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Publication Order of The Subs Club Books

The Subs Club is a series of LGBT novels written by J.A. Rock. The book follows a group of friends who try to cope with the accidental death of their friend by forming an organization that investigates BDSM Clubs.

+The Story

The Subs Club is one of J.A. Rock’s more popular BDSM novels. The series revolves around two characters, Bill and Hal, who were partaking in some BDSM action one night when Hal died.

Bill claimed that the death was accidental. Bill initially cut Hal’s air supply by tying a rope around his neck. But that only lasted a few seconds before Bill went to get them both some water. According to Bill, he not only loosened the cord around Hal’s neck but he also freed one of his arms, which means that Hal was perfectly capable of extricating himself from the situation if things ever went wrong.

Things did go wrong. Bill came back to find that Hal had been strangled to death. Naturally, the police arrested Bill, charging him with murder. However, following a thorough investigation, it was determined that there wasn’t enough evidence to convict Bill, not even on the charge of recklessness.

So he was acquitted. The novels in the subs club series attempt to explore the aftermath of this situation. Dave, Miles, Gould, and Kamen were Hal’s friends. His death stung them and they felt deflated when Bill was acquitted of Murder.

The group’s disappointment was driven by the fact that they were all subs, individuals that played the submissive role in BDSM scenarios. And they had each seen firsthand just how dangerous dominators could become.

They knew that some doms took things too far, became intoxicated with the control they had over their subs and proceeded to push them beyond the limits of sanity and safety.

The last straw came when the group went to a local BDSM haunt and realized that Bill had been welcomed back into their community with open arms. Unwilling to accept the future loss of other subs like Hal, Dave and his crew banded together to form the Subs Club.

The organization would investigate their community, locate dangerous doms in the area and expose them, hopefully sparing potential victims from Hal’s fate.

The Subs Club series explores the efforts of the Subs Club as its members reach out and attempt to keep their fellow subs out of harm’s way. It becomes immediately clear that Dave, Miles, Kamen, and Gould were driven to form the organization by their grief.

As their hearts begin to heal, they drift away from the Subs club, realizing that while Hal’s death was tragic, they would rather focus on their future happiness than waste their lives fighting for a dead man’s cause.

Each installment in the Subs Club series follows a particular member of the organization. The author uses each novel to look at the factors that drove each member of the Subs Club to join the organizations and the reasons that have begun to drive them away.

Dave is the one that started the club. He was closest to Hal and the first novel finds him fighting hard to get under the skin of a particularly harsh dom. However, for all his talk about the Brutish ways of the man and the crass nature of his disciplinarian attitude, Dave is drawn to his target.

He cannot help it. And rather than bringing him down, Dave finds that he would rather break the walls surrounding the man’s heart, hopefully revealing the soft interior hidden within.

It doesn’t take Dave’s friends long to realize that he has fallen off the beaten path and that he could be exposing himself to the same dangers as Hal. But as much as Dave would like to heed his friend’s warnings, he cannot fight the call of his heart.

Once Dave falls away from the Club’s core operations, the bonds holding the organization begin to fray. Miles, it turns out, would rather focus on his personal life. Miles wants to become a family man.

That means putting his kinky proclivities to rest and creating the respectable picture that adoption agencies look for.

Kamen never cared about the Subs Club’s core mission. He just wanted to hang out with his friends. And once he encounters a dom who piques his interest, he wastes no time in moving on.

With Gould also finding life far too complex and consuming to pursue the business of the Subs Club, the series finds the group struggling to develop a new dynamic that will honor their dead friend whilst also allowing them to nurture healthy personal lives.

The Subs Club series can be categorized as erotic romance. The books are written with fans of BDSM in mind, and J.A. Rock doesn’t pull her punches. There are aspects of her stories that will leave the uninitiated disturbed and uneasy.

She looks at the Sub/Dom relationship from every possible angle, though the emphasis is placed on the subs’ point of view. While the romance is highlighted, many of the pages are spent digging into the minutiae of BDSM.

+The Author

J.A. Rock writes suspense, horror, and romance. All her novels have an LGBT aspect to them. She has garnered accolades such as Lambda Literary Award Nominations for her efforts. Outside of fiction, Rock is also pretty prominent in LGBT conversations, contributing articles to publications that deal with such matters.

+The Subs Club

Hal died at the hands of a reckless dom. A year later, his friends came together to start a private club that would review doms and call the terrible ones out.

Dave knows how horrible some doms can be. And when he first sets his eyes on the Disciplinarian, he can see all the signs of a troublesome dom whose incompetence could see him kill a sub in the future.

Except that the Disciplinarian isn’t quite what he seems. Dave keeps trying to tell his friends that the more he digs the more layers the seemingly stern fellow shows. But they won’t listen and neither will Dave’s heart.

+Pain Slut

Miles joined his friends to form a club that would promote safe spaces for subs when their best friend died. He wanted to honor his friend Hal. But as the time has gone by, Miles has found that his lifestyle no longer fits in with the ways of the club.

Miles wants to put his kinky ways to rest so that he can adopt a child and start a family. But one dom is making it rather difficult for Miles to stick to his new rules.

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