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Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries Books

Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries: Stefan's Diaries Books

By: L.J. Smith, Julie Plec

Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Books

Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries: The Return Books

Publication Order of The Vampire Diaries: The Salvation Books

Most of us fantasize about a different world from the one we live in. in this different world, we begin to dream of immortality and how good it would taste. The ability to live forever is one that is desired by almost everyone.

Immortality would mean managing to live forever. Not only does it guarantee death not happening but youth fully enjoyed. In this different world, only a certain type of beings would be able to enjoy immortality. These beings are also gifted with speed and unspeakable strength.

Many of these qualities seem like more of a blessing. Human beings usually seem so weak unable to fight of the strongest of predators. However, these qualities could be more of a curse than a blessing.

The Vampire Diaries Series (By L.J. Smith) explores this notion all through its various books. The Vampire Diaries Series (By L.J. Smith) comprises of 11 books with 5 primary works.

These books surround three main characters’ lives. There are instances when the story may focus on minor individuals in the story but the primary characters are Elena Gilbert, Damon and Stefan Salvatore. The first book by L.J Smith introduces us to a young driven girl by the name of Elena Gilbert. Her parents died leaving her aunt as the sole guardian of her and her brother.

They have lived in Mystic Falls for a large part of Elena’s life. The town is quiet and almost all town folk know each other. Stefan is struck by Elena’s beauty from the first time he sees her. He has an air of mystery that surrounds him together with a bad boy look. The attraction is instant and Stefan is drawn to her though he appears shy. His brother Damon is the opposite of Stefan. While Stefan appears cool and reserved, Damon is wild and dangerous.

He has a hunger for revenge against his brother Stefan. Elena finds herself drawn toward both brothers but who is Ms. Gilbert going to choose? Right from the start, Elena can see the good that Stefan holds in his heart. He has a pure soul and excellent manners.

He is exactly what a girl would look for in a suitor. However, it is clear that he is hiding something. Ironically once his secret is exposed, Elena is drawn to him even more. Damon and Stefan Salvatore are vampires. While Damon hunts humans to feed, Stefan hunts animals and drinks their blood. This exposes how different the brothers are from each other.

Damon has such a tormented soul that forces him to engage in brutal acts that display his uncompassionate nature. It is clear that Elena should choose Stefan over Damon but why does she hesitate?

The Vampire Diaries Series (By L.J. Smith) comprises of a collection of books highlighting various themes. Love and conflict are highlighted strongest in the earlier books in this trilogy. Even though these are works of fiction, the reader is able to relate with the various characters.

The author makes it so easy for one to understand the emotions that are experienced by every character. One begins not only to understand their actions but what drove them to conceive those actions. Falling in love with a certain character is also guaranteed.

Relating one’s life to the character’s life is also one thing that most readers experience. The author has clearly understood how various people are wired and has developed it into her books. The success that The Vampire Diaries Series (By L.J. Smith) has garnered is no small fete.

Apart from being one of the world’s bestselling books, the books have been developed into a TV series. This is one achievement that most writers can only dream of. The Vampire Diaries TV Series has achieved numerous successes and managed to attract a wide audience.

Not only has it managed to attract their attention but also to maintain it. It has an IMDb rating of 8.2 which is extremely impressive compared to other series available. Clearly, other have also read and appreciated the great work of L.J Smith. Not only have they read the books but also watched the series and its excellent development of the books.

Watching the Vampire Diaries series is an excellent choice to make. However, everyone knows that the books always have a descriptive nature that TV series lack.

For example, the TV series will show Stefan momentarily gazing at Elena. The book, on the other hand, describes how Stefan was marveled by her beauty. It will provide a clear picture of Elena’s beauty to the reader.

It will show the reader how Stefan held her in reverence from the start. L.J Smith helps us have a clear view of how Stefan first saw Elena in his eyes. The Vampire Diaries Series runs on the CW. It is possible to catch a few episodes though the story is far ahead. The best decision would be to begin purchasing books in The Vampire Diaries Series (By L.J. Smith).

The author has used simple language that can be understood by anyone. Various new themes are developed and outlined in the books as the story progresses. Other beings are also introduced adding to the fantasy the new different world provides the reader.

The books are an extremely fun read and DVDs of the TV series can be purchased as one reads on. Seeing how the book has been developed on TV is good for the reader. It will help one be able to get a clear picture of the characters and their lives.

Choosing to read all The Vampire Diaries Series (By L.J. Smith) books would be an excellent decision for a first time reader. Explore a world full of all kinds of possibilities with L.J Smith. As you do this, set your imagination free and begin to understand her line of thought. Do not be afraid to fall in love with the characters. This is a common phenomenon. The books in the series are available at almost all bookshops. Find yours today!

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