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The Power of Five/Gatekeepers Books In Order

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Publication Order of Power Of Five/The Gatekeepers Books

Publication Order of Power Of Five/The Gatekeepers Graphic Novel Books

By: Anthony Horowitz, Tony Lee

Anthony Horowitz developed his writing skills at an early age. He has written numerous successful books over the years key among them is the famous sci-fi.The Gatekeepers among other notable reads. He is a celebrated award-winning author and a New York Times bestselling writer revered for writing books such as the Foyle’s War, Collision and a creative writer for television networks. Anthony is a patron of the East Anglia Children’s Hospices. In this review, we shall look into Horowitz’s most read books in the Gate Keepers book series.

Raven’s Gate #1 The Gatekeepers
Matt Freeman is a fourteen-year-old teen who’s managed to attract complicated problems at his young age. Orphaned and in a lot of trouble, Matt and his friend Kalvin decide to loot a nearby warehouse, but their plans do not succeed when they get caught right in the middle of the theft. To make matters worse, the guard on duty is murdered by unknown individuals and the blame lies squarely on the reckless teens. Matt gets arrested in a juvenile system, (LEAF) that houses hostile kids in England. While staying at the foster home, Matt experiences horrendous torture sessions under an evil witch who relishes tormenting the young lad.

Unfortunately, everyone Matt encounters ends up dead. In his desperate quest to search for Raven’s Gate, Matt faces numerous challenges, but thankfully, he has special psychic powers that may prove invaluable in locating the mystery. The evil witch, Jayne Deverill poses more danger than any of the combined juveniles in Lesser Malling or any other incarceration house. This book combines some of the most potent brutal acts, and strange magic ever seen in this millennium. It contains sci-fi creativity with modern day controls. Matt encounters more frenemies whom he’s not sure whether to trust or to snob. But Richard Cole, a journalist proves useful as he saves the protagonist’s life, who equally comes through for him in his time of need. Nexus global group watches in the background, coming forward at the last hour of need.

Regardless of the small victories, Matt feels odd at Lesser Malling’s; he’s the only one that can stop the menace about to take place. Out of the five teens at Ravens Gate, only a few can save the world while the others seek answers to what lies therein. The best part of this book series is the character selection. All the characters in the book portrayed flawless and surreal characters that brought the entire book alive and exciting. They’re not afraid to show their strengths and vulnerabilities. The whole story is a fast-paced unforgettable thriller! With that said, the Raven’s Gate is an exceptional book, which features full of life characters and some exceptional world building.

Evil Star #2 The Gatekeepers
Matt has made up his mind to settle down like an average human, leaving behind the unjust wars and death charades but the Nexus group hears none of it. They want him to carry on fighting as an adult, in fact, they’re forcing him to stay back and fight against his will. The truth is that they still need his skills since they recently discovered an ancient scroll containing crucial information that could benefit both sides of this narrative. They desperately require some assistance because the old diary has secrets that could be useful to both camps. The one that found it has no connections to the current feud between Matt and his enemies. Matt takes off to meet with one of his allies, Morton, but while there, Morton is murdered, and the secret scroll goes missing, most undoubtedly stolen by the rival group.

Credible sources reveal that the enemy could be hiding in South America, Matt, and his team waste no time traveling over there to fetch the scroll. The first suspect on the list is Diego Salamanda, a powerful persona in South America. He is the equivalent of the famous Cali KGB brothers in Columbia back in the day. Diego controls the police and almost every other private business in the region. He is untouchable, invincible and dangerous. Determined to get back the diary containing vital information, Matt and Richard are equal to the task. They travel incognito, with fake ids and passports to thwart attention from the corrupted system. Unfortunately, Diego’s henchmen track them down and kidnap Richard, leaving Matt all alone with nowhere to stay.

Matt meets Pedro, a homeless boy who tries to help him. He soon realizes that Pedro is one of the five and their powers grow stronger than ever, they have a better chance of recovering the lost scroll and prevent the gates from opening. This edition was filled with intense suspense and had more action as it intensified the search for the lost diary. Though the ending felt like abandonment, with so many questions left unanswered, let’s hope the next book starts on a high note. It’s a must read!

Nightrise #3 The Gatekeepers
The action moves to Nevada, this time to entertain guests at a casino, where Jamie and Scott Tyler carry out psychological acts of mindreading to uninterested audiences. Suddenly two unknown men kidnap Scott and compromise Jamie on a murder scene. Jamie quickly plans an escape and takes off with help from a powerful politician in search of his son Danny. Together they learn that kids with special abilities have been kidnapped and murdered, with substantial evidence pointing out to the Night rise Corporation. Time is running out, and Jamie must find Scott in the most likely places though dangerous, the into a youth detention center belonging to the enemy’s camp – Night rise.

Nightrise is an incredible read, packed with fierce fights and death-defying situations. There’s a substantial political background of events, with Trelawney’s Presidential operation expected to draw wry exciting remarks from political enthusiasts. Horowitz tactically includes real-life scenes to expose the current political setting of the day. The teenagers showcase their prowess by overcoming some stressful situations and going out of their way to protect or defend one of their own. Quite a detailed and enjoyable read, I recommend the three books as we anticipate more drama in the next editions.

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