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Publication Order of The Talent Books

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Pegasus in Space (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

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By: Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

The Talents is a series of books written by an American-born Irish writer Anne McCaffrey. Anne was born in April 1926 in Massachusetts best known for her various science fiction series. Also she was the first woman to receive The Nebula Award and The Hugo Award for fiction.
The Talents series known as ‘The Talents Universe’ is broken up into two separate series where the first is named ‘The Talent’ which comprises of three books and is the prequel to ‘The Tower And The Hive Series’ which is a set of five books. The genre of the novels is mainly science fiction. The series comes from the mind of a great author and it mainly features the next stages in the evolution of human called Talents, who are people with psychic abilities. In the novels this rare gift that such people have got is considered highly precious and is believed that their talent will benefit the world and our society. All the eight books mainly feature about these people known as Talents and their powers which can be different and rare in this world like telepathy, precognitive abilities, empathy, teleportation, telepathy, clairvoyance, a strange ability to find the things which may have been once lost as well as the power of telekinesis. The novels are set in the future, around somewhere past the late 20th Century and in the early as well as middle 21st Century.

The very first novel in the series is named as ‘To Ride Pegasus’ and was published originally in 1973 which was followed by the second one named as ‘Pegasus in Flight’ in the year 1990. Both the books were later re-released in the year 2000 intended to support the publication of the third novel of the series.

‘To Ride Pegasus’ sets itself around the years 1997 to 2013. This book is mainly a combination of four short stories which are connected to each other. A very famous astrologer who is named Henry Darrow forms the centre of the first short story and he is narrated to be blessed with strange abilities of precognition. He has some extrasensory means through which he has the knowledge about future events and is the lead protagonist in the story. Henry Darrow through his precognitions about himself and things eventually makes some surprisingly impressive discoveries which leads him to find the confirmation to the laws of parapsychology. The other three short stories revolve around the same discoveries of Henry Darrow and act descriptive to his parapsychology center and its growth. The series moves forward with the challenges faced by him and later the person by whom he is succeeded called as Daffyd op Owen. Some women who are unique and rare and prove to be extraordinary also play a part the novel as they have some amazing powers of healing bodies, reading the thoughts running through people’s minds, predicting what happens in the future and some other rare senses and strengths which are surprising in the universe we live in. This novel also acts introductory to the characters as well as the talents which are later talked about by the author in depth through the books in the series.

The second novel of the series named as ‘Pegasus in Flight’ not being similar to the first part as a collection of stories, is rather a full-fledged writing. This book deals mainly with the process of discovery, growth and the training of two rarely and immensely talented adolescents. One of the leads is named Rhyssa Owen who plays the job of the director of the parapsychic Center and she is the grand daughter of Daffyd Owen. Rhyssa herself is an amazingly talented girl and thus she was well protected within herself and to reach her was a very hard task. But story begins when she is disturbed during her sleep with some mind touch which seems to be attempting to avoid attention and from there her search begins to find the person with such strong and unique talent which could reach someone so well-shielded as her. Finding this talent becomes her top and most interesting quest While Rhyssa is surrounded by some really major responsibilities. A space station needs to alleviate the crowd on Earth and is near its very adverse stages of getting completed and In the midst of that, Rhyssa struggles with a dominating person who is insensitively using the talents of the center. The book is all about how she manages to give a path to her quest for that unknown strange talent whom she wants to discover and how she battles against the insensitive official regarding her center. At the same time she has to focus on some evil criminals who have kept an eye on innocent children and the talents have to protect them and destroy the evil.

In the latter parts of the series the author has talked about the talents, their amazing and rare senses and powers much in depth and this is what interests about the books the most and gives the required focus to such an interesting part of rare abilities of human evolution. How they use their abilities to protect the needed and fight for good has been talked about further in the novels.In the novels, fiction is blended with science and technology in a really creative manner and the latter parts talk about the characters through the individual roles they play which is all for a purpose for the society as well as the books draw the attention of the readers to the dangers to the world that occur or that can possibly occur in the future and the interesting ways in which they are resolved by the wonderful people known as The Talents.

The character development done by the author is absolutely amazing and though being complex, they have been presented with simplicity and realistic personalities. Also the series shifts the view points of the readers on the characters from one novel to another in an interesting fashion. Someone very significant in one part may play a supporting part in another but still remains true to the personality and character. The series is a good read for the young as well as the old.

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