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The Wilds (Series by Donna Augustine)
Author Donna Augustine writes “The Wilds” series of urban fantasy, dystopian novels. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “The Wilds” was released.

Dahlia survived a plague which nearly wiped humanity off the planet entirely, killing all but five percent of mankind off. She has been trapped inside a facility since the age of four. However when Dax breaks her out of the asylum, is she going to survive the Wilds? Experience her story while she learns to survive in this new world, and unravel the truth behind her powers, her own heritage, and find love.

One day she met a Plaguer, one of the very few that was able to survive the final outbreak of the Bloody Death. She said some terrible things about Dahlia and her companions. All of them called this woman crazy afterward and claimed that this was the reason that they needed to be locked up. They just spread lies that might hurt our fragile world, which was close to extinction 150 years ago.

The catch? She was right about Dahlia. And Dahlia has this niggling fear that this woman was right about her friends, too. What if the Plaguers are actually right about the folks in charge? What if they are in fact right about everything?

“The Wilds” is the first novel in “The Wilds” series and was released in the year 2015. Her name is Dahlia, and is called a Plaguer, which is somebody that survived the Bloody Death. When that virus first hit the world, it ravaged all of the human race. She believed that she was one of the lucky ones to have survived it, however survival comes with a price. Ever since that sickness, Dahlia is seeing things and is being hunted for having these visions.

Some seek her out because they want her to keep their secrets safe. They do not want the world to actually know the truth of what they actually are. Others, like Dax for instance, want to gain her knowledge. Dax has got secrets of his own however just as long as he helps her evade the Dark Walkers, they are his.

This is for all of the Plaguers, the truth sayers that were marked and branded liars, often hunted down and sometimes just forgotten. This is for the girl that ended up being right.

Donna delivers an addictive read that is sure to have you working your way through the pages quickly. Her dark novel is a fast paced book with a touch of a coming of age/loss of innocence story line tossed in for good measure. Her incredible world building sets the stage for sequels. She writes dialogue that is that is the ideal match for the tenacity of her ever evolving and well developed stars, with timely bits of humor that help diffuse the intensity of the nail biting moments throughout.

“The Hunt” is the second novel in “The Wilds” series and was released in the year 2015. Living in the Wilds is far from a picnic, however Dahlia believed that she had gotten a handle on things: avoid the waterways and the pirates won’t murder her, avoid the beasts to avoid getting eaten, and stab every single she sees.

This was before she learned Tiffy’s friends were actually real, and back when she had never heard about the Skinners. Now her magic is on the fritz, and people are vanishing. Dax does not want her to kill any of the Dark Walkers, and avoiding any of the beasts is just impossible when she lives with one. Amidst all of this, she has become the most wanted woman around.

Dal is an admirable heroine who has some interesting thoughts the entire way through, and Dax is an interesting character. Dahlia continues to grow, even though she is still naive and young to the outside world, she still learns more about herself: her weaknesses and strengths, and acceptance of both. She is a fun character that is filled with angst, determination, and self-doubt all rolled into one.

“The Dead” is the third novel in “The Wilds” series and was released in the year 2016. Dahlia’s pretty young to already have so many enemies. Wood Mist, the Skinners, and the Dark Walkers, they all want her for their own reasons. However those were enemies she was able to fight. Now the disease which changed her forever has returned.

It is reaping havoc and death everywhere that it strikes and she is almost helpless to stop it but for one chance. There is rumor of a cure. However her ally here in the Wilds, Dax, has got vengeance on the brain. While he prepares to fight the Bloody Death by any means possible to her, she may have to leave the only man behind that has ever stood by her side.

This is a well paced novel, which filled with some interesting characters that are all attempting to survive in this very unpleasant world. There is also some cute moments between Dahlia and Dax and that long anticipated hot scene between the two of them, as well.

“The Magic” is the fourth novel in “The Wilds” series and was released in the year 2016. For as long as Dahlia has lived, the Dark Walkers have been haunting the Plaguers, seeking them down for their magic. However there is one Plaguer they want the most of all. Her.

Since civilization’s fall, the human race has barely been able to survive. Another outbreak of this Bloody Death might be the last straw and there is just one way to ensure this does not actually happen. She will need to murder the Dark Walkers’ leader.

Dahlia is stronger than ever before but with much more to lose than she ever believed possible. For the very first time, she feels like she has a family, and a home. And of course, there is Dax. So here she is, ready to stand and fight. Winner take all.

This novel keeps you engaged and invested until the very end, with this novel serving as a fantastic conclusion to this series.

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