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The Sylvan Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Sylvan Chronicles Books

The Legend of the Kestrel (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Call of the Sylvana (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Raptor of the Highlands (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Makings of a Warrior (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lord of the Highlands (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Kestrel Found (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Claiming of the Highlands (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Fight Against the Dark (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Defender of the Light (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Sylvan Chronicles” is a set of fantasy fiction novels by Amazon bestselling author Peter Wacht. The author has said that he has always been an avid reader of fantasy ever since he was a child and always dreamed of one day writing his own stories.
Peter published “The Legend of the Kestrel” his debut novel and the first of the Sylvan Chronicle in 2019. The series of novels now has at least nine with more still in production.

Both of Peter Wacht’s first two series in the Tales of Caledonia and the Sylvan Chronicles are set in The Realms of the Talent and the Curse.

Peter Wacht is also the author of “Blood on the White Sand” and “Through the Knife’s Edge,” both of which have been very popular short stories that are free to download on his website.

Peter Wacht always dreamed of being an author right from when he was just a kid and began reading fantasy fiction literature. Nonetheless, while he enjoyed what he was reading, there was no story that would stick in his mind over the years.
No matter how much he read, he could never find a story he wanted to read. He needed stories in which young boys rose above themselves to fight ancient evil and succeeded massively despite challenges and setbacks.

Even though he published his debut novel “The Legend of the Kestrel” in 2019, it was not until he published the sixth novel of the “Sylvan Chronicles” series that he made his name. The novel would become a bestselling novel on Amazon within a day of its publishing.
The “Sylvan Chronicles” series of novels appeal to fantasy and adult fiction audiences of all ages as it combines sorcery, magic, sword, and adventure.

When Peter Wacht is not writing his novels, he is a soccer coach, runs a nonprofit, finds time to be with family, and completed a doctorate degree in rhetoric and writing.

“The Sylvan Chronicles” series of novels is the story of Thomas Kestrel whose kingdom and only place he has ever called home is betrayed. In the process, he lost both of his parents and was left an orphaned boy.

Aged ten, he needs to start acting like a man as he is charged with adult responsibilities. What is even worse is that he is targeted by the same assassins that killed his parents.

Thankfully he has his grandparents who smuggle him out of danger and ultimately anoint him the leader of the Highlands. Through a stroke of luck, he manages to survive and make friends who train and raise him into a formidable warrior against the Shadow Lord.
He joins the Sylvan warriors and rises to the top of the organization before heading back to his homeland to help his people. Back home he makes friends with Oso and together they go on a quest to defeat the evilest man who is oppressing their people.
But this is not an easy mission and the price of liberating his people may be losing his own life.

“The Legend of the Kestrel” is the first novel of “The Sylvan Chronicles.” The lead is Thomas Kestrel, an only son with magical powers who has the challenge of freeing his people from an ancient evil. He may be forced to risk everything as he battles forces of darkness and flees the only home he knows.

Thomas escapes a horrifying attack on his homeland in the Highlands and heads to the home of the grandparents he never met. Under the tutelage of his grandparents, Thomas discovered his magical powers and learns he is destined to defeat a terrible foe and free his homeland.
To defeat the malevolent being after his life who is known as the Shadow Lord, he will need to have his wits and strength with him. No matter the sorrow and pain, he will have to confront his fate with courage, even if he may lose his soul or die at the hands of the enemy.
The fate of his world is hanging in the balance and he will need to beat the Shadow Lord on the first try if he is to remove the threat of his evil enveloping everything.
This initial installment in a sorcery and sword saga is an action-packed fantasy thriller that takes its readers to new heights on every page.

The second novel of “The Sylvan Chronicles” series of novels is “The Call of the Sylvana.”
Thomas needs to choose between his duty to save his people and the life he wants. But the thing is both may be threatened by the Shadow Lord and he is the only man who can stop him.

He is yet to master his magical talent but commits himself to fight the beasts poisoning the land and the Shadow Lord. To be admitted to the Sylvan Warriro order pledged to fight the Shadow Lord he will need to pass three quests.
In this work, Thomas heads back to his homeland to help the people that used to fear him in his childhood. There, he learns that the Highlanders have been enslaved by the High King and comes up with a clever scheme to help.

Unfortunately, all his plans backfire and he is forced to make a choice between saving an innocent and killing the man responsible for the suffering and pain of his people.
It is a powerful and exciting story full of wit, humor abnd magical adventure.

“The Raptor of the Highlands” is the third novel of Peter Wacht’s “The Sylvan Chronicles.”
Thomas is now fully aware of the evils of slavery in all its foul iterations. He has been helping the Highlanders in various ways and particularly in escaping the clutches of the Shadow Lord.

While he is very skilled, he is ultimately caught by the officials of the Dark Lord and gets a first-hand taste of greed, cruelty, torture, and slavery.

The greedy and vain regent of the Highlands is a man named Killeran. He has been skimming the top off of what he is supposed to send to Rodric the High King who has been levying taxes on the rich mines of the Highlands.
He usually sends forays led by Rivers alongside Warlocks into the highlands to find more slaves. This makes them formidable opponents but Thomas could defeat them if he can harness his magical talents and stealth.
But things go awry when he is discovered.

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