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The Shadow Bound Queen Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Shadow Bound Queen Books

Court of Ravens and Ruin (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Court of Greed and Gold (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Court of Monsters and Malice (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Court of Serpents and Secrets (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Eliza Raine is an accomplished published author.

This author is known for writing fantasy stories, particularly some that are inspired and influenced by Greek mythology. They are often fast-paced and always bring readers some new worlds and creatures to enjoy. They also frequently have a good amount of romance sprinkled in them.

Eliza resides in England near Reading. She is married and shares her life not only with her husband but their adorable puppy and their three cats. She holds a BA Honors in History and is very passionate about mythology as well as stories written about women that can hold their own, help themselves, and don’t need to be rescued.

The author likes to do re-tellings of fairy tales, to sit down and play some board games, or checking out some Netflix shows and binge-watching them a little.

Eliza Raine is the creator and the author of The Shadow Bound Queens series. This series first got started in 2022 with the debut of the first book in the fictional fantasy series, Court of Ravens and Ruin. The series continued in 2023 with the release of the second installment, Court of Greed and Gold. The third book keeps the action of the series going and is titled Court of Monsters and Malice. The fourth novel in the series is titled Court of Serpents and Secrets and was released in 2024.

Court of Ravens and Ruin is the first book to come out in The Shadow Bound Queen series, a dynamic fantasy series from Eliza Raine. If you are the type of person that is always looking for a new fantasy story to read and cannot get enough of this genre, you have got to check out the debut story in this series and see what you think! If you like this first one, then move on to the rest in this full-fledged series that will have you turning the page endlessly in order to find out what is next!

When a human woman swimming in defiance and a dark fae Prince come together in a marriage, the enemies could end up seeing their relationship destroy their world entirely.

Reyna was born to the Gold Court as a slave that was very valuable. As such, she had been locked up for her entire life in a beautiful palace and was imprisoned by fae that are greedy and sadistic. The palace ends up getting raided, and Reyna takes the chance to escape once and for all.

But she didn’t know that leading the raid is the last thing or person that she wants to see. He is the Prince of the Shadow Court, which are the most-feared fae out there. On top of that, things are definitely getting worse because there is only one thing in the entire world that he wants, and it’s her. Of course it’s her. The human with the rune marks and the copper hair. Who else would it be?

The Prince decides that he’s going to kidnap her, and gets right on making that plan happen. Reyna has no idea why she is being abducted, but she is about to find out when the Prince announces that she is his betrothed. The two of them are to be engaged to be married, which predictably is the last thing that Reyna wants at all. She knows that she has to do whatever it takes to get out of here, because the last thing that she wants to do is to be tied to this guy forever.

Reyna does not want to tie the knot with this strange man lurking behind the mask. But once he takes the mask off, the Prince is actually a lot different than she expected him to be. She finds that he is just as beautiful as he is filled with sin and lethal nature, and on top of that, he wants and needs her. She is starting to wonder whether she might actually want him too.

Now that she is near the Prince, Reyna has been pulled into a dangerous world that is full of secrets. She wants more than anything to keep the ones that she is hiding to herself and keep them that way. She is worried about staying here now more than ever, because if she remains here, it’s possible that she could give everything that she has to the man that keeps her captive.

It’s a fate that could be worse than death, but Reyna doesn’t actually know how to counteract the spell that she is starting to fall under. She doesn’t know what she is going to do, but she knows that she has to get out of the palace before things get any more intense.

In a world filled with magic and more, these two potential lovers are seemingly meant for each other. But Reyna’s going to give everything that she has in her to try and get away from the Prince and make sure that the happily ever after ending that he has planned for them is very much not going to go through. Can she find a way to get away and finally be safe and single, or is she about to find out that when it comes to her current situation, she is far outmatched? Read the first novel in this series to find out!

Court of Greed and Gold is the second novel in The Shadow Bound Queen Series by Eliza Raine. All of the adventure from the first fantasy book continues in this intriguing second installment!

The Shadow Court is seeing evidence of mounting threats. Reyna is under pressure, but then again, so is the shadow fae Prince who decided that it was a good idea to kidnap her. Now the two of them are both a target as a deranged Queen, monsters of the undead, magical curses and old secrets are all competing to end their lives for good.

Now Reyna must actually work with the same Prince who has a reputation for being a monster. She’s about to find out that this fae warrior is actually different from all the things that are said about him. When the stakes go up, she’s about to find out there are others hiding their true identity, too. Can she manage to find the threat and eliminate it, or will it get to them before she’s able to? Read this fantasy novel from Eliza Raine to find out!

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