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The Texas Murder Files Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Texas Murder Files Books

Laura Griffin is a published American author. She is a best-selling writer who has graced the tops of the charts for publications such as USA Today and the New York Times. She has written over thirty books and novellas.

Laura’s books are so popular that they have been translated into multiple foreign languages for readers all over the world to enjoy. She has won the RITA Award two times, for her books Scorched and Whisper of Warning. Her book Untraceable also earned her the Daphne du Maurier Award. Her novel Desperate Girls was designated as one of the best books of 2018 by Publishers Weekly.

Laura resides in Austin, Texas, where she is consistently working on writing more of her next novel. She says that when readers come up to her, they always tend to ask her where she gets her story ideas from. Laura began her writing career working as a newspaper reporter. As such, she says that her inspiration a lot of the time comes from current events and what is happening in the news. She divulges that she is constantly looking at the headlines and wondering to herself ‘what if’ about them.

When she was attending Vanderbilt University, the author admits that she would stay up late and spent many of her nights drinking lots of coffee and doing work for the student newspaper. Once she had graduated, Laura decided that she would make a move to Chicago. Once there, she found another journalism job and was covering the education beat for the Chicago suburbs.

After that, Laura changed things up by making the move to Southeast Asia. There she says she took some exhilarating Jeepney rides. She also enjoyed writing some travel articles before going back to her native state of Texas.

According to the author, the bug to report never truly left her. She still enjoys interviewing people to assist in having her stories come to life. She feels that when it comes to being a writer, doing research is one of the best parts of the process. She loves going on her own field trips to different places like law enforcement agencies and crimes labs to inspire ideas not only for characters but for settings too. She says when it comes to writing, ever book is a new adventure.

Even though now she is an author, Griffin began working as a journalist for hard news stories. Her experience in this field overall helped her drive to want to write books of suspense fiction. Through them, she can see some sort of justice and has the power to give the characters in her stories happy endings. She notes that reporters, while doing good work, end up covering many stories that either have bad endings or go unresolved completely.

When she was younger, Laura loved reading the books in the Nancy Drew series. When she got a little bit older, she would pick up works from authors like Patricia Cornwell and Stephen King. She says that she enjoys them because their stories are ‘above and beyond’ scary. She thinks the characters are what makes their books so compelling, as she gets invested with what happens to the characters and keeps turning the page to see what happens with them.

Laura Griffin has written many of her own books but has done collaborations as well. She paired up with Allison Brennan, another best-selling author, to collaborate on a female detective series. The series ended up being the Moreno & Hart mysteries. The writing duo were working with different publishers at the time, so they chose to self-publish the series.

Laura Griffin is the creator and author of the Texas Murder Files series of novels. The series is about a homicide cop named Jacob Merritt based out of Austin, Texas who heads up a team of detectives that all share the same goal of finding the truth. The team gets some of the hardest murder cases around and work hard to follow leads and explore every clue they have as they work tirelessly to bring about justice. The series started in 2020 with the release of the first book, Hidden. This was followed by the second book, Flight, the third book, Midnight Dunes, and the fourth book in the series, Deep Tide.

Hidden is the first book in the Texas Murder Files series by Laura Griffin. If you like suspense novels and want to read something engaging and new, check this book out!

Homicides are not unheard of in Austin, and another one is always bound to come along. This turns out to be true when a woman is discovered dead on a hiking and biking trail by the lake in Austin, and it appears that she has been horribly murdered. Jacob Merritt is the lead detective on the scene, but before he can examine things the way that he would like, he has to deal with Bailey Rhoads.

Bailey is an investigative reporter that has made her way to the scene, wanting access in addition to answers about the case. However, Jacob is having his own trouble with the case because it appears that nothing about it is adding up.

Bailey thinks that the deceased isn’t who she claimed to be. She also thinks that this is more than just a mugging turned to murder. She has a hunch that it could have been a purposeful hit. The reporter looks into things further and finds a trail that leads her to just outside Austin to a high-tech fortress. There, researchers are developing a cutting-edge technology that could do a lot of damage in the wrong hands.

As Jacob and Bailey zoom in on the truth, it appears that there is a hit man in the picture. Now they must go on a hunt to find the next target before time runs out. Can they do it and save a life? What will happen? Read this book to find out!

Flight is the second novel in the Texas Murder Files series by Laura Griffin. If you enjoyed the events of the first novel, check this one out too!

Miranda Rhoads used to be a forensic photographer. When she moves to Lost Beach, a seaside town, she’s determined to move on from crime scenes and find work as a wildlife photographer. One morning she is out and about when she finds a couple in a canoe. But they’re not resting. They’ve been murdered.

Detective Joel Breda is assigned to the case and is determined to find answers. He wants to know more not only about the victims, but the photographer who discovered them. As the clues point to a serial killer, they must work to find out who it is and arrest them before the killer strikes again. Can they do it? Read this book to find out!

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