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The Sigma Menace Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Sigma Menace Books

The Sigma Menace Series
The Sigma Menace is a fantasy series by Marie Johnston. This series introduces a world where shifters live amongst humans. While the shifters do everything possible to keep their identity hidden, it is only a matter of time before humans discover who they are. In this series, you will be meeting handsome shifters who somehow find themselves in the hands of human females. The romance is not always instant, but when the sparks start to fly, the temperatures rise to exhilarating levels. It is fun following the shifters and their human mates as they work to protect themselves from their hunters and those keen to harvest their DNA.

Fever Claim
Fever Claim comes first in The Sigma Menace. The book introduces Cassie Stockwell, a girl who was ditched a few weeks before her wedding. Cassie is heartbroken, so she decides to take her mind off men and concentrate on her healing. When the handsome bartender Cassie has been obsessing over asks to take her home, she doesn’t think much about it. After all, what harm could one night with this handsome man cause? Cassie did not know that this one night would change her life and open her eyes to a world she never thought existed. Will the bartender be the man who makes Cassie fall in love again?

Jace Miller is a patient man. When one impulsive decision almost costs his future, Jace has learned the value of patience. Ever since he set his eyes on Cassie while working as a bartender, he knew that she is his mate. However, since she already has a boyfriend, Jace waits until the relationship ends before approaching her. While Jace is sure that his timing is right, he is unsure how Cassie will respond when she discovers the truth. Can one night of passion make this beautiful girl stay by his side, knowing the danger this will bring in her life? How does he even start revealing his secrets to a human when the truth could put him and his kind in grave danger.

This book welcomes you to a world characterized by sexy shifters and their human mates. Most of the shifters are good, but they have to be wary of the vampires and the hunters keen to kill them. From that night Jace spends with Cassie, enemies start coming at them, and they both have to adjust fast and figure out a way to stay alive. Fortunately, Jace is capable of defending his woman no matter the forces coming at them. The author has done an outstanding job with the characters and their development. Jace is quite the Alpha male, yet he is still adorable and such a fantastic partner. Cassie is quite intelligent, and she lets the shifters do their thing where necessary. It is admirable how calm she stays even in the face of danger.

Fever Claim is an intriguing fantasy story with a great storyline, unforgettable characters, and a few unexpected twists and turns. Since this is the first installment in the series, most of the story is spent setting the world and introducing the characters. Still, it is fun getting immersed in Jace’s world and learning about the shifters, vampires, and the hunters. You will enjoy following Jace and Cassie through their adventures and seeing how the love blossoms with time. What does the future hold for this lovable duo?

Primal Claim
Primal Claim comes second in The Sigma Menace series. The book focuses on Dani, a young woman whose family had been eliminated by feral shifters. Since she lost her family, Dani has dedicated her life to ensuring that those responsible pay for their sins. She is almost an Agent at Sigma, and even though it is hard to figure out what the network wants, Dani knows that working here is the only way to reach her goal. Little does she know that the network will send her on a mission that would change her life for good. The girl who would do anything to kill the shifters will find herself running to them for help.

Madame G is yet to give up on her quest started in the first book. After her efforts to force Jace and Cassie to mate failed, she comes up with an even bigger plan. She desperately wants Mercury’s DNA and a willing host. However, for Dani, this is not something she does willingly. By the time she realizes what is going on, Dani is already pregnant with Mercury’s child. What is Mercury to do when she finds herself pregnant with a man she has never been with? Can the father of her baby protect her from Madame’s sinister plot? How does Dani escape considering that Madame G is monitoring her every move?

Mercury has quite a past and this, coupled with his unique looks, kept him away from people. Even amongst his species, Mercury still liked staying in the background. When he sees a young woman being attacked by Sigma recruits, Mercury rushes to help her. He can smell himself in her, and he is almost sure that she is carrying his child. How is this even possible? Follow Dani and Mercury as they figure their situation out and decide what is best for their baby. For Dani, who has lived for nothing else but vengeance, working with Mercury is not going to be easy. However, the life growing inside her is motivation enough.
Primal Claim is yet another exhilarating ride into the world of shifters, vampires, and greedy humans. In this installment, you will be focusing more on Mercury’s life and the events that impact his life. The more Dani learns about Mercury, the more she falls in love with him. These feelings seem to be mutual since Mercury is deeply drawn to this small woman he rescued from Sigma agents. What starts as a desperate call for protection turns into something much deeper. Once these two give in to their magnetism and passion, there is no turning back. How does the story end for Dani and Mercury? Read this story for this answer and more.

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