Whitaker, a chocoholic, killer and liar who is just getting better with the latter two. She lives in a world in which it is sometimes hard to tell fiction from fact. With the blessing of the Goddess, she hopes to become the next Potentate of Atlanta. But first she needs to play nice with a shifter named Midas Kinase with a mysterious past that may be darker than hers. In the second novel of the series, Hadley is running out of her time and she just cannot find out anything about her past. It will be impossible to protect the city with such a terrible memory. Her history also seems to be repeating itself and she may just end up with a scythe to the back. In the third novel of The Potentate of Atlanta series, the streets have become a cesspool when a new drug comes into town. Hadley gets down to work trying to find the distributor. Things only get more interesting when she gets an offer of power that she can’t refuse if she is to banish the forces of evil from her city.

“Shadow of Doubt,” the debut novel of the “Potentate of Atlanta” series by Hailey Edwards, introduces the spinoff title from the “Beginner’ Guide to Necromancy” series. Hadley intends to take over as Potentate of Atlanta, a job that had been held by Linus. But this is no ordinary job as the person who takes it up has to develop a bond with the city. Hadley has a year to learn to be effective in her new position but she does not have the super magical powers of her predecessor, even though she is not totally clueless either. The local gwyllegi that are some kind of hybrid between a werewolf and a faerie are dealing with a murder. Typically they would not ask for any help but the second in command is Midas who is next in line to become the new leader. He wants to do things in a different way and hence is partnering with the Potentate of Atlanta to try to solve the murder. He quickly senses that there is something intriguing and familiar about Hadley but cannot place it. He decides to send a junior member of his pack on the investigation of the case and unwittingly creates a love triangle.

In “Pack of Lies,” the second novel of “The Potentate of Atlanta” series, Hadley is growing even closer to Midas even as she slowly builds a crew. She is also learning how to become a Potentate. But Hadley is wracked with guilt over what she had started back home in Savanna. Much of what she does is now colored by that guilt even as she deals with long term abuse that had been visited on her when she was a child. The combination of all these things makes her a ticking time bomb. She also does not like opening up about her secrets to anyone she is not close to. Hadley knows that if some of her secrets got out, everything she had been working on for years could be destroyed in an instant. This is the worst case scenario she has always dreaded and lived in fear that it would one day come to pass. She loves Midas but thinks the best way to protect the city and her secrets is to keep her secrets to herself. Luckily, Midas also has his own secrets that he is not ready to share yet.

“Change of Heart” the third novel of the series sees Midas and Hadley enjoying their newfound courtship. Midas is yet to tell her that he is her mate even as his mother keeps pressuring him to bring her home for dinner. Meanwhile, there’s a new drug out on the street that has been found to have a very different effect on the paranormals. A naked Gwyllgi Alpha has been on the rampage in the city and it is up to Hadley to stop him. Some teens also went missing and a few were later found dead. Hadley believes some coven is working some rituals and gets the confirmation when she gets invited to join them in their nefarious agenda. In the middle of all that she has to deal with, her secrets may just come out after all leaving the lovebirds devastated and their promising beginning in danger of total ruin.

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