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The Unconventional Agent Beaufont Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Unconventional Agent Beaufont Books

By: Michael Anderle, Sarah Noffke
The Extraordinary Fixer (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ruthless Negotiator (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Practical Maverick (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Considerate Terror (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Savvy Renegade (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Careful Revolutionary (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Affectionate Monster (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Courageous Believer (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Violent Valentine (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Unconventional Agent Beaufont series by Michael Anderle & Sarah Noffke
Authors Michael Anderle and Sarah Noffke write “The Unconventional Agent Beaufont” series of urban fantasy novels.

The series stars Agent Paris Beaufont, working for the Fairy Godmother Agency. She deals in love. More specifically, she helps take care of threats to love, in order to make sure love never dies.

“The Extraordinary Fixer” is the first novel in “The Unconventional Agent Beaufont” series and was released in 2022. The Fairy Godmother Agency has been operating without a need to change for centuries. Until now. Why? Because love has been dying. Can the agency really adapt to how love works in this modern world?

When this young halfling with an attitude, snark, and a criminal record breaks into the ranks of agents at FGA a bunch of members aren’t too happy. Unfortunately, however, those that are upset cannot argue that Agent Paris Beaufont’s results aren’t incredible. She just doesn’t follow the rules in order to get things done. For some these incredible results just ain’t enough!

Corruption has insinuated itself deep inside of the ranks of the agents at the FGA. Many believe that tradition is what makes love go around. Could they be wrong? Is changing the old ways keep love from blossoming in the world? Can Agent Beaufont shatter all of the beliefs which have kept the FGA from ever evolving? The fate of love does depend on it.

Paris is a fantastic character, and readers love everything about her and enjoy getting to read more about her. This is a highly entertaining and exciting read which is sure to have you laughing out loud multiple times while Paris’ shenanigans and antics get results.

“The Ruthless Negotiator” is the second novel in “The Unconventional Agent Beaufont” series and was released in 2022. Love is a currency, and lately, its value has been diminishing. An agent for the Fairy Godmother Agency just will not accept that. Paris Beaufont may not know all that much about banking, however she is about to learn whatever she must to save the value of love.

Ironically, it just so happens to involve her taking this finance class. And figuring out to make some money as well. Managing a department at FGA takes money and she really doesn’t have a dime. This new threat to love has surfaced and behind all of it is this really powerful company that has a lot of resources.

Can she overcome the odds, defeat all of the villains that care more about money than love, and also turn some sort of profit? The fate of love depends on it.

Readers found this to be an excellent read, as per usual, and they loved every heroic move, every corny joke, made by Paris, as well as an exceptionally spry Faraday, while they work on their investigation.

“The Practical Maverick” is the third novel in “The Unconventional Agent Beaufont” series and was released in 2022. Love’s actually on the rise, so what’s the problem? It is that everybody is falling in love with all of the wrong people, fictional ones. Is it wrong to love somebody if they are not actually real? It is, if real partners and spouses are being ignored.

Agent Beaufont is on the case, however and she will not stop until she has figured out who’s behind this conspiracy related to love. Paris always believed that Hollywood, with all of its glamour and glitz, was the culprit of all evil. Little did she know though that it was the fairies behind the fame associated with movie stars and the dizzying spotlight of the red carpet.

Fairyland is real and it’s filled with deceit. And it’s about to destroy love. Can Faraday and Paris stop whoever it is that’s using lust of the big screen to harm relationships worldwide?

“The Considerate Terror” is the fourth novel in “The Unconventional Agent Beaufont” series and was released in 2022. Love used to be ruled by several demigods. They were meant to protect it. However something went incredibly wrong. Competing desires and loss turned these gods into monsters. The gods went mad, having been scorned by their own hearts.

They were banished out of this world, in order to keep it safe. However somebody just went and brought them back. And they are not fighting for love any longer. Now, they want to destroy it.

Can Paris send these gods of love on back to where they belong? Or are they going to grow so powerful that they finally finish what they started, and end the planet that they once vowed to protect?

“The Savvy Renegade” is the fifth novel in “The Unconventional Agent Beaufont” series and was released in 2022. Love knows no distance. Unless all transportation is just magically gone. When families and lovers get separated because of this evil curse, Paris must spring into action. The cause of this global tragedy is pretty unbelievable.

It sounds more like a story from the Wizard of Oz than something that’s actually real. Ironically, the person to blame is a wicked witch. The wicked witch. But Paris does not want to stop her. She wants to help the Wicked Witch of the West find romance. Can Paris Beaufont save this scorned woman before she destroys love entirely? Or is heartbreak going to be the end of the planet for good?

“The Careful Revolutionary” is the sixth novel in “The Unconventional Agent Beaufont” series and was released in 2022. Most don’t even know that love was just built on this foundation of stories. However what would happen if all of those stories ever got erased?

When a demon, that is bent on destroying love, travels back into the past, his goal is to erase history. And with it, the most passionate of love stories ever told. The result’s not hate. Rather indifference. That is love’s greatest enemy. Indifference.

Can Paris recreate all of the stories that built love’s very foundation? Can she possibly make them better even? Or will lovers just forget all of the stories which inspired undying love?

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