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Publication Order of Traveler Western Adventure Books

Angel Falls, Texas (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Velvet Sky, Arizona (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Angry Orchard, Colorado (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Clear Stone, Wyoming (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Itching Tree, Idaho (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Windy Butte, New Mexico (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Devil's Dance, Dakota Territory (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

J.C. Hulsey is a published author of fiction.

Originating and growing up in the state of Texas, this writer says that he cannot explain to people why or how he writes, because it is similar to ‘an explosion’ in his brain where the words come out like either a river or at a glacial pace. He says that one time he wrote a 28-page booklet of his own poetry in 48 hours’ time.

J.C. Hulsey has lived in Texas in Midlothian for several decades. He is not only a father, but a grandfather and a great-grandfather. He is a married man and has been married for a long time! He says that some of his hobbies and enjoyments are watching western television shows and Western movies, especially the older ones.

He reads and writes but also takes care of the stray cats that showed up one day at his back porch. He also has a pet dog that he rescued from a shelter. He worked at Bell Helicopter for several years and served for 5 years in the U.S. Air Force and for 4 years in the Air National Guard.

J.C. always wanted to write and be a published author. When he was in his twenties, he started composing his own songs. He recorded a few of them in the late sixties. During the seventies, he started writing his own poetry for the purposes of sharing it with other people. He ended up publishing them on his own in 2013 on Amazon.

Even though he had dabbled in the field of poetry, this author still wanted to write something that was a little different and switch things up. During the seventies, he wanted to write a book but never finished it in the end. It was years later during 2014 when Hulsey decided that he wanted to write a fictional novel and story that was western in nature.

He decided that he would have to bring something different to the table than what was being done in other fictional western genre works. The author felt that a young gunfighter that was also Christian would be fairly compelling and decided to run with it. He proved to be right in the end!

J.C. Hulsey is the creator and author of The Traveler series of fictional novels. This series started for the first time in 2014, which is when readers were able to pick up this debut story! There have since been several more books that came out in this popular series.

Angel Falls, Texas is the first novel in The Traveler series. In this book, readers meet Jedidiah Isaiah Jenkins for the first time in a stunning debut story from an author that you can only grow to love once you have read his work!

Jed has red hair, but that is not the only thing that sets him apart. He is around twenty years old and has one of the fastest draws that you have ever seen. He is also left-handed and spends his time traveling around the west’s territories and states in the nineteenth century.

It is close to the end of the 1800 time period, and Jed travels along with his two pals. They have a mission, and their collective goal is to find evil and destroy it after rooting it out. They will take on evil and dare it to win wherever they can find it.

Jed is a quiet warrior. Those that meet him find that he has a calm nature until he is pushed. Everything is all good until someone provokes him by doing wrong. Then the game is on and Jed will continue to fight until the evil is dead or he is too wounded to go on. In the days of the old West, there is plenty of evil to be found.

Together with his friends, they are going to different places and taking on the people and the bad guys that no one else wants to challenge. Sometimes even the local authority figure refuses to do anything when it comes to them– or they feel that they can’t do anything about it at all.

Jed is making his way to different towns and doing his best to get the evil out of there so that the people can live in peace. But it isn’t too much longer before those that need his help are trying to get in touch with him because they need his assistance.

This young man is quickly gaining a reputation as a merciless force of good. The more that he does and the more places that he goes, the more people know of him and try to reach out. He may have a heavy chip on his shoulder, but he is also born again in the faith of Christianity. His relationship with his faith does not mean that he avoids killing the bad guys, however.

When the stakes are high, he turns into a killer that is not only ruthless but has deadly aim. In his heart, he remains a Christian. He is even starting to believe that he actually has been ordained, chosen among the people to be the one to carry out the will of God.

Even though he thinks that he is special, does it mean that he carries the power to get rid of the chaotic evil that fills these various places in the west? You’re going to have to read the thrilling first book in this series to find out!

Velvet Sky, Arizona is the engaging sequel in The Traveler series. Some people say that Jed is a hero. Others say that he is an angel, sent by god to avenge evil.

J.C. is known for eliminating thieves, outlaws, killers, and all of the bad people that the authorities refuse to take on themselves. He has helped a lot of people, but sometimes the individuals he fights are so bad that he has no other choice.

With a belief that he has a holy mission to eradicate evil men from the face of the Earth and save the people they are terrorizing, can he continue to rid towns and territories of those that plague them? Read this book to find out!

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