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The Undertaker’s Daughter Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Undertaker's Daughter Books

The Undertaker's Daughter (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secrets We Bury (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lies We Tell (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Darkness We Hide (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Debra Webb is an American author and a best-selling writer who has been featured in publications such as USA Today. Over the course of the time she has been writing, she has penned over one hundred and fifty books and counting, gaining her much attention, positive reviews, and a devoted audience along the way.

Webb has also received recognition and awards for the writing that she has done from various organizations. Webb was awarded the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award for romantic suspense and has also received many Reviewers Choice Awards. Webb was also the first person to receive the L.A. Banks Warrior Woman Award for courage, grace, and strength in the face of adversity. She was also awarded the Centennial Award for writing and having her hundredth novel published, joining the company of authors Nora Roberts and Carole Mortimer. She has sold over four million books that have been translated into different languages and sold in different countries.

Debra grew up on a farm in the state of Alabama. She was born in 1968. Her parents did not have a lot of money but knew the value of working hard and always taught her to go after what she wanted but to work hard too. Webb enjoyed writing from a young age and her mother gifted her a typewriter from a tag sale. The author loved to explore the world that she was in and liked coming up with stories. She was constantly creating stories and began writing them down when she was nine years old. At thirteen years old, she wrote a romance story.

Debra later got married. While she still had the inspiration for original stories, she was finding that she was too preoccupied with life to sit down and record them. She needed to work to pay bills and worked different jobs like selling vacuum cleaners, working in fast food, and working in factories.

Debra soon had a child with her husband. Her spouse joined the military and Debra went to college, graduating with a degree in business administration. Her husband would be sent to be stationed in Germany. She went too and worked as a secretary for the commanding general’s office for three years. The pair would go back to the U.S. in 1985.

The author was also an executive secretary for NASA’s shuttle program. Then she realized she wanted to go after writing. Having to deal with a chronic illness, she eventually decided it was time to take on writing again. Webb looked into the romance novel market, wrote a novel, and Kensington Books bought her first novel, a romance. Webb has been writing since then!

Debra Webb is the creator and the author of The Undertaker’s Daughter series. The series began with a prequel novella, The Undertaker’s Daughter. It continued with the debut novel’s publication in 2019 with The Secrets We Bury. It continued with the release of the second novel, The Lies We Tell. The third novel is titled The Darkness We Hide.

The Secrets We Bury is the first book in The Undertaker’s Daughter by Debra Webb. If you have been looking for something new and enjoyable to read, give this debut in the series a try!

When it comes to secrets, nothing that gets buried stays that way forever. That’s something that main character Doctor Rowan Dupont knows intimately. If there’s anything that she knows about in this life, it’s death. It’s only natural, as after all, she grew up in a Victorian funeral home run by her family. Her entire life she has been surrounded by it.

But it only started getting personal when her sister died. She’s been haunted by death ever since her twin met her demise by drowning all those years ago. Her mother then killed herself and the tragedies just kept on coming when her father was murdered. Left mostly on her own, going home to run the funeral home seems like it is a fitting move. The only problem is that there’s a serial killer out and about, and this move makes her more vulnerable.

However, Rowan is not about to let fear stop her from continuing the family business and honoring them in that way. She goes back to Winchester, Tennessee, but the longer that she is there, the more that she is wondering what went down that summer. Was the death of her sister really an accident? What was so strong that had moved their mother to take her life?

Rowan is also starting to question the lake around her hometown, which has secrets. She’s got to find out the truth before someone really gets to her. Can she do it? Read this thriller to find out!

The Lies We Tell is the second book in The Undertaker’s Daughter by Debra Webb. If you liked the first book in this series, give the exciting sequel a try!

The danger goes on for Doctor Rowan Dupont, a woman that is dealing with her own past as well as a serial killer looming over her. At this point she knows that the killer has her targeted. Julian Addington has been watching and waiting, looking for the right opportunity. He’s going to strike, it’s just a matter of when, where, and how.

Julian also has no idea that Doctor Rowan is ready. She’s ready to defend herself, and she also wants to find out some answers. She wants to know whether the killer knew her mother, as sings are showing. She also wants to get to the bottom of all of the lies that have been told since she killed herself.

Rowan is working with Police Chief Billy Brannigan, a friend from her childhood, and trying to figure out why her mother committed suicide. She doesn’t care if it drags up uncomfortable truths from the past. She knows that the funeral home her family owns has seen more than one secret. When a double homicide leads to another discovery, figuring out what’s true and what’s a lie may just be the last thing she ever does. Can Rowan survive a killer and find the truth? Read The Lies We Tell to find out!

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