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The Star and the Shamrock Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Star and the Shamrock Books

The Star and the Shamrock (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Emerald Horizon (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Hard Way Home (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The World Starts Anew (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Jean Grainger is a best-selling author of fiction.

Jean Grainger was born in Cork, Ireland. She is a USA Today best-selling writer. She likes to write not only Irish historical fiction but contemporary novels with a heart-warming effect. These books can frequently be found on the best-seller lists at Amazon. She has had her writing style compared to Maeve Binchy, someone whom she greatly admires.

Previous to writing, the author served as a tour guide for Ireland, has been a lecturer of history, a playwright, and has taught at a secondary school. She play directed and wrote scripts for many high school plays. She has tried selling things but moved on from that. While she enjoyed all of these careers, she has also enjoyed spending most of her day in pajamas making things up with teacups all around. She is married, has four children with her husband, and two dogs.

Jean first started writing because people on the tours she gave of Ireland suggested that she do so, telling her that the stories she was telling them would make a great book. She went on to write her book The Tour, about a group of American tourists visiting Ireland, which became a number one best-seller on Amazon.

Jean went to school and received her degrees, bachelors and masters, in History and English. It was her early experience working as a tour guide, however, that shaped her desire to become an author. In the nineties, she went against the grain and did not go down the usual path of taking on a traditional job. Instead, she decided to be a tour guide and a director.

She committed to the job and was able to memorize the names of every location visited by the tour in Ireland, as well as the stories that came along with it. This made her good at her job and tourists loved taking tours with her as their guide. It also worked out well for her, as she came across a large amount of people that she never would have otherwise met, people that were fun and easygoing. They were the ones that first suggested that she write her own book, in addition to people coming up to her and telling her confidences, secrets, and their own stories and things about their lives.

Jean took the advice of her tourist friends and decided one winter to sit down and give it a go and write something. The author finished her first draft of a manuscript and sent off The Tour to a publisher, thinking that it would be only a matter of time that it was published. However, none of the larger publishers seemed interested in her works. Jean put her manuscripts in a safe place and got back to teaching. Eventually she felt the urge to write again, and this time wrote So Much Owed, her second book.

She had met several writers by this time that had run the idea of self-publishing by her. This gave authors that were not yet known or having their books accepted by publishers a chance to get their work out there. Jean quickly got into Amazon publishing, having her first work released not too long after. The Tour finally came out in 2013 and became a best-seller. Self-publishing has made it possible for the author to write on a full-time basis and bring her many works to a waiting audience.

Jean Grainger is the creator and author of The Star and the Shamrock series. The series first got started in 2020 with the publication of the debut novel by the same name, The Star and the Shamrock. It was followed by the second novel in the series, The Emerald Horizon. The third novel was then released and is titled The Hard Way Home. The fourth novel in the series is titled The World Starts Anew.

The Star and the Shamrock is the first novel in The Star and the Shamrock series by Jean Grainger. If you’re looking for some new and interesting historical fiction, check this book out!

Ariella Bannon is a tough position. The setting is Berlin, and the year is 1939. She doesn’t have a choice as far as she is concerned for the pressing issue thrust upon her. She must either choose to put her children Liesl and Erich on a train to go out of town or let them become potential targets for Nazis.

One day, her husband does not come home like he is supposed to. Ariella is distracted with worry, but the situation also alerts her to the fact that her children may be in danger as well. She realizes that the only way she can make sure that her Jewish children are safe is to take advantage of the Kindertransport. It will take a lot of strength as she is not sure whether she will be emotionally able to let them go.

In a different location, Elizabeth Klein a thousand miles away has become closed to the world. She went through great tragedy when she lost her husband on the Great War’s last day, and then her child only a few months after. Elizabeth does not believe that she can love again as it would hurt her too much.

However, soon she is the only thing that Liesl and Erich Bannon have to look after them. Placed together in Northern Ireland’s countryside, the three find out that country life is not completely safe either. There’s danger everywhere, and they might not be able to trust everyone. Can the group make it through intact? Read this fascinating book to find out!

The Emerald Horizon is the second novel in The Star and the Shamrock series by Jean Grainger. If you liked the first one, check this one out too!

The place is Berlin, and the year is now 1944. Ariella Bannon is in great danger as she is being hunted down. Someone out there wants to betray her and expose her as a Jew. But she’s made it this far and has survived, and the end of it all may soon be near. She will do everything that she can to make it back to her children and have the family be reunited once more, no matter what.

Liesl and Erich have also survived, finding their new home in Ireland. The country feels far away from the strife that war-torn Europe has gone through. The children hear bits and pieces of news of what is happening to the Jews. They miss their mother and their home, but they also have settled into Ballycreggan and feel that they belong in the peaceful area.

The two are waiting to hear what has happened to their loved ones just like all the other children. The people looking after them, Elizabeth and Daniel, hope that Ariella survives. But that also means facing the fact that they may be parted from the children that they have come to care for so much.

Berlin is dangerous for Ariella, and even though she’s being careful, someone knows she’s out there alive. The Third Reich is getting beaten by Allied bombs, but will she be able to see her children again? Or will she be captured? Read this book to find out!

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