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The Witches of Wheeler Park Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Witches of Wheeler Park Books

Storm Born (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Thunder Road (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Winds of Change (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mind Games (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Wheeler Park Christmas (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Ties (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Healing Hands (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wishful Thinking (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Smoke and Mirrors (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

“The Witches of Wheeler Park” is a series of paranormal romance novels by Christine Pope, a fantasy, science fiction and romance novelist. Pope has always been an author ever since she could hold a pencil between her tiny little fingers. While she was in grade school, she made her parents buy a typewriter that she quickly commandeered and began writing her stories. She was amazed by the speed and ease of a typewriter and has been writing ever since. She wrote her first novel on the family typewriter as an eleven year old and needless to say, it was horrendous. However, it got her started and she wrote all through high school and college. But she stopped for more than seven years as life got in the way. She then got into fan fiction which revived her love for writing as she began writing all manner of alternative endings and storylines to her favorite stories. In 2010, she sold three novels to a small publisher and she was off to the races.

The self-publishing revolution came soon after and for several reasons she thought it would be best to publish her books as an independent author. Since she had a background in graphic design and editing, she did most of the work on he own just like may authors that were just starting out. These days she works with professional proofreaders, editors and cover designers even though she still does her own website design and formatting. She came to Sedona while researching her debut novel and the research for Chosen and other paranormal war novels took her to Santa Fe for several years. She loves to set her novels in the many places where she has lived and traveled. After spending several years in magazine publishing, she now writes fiction and works as a freelance editor. She lives with her husband and their Pomeranian in the Verde Valley. She published “Storm Born,” the first novel of “The Witches of Wheeler Park” series in 2020.

“The Witches of Wheeler Park” series was spun from the “Witches of Cleopatra Hill” series by Christine Pope. The series is set three years following the end of the last novel of the series. The lead is Jake Wilcox, a witch hunter on a mission to locate any warlocks or witches that were born outside the known witch clans. He is to ensure that they get a safe environment in which they can nurture and develop their magical powers. But he may have stumbled upon more than he ever imagined he would, as he meets a young woman named Adara Grant whose powers put the entire Wilcox clan and herself in danger. He is taken with her and does not know what to do even as she portends danger. In the second novel of the series, Jake is falling in love with Addie when she ups and leaves. She cannot bear the thought of putting him and his entire clan in danger and heads to a place where she can never be found. In the third novel, despite his best efforts and hers, Addie gets taken by a deranged government operative and is now living a nightmare life.

In “Storm Born” the first novel of “The Witches of Wheeler Park” series Adara Grant proves that lightning can strike multiple times. She has been the victim of several devastating setbacks as a tornado flattens her barn and she gets bullied. Her mother has always found an excuse to move before stares and whispers become pitchforks and Addie thinks there is more to the story. On his part, Jake Wilcox is a witch hunter who has a powerful data mining computer that trawls the land looking for lone witches manifesting their gifts. He then approaches them and offers the protection of the Wilcox clan. When he finds a lead that takes him to a remote village in Utah named Kanab, he finds a young witch as beautiful as desert storm and just as wild. He soon learns that there are other witch hunters in town and they are after Addie. They intend to use her magical powers for evil. But Addie is under the protection of the Wilcox clan but danger still looms and she has to make a choice between the man she is beginning to love and his family and going out to face the danger alone.

In “Thunder Road” the second novel of the series, Jake Wilcox is hoping to live with Addie Grant the woman he had been falling in love with. But Addie went missing in the night a few days past and he does not know why she would do that. His guess is that she would sacrifice almost everything to avoid causing trouble for him and his clan trouble. But he still needs to find her and does not know where to start. Addie has gone along with his plan to protect her from the government operative that was intent on using her magical power for evil purposes. While she had agreed to their plans, a voice at the back of her mind always insisted that she needed to leave Arizona to protect Jake and his clan from Randall Lenz the government agent. She was frustrated but listened to her inner voice and left to go to a place where neither Jake nor witch nor government would ever find her. But her love for Jake and penchant for unleashing her magical powers when there is danger work against her.

“Winds of Change” the third novel of the series has Addie contemplating her future. One surge of her magical powers could short circuit her future or free her. Jake thought he had managed to cover their tracks by hiding his love with Northern Arapahoe guard in a remote town in Wyoming. His instincts had been screaming at him telling him it was a huge mistake but he had ignored it and now she had been taken by their worst nemesis. She has been locked away in a highly secure government facility and he will need more than luck to find and get her out. She is living the nightmare she had always dreaded and feeling lonely after being separated from Jake. Addie is tempted to use her magical powers to free herself but she will put the lives of other orphaned witches held at the facility at risk if she does so.

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