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Thea Guanzon is a New York Times, USA Today, Sunday Times, and Indie List bestselling author who was born and brought up right in the middle of the massive sugarcane plantations in Visayas, Philippines.
Guanzon has a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Studies and specializes in Peace and International Politics Studies.

Apart from her work as an author, she is also an iced coffee junkie, avid traveler, a Dungeon Master, and an enthusiastic fangirl.

When it comes to her reading habits she loves anything to do with messy romances with happy endings. She currently makes her home in Manila in the Phillippines.

Like many authors, Thea Guanzon has been writing for much of her life. Growing up, it was her most enduring, favorite hobby in addition to trying to read just about anything she could get her hands on.
Right from the beginning, she was fascinated with language and how to use it to convey different perspectives and emotions.

Over the years, she has been involved in all kinds of literature from fanfiction, poetry, and novellas, there was just nothing she could not write.

She always had a burning desire to put the many stories she had in her head on paper but since she lived in the Global South, she never believed she would ever have her writing become anything more than a hobby.
It was not until 2020 that she took a leap of faith, left her 9-5 job, and deferred her masters so that she could write her fantasy romance inspired by Southeast Asian mythology, tradition, and culture.

Thea got the inspiration for her debut novel “The Hurricane Wars” from her love for the enemies-to-lovers trope. She finally had the inspiration to provide her own take on that from a Southeast Asian perspective.
She has also said that she did the book since she believes heritage is something to celebrate.

Similar to many modern authors in the fantasy genre, Thea Guanzon got her start writing in fanfiction communities.

She has often said that fan fiction has played a huge role in making her the writer she is today. It was from fanfiction that she learned how to be a better romance fiction author.

It taught her how to write sexual tension and then pine and resolve it in a very satisfying manner. It also exposed her to new ways of manipulating language such as writing in the present tense, and made it possible to experiment and hone her skills.
She has also said that as someone who makes her home in the Global South, fanfiction opened so many doors that she believes would never have had access to using other means.

Given that there are very few literary agencies in the Philippines and only a handful of presses, she would have never been able to make a living only from the creative arts.

As such, she had no hope of becoming an author until she developed reach using fandom and as such, she will always be grateful for her origins in fanfiction.

Thea Guanzone’s debut novel “The Hurricane Wars” is all about Talasyn, who knows all about the “Hurricane Wars.”

She grew up an orphan in a land that has been under siege by the Night Emperor, a ruthless man whose reign has been fought by her family for ages.

However, Talasyn is keeping a secret as through her veins runs light magic full of power that everyone believes has become extinct. It is this type of magic that can destroy the Night Emperor and his power over the land.
The emperor’s son and heir is a man named Prince Alaric whose father had made him into a weapon to obliterate any threat to his rule with the power of his mighty shadow magic and his armies.

He has never been beaten until he sees Talasyn full of powerful and brightly burning magic that turned his father into a minster, killed his grandfather, and started the “Hurricane Wars.”

In a clash of dark and light, their powers come together and create a humongous force never before seen. Alaric and Talasyn are cognizant of the fact that only they can end the war.

However, the bigger threat is on the horizon and it is only by working together that they can beat the strange new magic.

They find themselves in an uneasy alliance where they have to confront the secrets underlying the Hurricane Wars, and then find a searing passion in each other that could just destroy or save their world.

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