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Publication Order of The Royals Books

King of Wall Street (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Park Avenue Prince (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Duke of Manhattan (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The British Knight (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Earl of London (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Royals
The Royals is a contemporary romance series by Louise Bay. In this series, you will be interacting with billionaires who are used to the easy life and are respected members of their communities. The men in the series are all macho and sexy, and while they don’t believe in love, in the beginning, they all change when they meet their match. It is fun watching men who had vowed never to love women who make them rethink their decisions. The female characters are confident, hardworking, and doing their best to leave their mark as well. It is refreshing reading romance stories without the usual drama or damsels in distress.

King of Wall Street
King of Wall Street comes first in The Royals series. The book introduces Max King, otherwise known as the King of Wall Street. Max stands out at his job, explaining why the heavy hitters in Manhattan fully trust him to help them make money. All his clients follow what he says because they know that he is always right. However, at the end of a hard day at work, Max leaves his no-nonsense and ruthless coat at the office. He is a single dad working hard to raise a fourteen-year-old with a mind of her own at home. Unlike his clients, Max’s daughter rarely listens to him, and he is never right in her eyes.

Harper Jayne had idolized Max King for years. All she dreams about is training under the business mogul who had turned many into millionaires. Finally, Jayne’s dreams come true when she is hired to take up a research position under Max immediately after clearing grad school. While Jayne’s father is filthy rich, this young lady is determined to make a name for herself away from her father’s shadow. This explains why she is stuck in an entry-level position with a boss who doesn’t like her much. While she is eager to please her boss, it seems like Max doesn’t recognize all the effort she puts into her work.

While he takes great steps to hide his attraction to the junior researcher, Max cannot deny the intense feelings he has for her. However, he had vowed never to mix business with pleasure, so there is no way he will allow Jayne to change that. Imagine how shocked he is when he realizes that Jayne also lives in his apartment building and was already friends with his daughter. After a few chance meetings outside work, these two cannot keep their hands off each other. It turns out that Jayne was attracted to Max two, and a sizzling romance starts to develop between these two lovely characters. While they both agree to keep their relationship casual, it is not long before feelings begin to grow. As Jayne will soon find out, Max is in charge of the bedroom as he is in the boardroom.

The King of Wall Street is an exciting contemporary romance story with two lovable lead characters and a well-developed secondary cast. It is a story of love and a sweet office romance between two people who are more alike than they would want to admit. You will enjoy interacting with Jayne and Max and seeing how Max’s daughter Amanda react to her father’s relationship. Overall, this is a straightforward yet delightful read. It is a perfect choice if you like romance stories with sexy alpha males and sassy, confident females.

Park Avenue Prince
Park Avenue Prince is the second instalment in The Royals series. The book stars Sam Shaw, a man who had worked his way up to the billionaires league. Sam is shrewd, calculating, and very good at his job. Thanks to his dedication and drive, he had risen from poverty to being listed among Park Avenue’s richest men. Unfortunately, Sam has little time for women because of the effort and time it takes to build his empire. He does enjoy the occasional one-night stand, but he is not the kind of man who wants to call the morning after or even send flowers. This is until Grace Astor crosses his path.

Grace Astor is a galleries owner and, in every bit, a Park Avenue princess. While she grew up with the money, Grace is determined to chart her own path, which explains why she is so focused on her art business. Grace meets Sam at the opening of her gallery, where she is showcasing the art belonging to her cheating ex. Sam turns out to be just what Grace needs to take her mind off her heartache. These two enjoy each other’s company, and while Sam never bothers to call the following day, he is ready to go all-in this time around. Sure, the beautiful heiress is smart-talking and impatient, but there is something about this woman that captivates him.

As this lovely couple embarks on a love affair, it is not initially clear if Grace’s pure love would cure Sam’s, broken heart. However, the more time these two spend together, the closer they become. Reading about Sam’s traumatizing past makes it easy to understand his choices and where he is coming from. However, with Grace, this sexy billionaire takes charge of the bedroom and takes his girlfriends on heights she had never thought possible. Because he had been through enough losses of his own, he also understands Grace’s pain where her ex is concerned.

Park Avenue is another intriguing modern romance story with characters you will fall in love with from the start. On these pages, you meet a billionaire who has learnt not to get attached to material things and a sexy gallery owner with a quick mind and a smart mouth to boot. While Sam thought of sex as just physical, things change when he meets a woman he cannot keep off his mind. So why can’t he forget about this woman? While this is the second book in this series, you can enjoy the book as a standalone. Sam and Grace are such a cute couple, and, amazingly, things work so well between them.

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