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Publication Order of The Princess Trials Books

The Princess Trials (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Princess Games (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Princess Crown (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Princess Purge (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Princess Strike (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Princess Trials” are a series of young adult fantasy novels by bestselling fantasy novelist Cordelia Castel. Cordelia is a huge lover of reading and writing and often spends much of her free time in fantasy worlds. She loves it as she can often do anything from riding atop a wild dragon to wearing glass slippers. She is known for writing novels that come with brave heroines that take out the villain using sophisticated weapons and end up rescuing the prince. “The Princess Trials” series of novels which have been described as a perfect combination of “The Selection” and “The Hunger Games” debuted with “The Princess Trials” that she first published in 2020.

“The Princess Trials” series of novels opens at a time when it is time for the land to hold the “Princess Trials” given that the prince had come of age. The games are the most direct way for commoners such as Zea May Calico to climb through the ranks and escape their station in life. It is also through this that they can perhaps influence the corrupt society for the better. The Phangloria government is irredeemably corrupt and commoners such as Zea May usually have to deal with a lot of oppression. But now they are tired and form the “Red Runner,” a rebel alliance that aims to establish a democracy after ridding the land of the monarchy. But the Red Runners are commoners that have never set foot in the place and this presents a problem. They need to improve their probabilities of killing the king while minimizing the loss of innocent life. This is where Zea the Harvester comes in as a Princess Trialist who if selected, can provide them with valuable Intel. She will find the secret entrances, document the weakest points and report to the Red Runners. Most important of all, she cannot allow herself to fall in love with her husband to be, the Prince.

In Cordelia Castel’s “The Princess Trials,” deserts have taken over the land and water is scarce. The land has been devastated by nuclear war and humans are now living in walled cities where millions hide to protect themselves from the radiation outside. What was once America is now divided into two and is ruled by royal elites. Zea Calico was born a Harvester, one of the lowest rungs in the Kingdom of Phangloria. Since she is of the lowest station in life, she lives a life of toil, thirst and hunger. The only way they can change things for the better is via revolution and Zea is totally sold to the idea. When the palace announces that there will be Princess Trials, she signs up hoping to be selected. She hopes that once she marries Prince Kevon, she will get the opportunity to probe the palace for weakness. The trials are an expensive affair with ball gowns, romance and sumptuous meals at which Zea manages to attract the attention of the Prince. When she uncovers the man beneath the public façade, she quickly finds herself falling in love and putting the mission at risk. When the pageant turns deadly, Zea finds herself fighting for her life.

“The Princess Games” continue following the life and times of Zea who has recently made enemies with the Queen who wants to be rid of her. Luckily for Zea, she has captured the prince’s heart. The stakes could not be higher and the competition is even more brutal heading into the second round of the Princess Trials. Meanwhile, the relationship between her and Prince Kevon has gone a notch higher. Still, she has to choose between the rebel cause that she holds dear and her love for the prince. When her enemies learn of a secret she has, they make it public driving a wedge between her and Kevon. She is now not only facing a battle for survival but may just be executed if she does not play it right. But she proves a resilient woman and slowly but surely cultivates her love with Kevon. But they are facing an enemy more vicious and powerful than they could have ever imagined.

The third novel of The Princess Trials series “The princess Crown” sees Kevon and Zea struggling with a lot of problems. Zea will have to put her brilliant mind to work to execute a complex rescue mission to save Kevon her love and the entire nation. She is back to working as a spy but this time she is working for Prince Kevon trying to infiltrate the Red Runners Group that she had once upon a time pledged her loyalty to. Rescuing the prince will be a difficult task particularly since every step she takes is plagued by suspicion. She also does not know how Kevon will react once she informs him of the truth that had brought them together. Their lives and love hang in the balance as enemies and allies stalk every corner.

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