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The Puck Boys of Brooks University Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Puck Boys of Brooks University Books

The Puck Boys of Brooks University is a series of hockey romance novels by American author Hanna Gray. The series debuted in March 2024 with the publication of the first novel, Puck Boy. Each novel in the series is narrated in first person perspective and can be read as a standalone as it features different characters.

Puck Boy is the first novel in The Puck Boys of Brooks University series by Hanna Gray. Set against the backdrop of Michigan’s vibrant hockey culture, this novel captures the heart with its enthralling sports romance theme. We are introduced to Addison, a resilient single mother who navigates the challenges of teenage pregnancy after being abandoned by the child’s father. This experience leads her to swear off hockey players entirely and dedicate herself to her daughter’s well-being and happiness.

When Addison’s family relocates, her father, the coach of a college hockey team, imposes a strict rule forbidding team members from dating his daughter. This protective stance underscores the father’s deep love and concern for his daughter and granddaughter. It also sets the stage for a compelling narrative that explores themes of trust, protection, and the possibility of love in unexpected places.

Puck Boy is an enjoyable read that keeps the reader hooked from the first page to the last. There’s no extra drama that weighs the plot down, and this makes it an easy and fun-to-read story. However, the novel’s portrayal of a single mom stands out. The book celebrates a strong and independent mother who, despite facing tough times because of an unreliable partner, remains determined and resilient for the sake of her child. This character’s strength, especially in tough situations, is truly inspiring.

Besides the main characters, Puck Boy also features a wide ray of supporting characters. These characters are easy to admire and connect with. Cam brings humor, determination, and moments of sweetness to the story. The side characters also add depth and variety to the narrative, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the book. Besides romance, Puck Boy deals with the themes of transformation and personal growth. The dynamic between the main characters, with Cam’s obsession and the contrast of a grumpy versus sunny personality, introduces a mix of beloved tropes that enrich the narrative. It’s a highly recommended read for fans of the genre looking for stories of love, change, and the power of connection.

In The Puck Boys of Brooks University Series, Filthy Boy is the third novel by Hannah Gray. This is the story of Bria and Brody. Both have had a hard time in the past. Brody doesn’t like people getting close, and Bria is trying to heal and stop using harmful ways to deal with her problems.

When Brody meets Bria at a modeling job, he wants to spend a crazy night with her. But Bria has a rule of not having sex, so Brody decides to follow her rule, too.

They become very good friends. However, things start to get complicated when they think they can have sex without changing their friendship.

Their journey is described as magical, a blend of heartache and undeniable chemistry, all elements coming together to form a story that is hard to put down.

The narrative explores themes of connection and understanding, portraying a unique bond formed from shared experiences of being “broken.” This bond transcends simple friendship, developing into a deep and meaningful, touching and inspiring relationship. The way Brody and Bria find solace and understanding in each other, without the need for words, highlights the strength of their connection.

With his humor and warmth, Brody emerges as a standout character, bringing lightness and laughter to the narrative. Bria, equally compelling, is a testament to resilience and determination. Her journey of rebuilding her life mirrors a path to healing that resonates deeply. Together, they are a perfect match, their interactions providing both heartwarming moments and laughter.

The book skillfully balances humor with moments of emotional depth, making readers laugh one moment and tear up the next. Despite the characters carrying their baggage, their story is engaging, making this book a memorable and favorite read.
Overall, this story is a beautiful mix of emotions, from hilarity to heartache, showcasing a healing and transformative relationship. It stands out as a beloved entry in the series, leaving a lasting impression with its perfect blend of elements that make for an unforgettable read.

Chosen Boy is the fourth novel in Hannah Gray’s The Puck Boys of Brooks University series. It is a a delightful enemies-to-lovers story set against the backdrop of college hockey. Sutton Savage and Hunter Thompson, heirs to a complex legacy of friendship turned rivalry between their families, find themselves unexpectedly thrown together at Brooks University. Despite their initial disdain for each other, a fundraiser crucial to the hockey team forces them to collaborate closely, challenging their preconceptions and emotions.

As Sutton and Hunter navigate the intricacies of their forced partnership, their story evolves into a captivating journey of understanding, growth, and unexpected affection. The narrative masterfully explores the transformation of their relationship from animosity to a deeper connection, offering readers a sweet and engaging romance that is both relatable and inspiring.

Initially, Sutton and Hunter interactions are marked by conflict and a reluctance to see eye to eye. However, as they are forced to work together for a common cause, they gradually begin to compromise, slowly uncovering the layers and complexities of each other’s true selves.

As Sutton and Hunter move from enemy to allies, their story explores how understanding and compassion can bridge the widest of divides. The narrative skillfully illustrates the gradual shift in their relationship. It also highlights the moments of vulnerability and connection that lead them to reconsider their long-held beliefs and attitudes toward each other.

This book is a sweet addition to its series. It weaves together moments of heartfelt emotion and depth that truly resonate with readers. The character’s journey is filled with moments that might bring tears to your eyes, especially as the story draws close. Unlike previous entries in the series, where characters faced numerous challenges, this story provides a lighter touch, focusing on the development and love of its central characters without overwhelming them with too many complications.

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