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“On the Runways” a series of novels by American novelist Melody Carson. The first novel of the series was the 2010 published “Premiere”, which paved the way for the publication of five more titles in the series culminating in “Ciao” that was published in 2011. Carlson who also writes in other genres including adult fiction is a prolific author that is popular across the globe with more that 6.5 million of her books sold across more than 200 titles. Even as she is the author of numerous novels she still characterizes herself as a storyteller. Her themes range from the very serious such as rape and schizophrenia to lighter topics such as buying and selling of houses. Carlson has asserted that much of her work is drawn from her everyday experiences. With novels spread across the women’s fiction, children, and young adult fiction, the author is best known for her teen young adult novels. Over the years, she has been the recipient of several awards over the years including a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, a Gold Medallion, and a RITA Award.

Melody Carson grew up in Oregon though she was born in San Francisco. Her parents separated when she was only three years old, due to her father’s alcoholism. As such, she grew up in a single mother family, which perhaps explains her predilection towards religion, women and young adult issues in her series of novels. Right from childhood she was a lover of the arts and fiction and authored a variety of articles, poetry, and songs while in high school. She gave up her writing endeavors in college only to pick it up again in her thirties long after she was a married woman with a family. Turning her ancient bunk house into a studio, she banged out “The Ark that Noah Built: her debut novel, which she published in 1997. Carlson asserts that one of the things that has made her so prolific is the ability to work from anywhere from the beach to her kitchen table to her studio. Among some of her biggest influences are the likes of Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, and Elizabeth Berg. Just like her mentors, who wrote about young adult and women issues, Carlson seems to have followed in their footsteps. However, the novels of the “On the Runway” series of novels have a strong Christian bent with the lead protagonists depending on God whenever in the face of challenges or difficult circumstances. Melody Carlson lives in Oregon with her two sons and when she is not writing she takes nature walks, camps, bikes, gardens, hikes, and skis.

The lead protagonists of the “On the Runways” series of novels are two teenage girls that could not be anymore different. Paige and Erin are polar opposites that have to live together given that they are sisters. They live with their mother who is a TV station employee, and the two girls help with her work from time to time. Paige is the elder sister that is given to everything fashion. She loves to meet with the who’s who of the fashion world and wears fashionable clothing and shoes, whenever she has to go help her mother work at the news station. From name brand clothes, pumps, scarves, bags, jewelry and belts she is the classic passionate and fashionable fashion fanatic. Erin the younger sister does not care much for fashion and adopts what may be described as a natural look. She does not care for any name brand clothes or shoes and is more laid back in dressing up to go out. For instance, one her favorite piece of clothing is a bland brown jacket with a great fit that she picked up cheaply at a clearance sale. As long as she likes it and it is comfortable, she will wear it without caring what name is written on the label.

“Premier” the first novel of the series opens to Erin and Page helping their mother prepare for an on location live news segment that has Erin filming while the flamboyant Paige gets in front of the camera. Erin is embarrassed by Paige’s callousness when she starts to critique the dress of people on location, believing that it could put her mother’s job at peril. But one of the station’s producer sees Paige as the perfect host of “On the Runway” a new fashion segment they just launched and asks her to take up the job. Her mother agrees to let her take up the job as long as she tags along her sister as cameraman. Erin now finds herself in the middle of the drama, glamou,r and glitz that characterizes the fashion industry. Moreover, she knows that her mother put her there to keep an eye on the impulsive Paige. Their new show with Paige a natural behind the camera is a big hit, even though Erin never completely buys into the glamour. Carlson spices it up by bring up the romance stories of the two sisters. Both have managed to find boyfriends while working on the project but Erin battles betrayal from her boyfriend while Paige steals another girl’s boyfriend. It is an exciting novel that brings out all the teenage confusion and sweetness of innocent romance.

“Catwalk” the second novel of the On the Runway series sees the two sisters ramp it up by covering the New York Fashion Week. Erin and Paige are headed to New York to film on location for their “On the Runway” reality TV series. But first the two girls have to model for a green designer. Erin is abandoned by her best friend Mollie that prefers to spend time with Tony her boyfriend, even as her mother seems to be getting more involved with Jon her boyfriend. The series is an excellent portrayal of how two girls brought up in the same house may be so different in character and temperament. As they try to navigate the world of Hollywood each of them struggles to stay true to who they are. In this novel Paige becomes an even bigger star with the show even as Erin her sister gets used to being behind the camera and is open to giving Blake her old boyfriend one more chance. The girls while very different portray some of the most loving of sisterly relationships despite their pull and push. The novel is a realistic portrayal of the issues that teenagers have to confront including: two faced friends, troubled relationships, and dating parents.

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