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The War of Lost Hearts Books In Order

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Publication Order of The War of Lost Hearts Books

Daughter of No Worlds (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Children of Fallen Gods (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mother of Death and Dawn (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The War of Lost Hearts (Series by Carissa Broadbent)
Carisssa Broadbent writes the “War of Lost Hearts” series of fantasy novels.

“Daughter of No Worlds” is the first novel in the “War of Lost Hearts” series and was released in 2020. A former slave that is fighting for justice. A reclusive warrior that no longer believes that such a thing even exists. And this dark magic which will entangle all of their fates.

Tisaanah, who was ripped out of a forgotten homeland during her childhood, learned to survive with nothing more than a sharp wit and just a bit of magic. However the night that she attempts to buy her own freedom, she is barely able to escape with her life. She journeys to the Orders (the most powerful organizations of magic Wielders in the whole world), desperate to save the best friend that she left behind. However in order to join their ranks, she will have to complete an apprenticeship with Maxantarius Farlione, this reclusive and handsome fire wielder who despises the Orders.

The Orders’ intentions are rather cryptic, and Tisaanah has to prove herself under threat of looming war. However even more dangerous are her growing feelings for Maxantarius. The bloody past that he wants to forget could be the key to her future. Or be the downfall of both of them.

However Tisaanah is going to stop at nothing in order to save those that she abandoned. Even if this means gambling in the Orders’ deadly games. Even if it means sacrificing her own heart. Even if it means to wield death itself.

Fans of epic romantic fantasy by Raven Kennedy and Sarah J. Maas are sure to devour this story of passionate romance, dark magic, redemption, and vengeance.

These are interesting characters and have compelling connections/relationships with one another, with a plot that is engaging and feels fast paced even though the book is rather lengthy, and Carissa’s writing has a depth to it that matches the story’s tone perfectly.

“Ashen Son” is a prequel story in the “War of Lost Hearts” series and was released in 2022. Maxantarius is a skilled Magic Wielder and is a rising star in the military. However in just one horrible night, he’s learned that glory is far bloodier than he could have ever imagined.

War has broken out, thrusting his own family right into the middle of this brutal conflict. Max, in its wake, is selected to compete for the title of Arch Commandant. This title is all that he has ever wanted. However the competition is merciless, and victory is going to mean battling against the love of his life, all as he has to navigate his way through a war which threatens to destroy the people he treasures most.

While enemies and allies alike draw blades at his back, Max discovers that no victor is able to walk away with clean hands. It is just a matter of how far he is willing to go.

“Children of Fallen Gods” is the second novel in the “War of Lost Hearts” series and was released in 2021. There is no war that can be fought with clean hands. Not even the ones that are waged for all the right reasons. Not even those that you win.

Tisaanah bargained her own freedom away in order to save those that she had left behind in slavery. Now, bound by this blood pact she made, she will have to fight the Orders’ war, and Max is bound and determined to keep her safe at all costs. However when a betrayal rips apart Ara, Tisaanah and Max get pushed into an even bloodier conflict. Tisaanah has to gamble with Reshaye’s power in order to claim quite the impossible victory.

And Max, who gets forced into a leadership role, has to confront everything that he had hoped to forget: his own mysterious magic and his past. All the while darker forces are looming. Much darker, even, than the Orders’ secrets.

While Max and Tisaanah get ensnared in this web of twisted secrets and ancient magic, there is still a question remaining: what are they willing to sacrifice for power? For victory? And for love?

Readers found this novel took their breath away. Both in terms of total swooning and with absolute shock at some of the events that occur in the novel. It’s a punch to the gut, cram packed with non stop action, and readers are so invested in Max and Tisaanah’s relationship that they would read domestic stories about them.

“Mother of Death & Dawn” is the third novel in the “War of Lost Hearts” series and was released in 2022. What would you do for love?

After a crushing defeat, Maxantarius and Tisaanah have been gutted. Tisaanah is desperate to rescue Max from his imprisonment, even while her people’s fight for freedom gets even more treacherous. However inside of the walls of Ilyzath, Max’s mind is just a shadow of what it used to be, leaving his past a mystery and his future at the mercy of Ara’s ruthless, new queen.

Aefe, meanwhile in the Fey lands, has just been dragged back into this world by the king that is vowing to destroy whole civilizations in her name. However even while her past is returning to claim her, her old self has become a stranger. Aefe, Tisaanah, and Max get thrust right in the middle of a cataclysm between the Fey and human worlds. This unique magic that they share is the key to either winning the war, or ending it entirely.

However such a power requires a sacrifice. Tisaanah might be forced to pick between her duty and love. Max can’t forge his future without facing his past head on. And Aefe has to pick between reclaiming who she was, or embracing who she has become now. The decisions that they make are either going to reshape this world forever. Or end it.

In the concluding volume of the “War of Lost Hearts” trilogy, which is a saga of revenge, romance, and redemption comes to a heart wrenching finish.

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